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I killed someone

Remember when we’d talk all day and you acted like it meant nothing? Remember when you sent me so many love songs and you acted like it meant nothing? Remember when you mailed me things no one would mail unless it meant something and still I’m supposed to believe it meant nothing? What you’re doing now would hurt less if you’d admit there was actually something between us.

You make it hard to love you. I want to so badly. I want you to be my wife and the mother to my children. But it's so hard to trust you. I'm beginning to check out emotionally. I have to protect myself. You're increasingly distant and I need to be ready to leave if I have to. I know for a fact I'm going to marry an absolutely amazing woman, because I know my worth. I want it to be you but you gotta show me you're the woman I need you to be.

I hate being a husband and a father. I didn't know what I wanted when I was younger but as i grew up I realised I only got married to make you happy and then you trick me by not taking your birth control and forcing me to take care of a child for the rest of my life. I resent you with every fiber of my being and I wish I could just end it but I take responsibility for actions so I'll take care of you and our daughter till I die of old age or until I can't take it anymore and put a bullet in my head.

Why do I have this foreboding feeling of malaise all the time?

God damn thats a bad feel dude. I usually dont feel for people in these threads, but this one hits close to home for me. Very similar situation happened to me; I left my wife and two girls. I even tell people I dont have kids anymore. I am infinitely happier man. Don't get cucked by "morals", you only have one life man. If shes stable enough to take care of the kids, fucking bounce out of there!

You are the only guy who was and still is completely supportive of me and who I am. You never tried to bring me down. You knew the situation and you knew how your emotions would explode and tried to avoid that and protect me and you owned up to it and have taken responsibility. I know you are working on yourself and worried about my wellbeing. As I am recovering and becoming stable I really hope that when you "return to me cooly" in your words, that I can listen to what you have to say.

I'm almost at that point, she can have whatever she wants, I just want my freedom.

I don't think this will work out. It pains me to say it but we have different goals and are in different places in life. We need to just focus on ourselves for the time being. Maybe when all is said and done we'll find our ways back to each other. But I'm not holding my breath.

I get so irritated when you go through my phone behind my back. I have nothing to hide. I am also equally tired that I can't do something insignificant like trimming the ends of my hair without you finding a few loose strands and giving me the 3rd degree about it. I get that you feel guilty and are projecting your shit onto me but that doesn't make it any less taxing after all these years.

When you call me those sweet pet names, don't you see how it's wrong? It's all so wrong, it's taboo but I like you so much. I love when you call me these things, and I know you like me too but you have to see that none of this is right. It feels so wrong to the point where I keep lying to myself that it's right. The last thread told me that the age difference isn't that big of a deal but before when I saw a thread similar everyone was calling the guy basically a pedo.
I'm a very stupid girl, this is for sure.
Though I would pay anything, give anything, do anything to be aged up those six years.
I really am a foolish girl.

>six years
Unless your age starts with a 1 this kind of gap is irrelevant.
Actually, scratch that. I wouldn't blink twice at an 18 year old and 24 year old dating. You're talking like hes 35, get some perspective.


The thought of her being as horny, turned on, and just really into fucking, as she was with me but with another guy, makes me want to just curl up and puke.

To the point that I hope for that thing she said a bunch, of her being into girls too, because at least that would mean she's not wiping cum off her face so she can swallow it with a big smile, or playfully advocating for his dick up her ass.

Shut the fuck up you characterless slags. It IS your responsibility to show your daughters what great men look like so they don't chase stupid boys and end up single and pregnant at 15. Stupid penises.

The only thing my daughter will learn is that you can "forget" to take your pill and trap any man you want.

I hope you die painfully fucking nigger

I don't know what to do. I'm tired of being here but it makes me feel closer to him. And he's the last thing that's made me feel human in years. I've looked.

>t. irresponsible roastie.
She told me she was on birth control, then she told me shed have an abortion. She did neither; its her fault. I even stuck it out, and did everything I could, but I'm not being her bitch for the rest of my life because she tried trapping me. It's honest to god the best decision i've ever made.

>Any man you want

>Get impregnated by a man too irresponsible to wrap it up or take BC himself when selfishly fucking a woman he doesn't plan on having kids or staying forever with


You've obviously never been in the situation. Why are you bitter about it?

ITT: reasons why abortion is okay. Thank you for renewing my conviction to immediately abort or, worse, toss into foster care any kid I may have should I ever make the mistake of trusting a man like you to be a good person.

You have autism and a very bad sex life if you think you have to stay with a women forever in order to have sex with her.

Considering we were married at the time and both agreed we didn't want kids. Looking back, yeah, I should have gotten fixed but how was I to know she'd fuck me in more ways than one.

Oh, I told her ahead of time that I wasn't going to be around for it. I was very clear that she was insane, and what she did was psychotic. She tried trapping me into being with her forever. I even tried sticking around after the kid was born, enough so that another one was born, but she was a fucking nightmare to deal with. I gave her everything and she wouldn't even let my mom see the kids. Fuck her. The kids are better off having me not be around and wanting to kill their mother every second of the day.

My "dad" skipped out because fuk bitches amirite boysxD, obviously impacting my upbringing negatively, with zero interest in having a family. Only acknowledged my existence 20 years later when my brother (also his kid who he treated even worse) died. If you don't want a family and have no sense of responsibility don't get married faggots

Your right. Only Aristocracy does that.


If it's really as you say, then your kids are going to grow up mentally ill, likely heroin junkies or serial killers, and it's all your fault.

I dont hate women. I hate the mother of my children. She is a backstabbing whore. She wouldn't even put me on the birth certificate, but she took tens of thousands from me in support when I was being an idiot supporting her. So, fuck her. If the kids want to reach out to me later in life, then I'd love to have a relationship with them, but I will be doing it on my terms and without their mother involved.

I dont even know how to respond to this form of autism. Sure, Aristocracy, whatever you say.

Their mother has a good paying job now, and is strict to a strange degree. If I lived there, it would only show them how a relationship should not be. I'd be miserable, and in turn, i'm sure the house would have a shitty miserable vibe to it. We are all happier like this; at bare minimum at least i'm happier.

The court gave her the possessions so he gets the gossip

In Sparta that is a bigger victory

We never went to court, I gave her the money on my own free will.

Will therapist think poorly of me if I say I got my hopes up to ask her out, but realized I wasn't into her to begin with, found out she was 16 (never did anything never would have fuck that), lost interest, and then consequently felt like shit for several days while also feeling a new perception when I started getting my hopes up that hasn't really gone away regarding people, love, the world as a whole, and what I want most out of anything?

Cuz I'm like 30.

Have you ever felt bad that a certain situation will likely never repeat?

I had an awesome weekend but it's likely it will never happen again the way it did and it depresses me

Ohhh yeah, it does suck, but i know that feel.

I spent my weekend at work and online. I am still working at getting the most out of life.

I attempted suicide yesterday and killed somebody so it has been a shit week for me

uhhh wut? explain

This feels too real.

It was live stream ritual seppuku in the last thread.

An user an hero's out of brotherhood

ahh, well, at least you were giving back to the community. You arnt totally lost at least.


I'm debating weather or not to meet the y a k u z a side of my family now

Mmmmh sounds to me like you’ve got an ego problem. Don’t want to make a commitment yet want her to make one to you. Typical asshole fuckboy bs

Why didn’t you take responsibility by getting a vasectomy if you didn’t want a kid? you’ve abondoned your daughter, how do you think she feels?

Oh hey look everybody! It's captain hindsight!

You can still get one.

Cos the pill was just easier and cheaper st the time. I haven't abandoned my child yet, ill do everything I can for her but I wont be winning any father of the year awards.

I think of my life as an object to make it easier to manage. Most often, a flower. I’m the little yellow bit inside and each leaf represents something different.

My family, friends, work, mental health, environment etc. If you don’t nurture these things they whither away.
However, if you look after each petall you grow a beautiful flower.

I think that’s what fulfilment would be for me.

If you'r object in life was to make this thread even gayer then you have succeeded

You chose something cheap and easy over something responsible but difficult. You earned it buddy. You made your own bed and there is no one to blame ut yourself for it.

I'll use this and try to sleep on it

6 leaf clover

It’s not gay, flowers are cute

You do what's best for your daughter. If that's leaving, then so be it. She will grow up ok and will realize why you did it.
t. Someone's daughter who left at age 5.

Ah yes, because I knew my wife was going to secretly not take them.

Yes user, you put your life into someone else's control. You can't force them to take bc, the only thing you could have done was not have sex or get your balls snipped. You are just foolish. Did you see yourself having children? No? Then you should have gotten the surgery done.

I’m a disappointment to you... but remember you disappoint me also and I still love you. We’re too different.

Dude, I would have gladly kept getting her off in whichever way stroke our fancy: she broke up with me and I can barely function since.

I understand why she did it and I (have to) accept it, but I also know how she is towards sex and being unable to shake the thought of how she will enjoy being fucked just as much by someone else, if she hasn't already, just kills me.

It's not even jealousy per se, it's having felt special and wildly wanted, and waking up to the realization that that's gone and that I really wasn't.

That isn't the point they were making. The point is YOU could have taken responsibility and taken care of yourself, not rely on someone to hold up to their word. That is why you are a fool. You got played when you could have taken precautions to prevent it entirely. You need to take responsibility for yourself, not blame someone else. Once again you are choosing something cheap and easy, shifting blame, instead of something difficult but responsible. Is this a running theme in your life?

Shes already taking hot creme pies to the butt man, you know she is.. She isn't even thinking about you.

Dont listen to these salty single moms.

And because you trusted her instead of taking the responsibilities into your own hands, you are going to pay alimony and child support. You made your bed(or rather you let someone else make it for you), you have no choice but the lay in it.

If he pays then he gets visitation rights though. I dont pay and dont get visitation; well worth it.

Why do you trust women to take bc instead of getting a simple surgery done and never worry about this happening?

Guess it’s easier to play the victim than be responsible.

He is married to her, she is now very likely entitled to alimony which is for the rest of her life. Its worse than child support.

Feminism was just a way for women to rig alimony.

Soon men will get it to cuz 'muh all good guys gone I am lonely'.

They will need a man when the kid gets older and guess what.

Post refill


Not happening

I have taken every precaution not to have kids because I pick shitty guys. Excuse me for being responsible and not ruining yet another kids life. This isn’t hard.

Who let the women vote and have a say on such matters? The men did. Another bed you let women make for you and cry when its time to sleep in it.

No hes younger, Alimony will generally last about half the length of the marriage if he was married under 10 years, which It sounds like he is. Yeah I mean, she might dig her hooks into him for a few years, but its well worth it to be cleansed of her. Plus, you can readadjust how much you owe every so often, and I 100% would get a shit paying job just to spite her.

Let me play for you the current script

Currently prison guards have no pay and are going to strike cuz money over duty

Then bulls get released ( happened in Cal I now)

They marry single moms cuz what pussy he'll yeah

Then they take the kids

Kids grow up ducked up

HIV rates explodes

Anti leftistim kicks in


I mean m e n I n I s m

Then the world burns in free pussy

I'd rather build a wall

You are still gimpng your life. Sorry user, it could have been avoided if men like you chose to get the balls snipped. Let these men serve as an example.

She's so bitter. lol

How do I disappoint you?

You deserve to die if you don't give a fuck about children that you created and are responsible for. I do hope you kys

I do well for myself; I dont see how not being held captive to someone I hate means im "gimping through life". Dosn't make much sense at all.

Think about that we are currently LEFT of communism and you wonder why I fight to death to keep these demons at bay.

You are clueless and retarded. Probably dont even speak english

You gimped yourself by marrying someone you can't love or trust. All that time you wasted for nothing.

The only people threatened by women, feminism or metoo movement today are weak, entitled man-babies or rapists who know the free-rides are over. You lose. I am seeing to it.

fair enough; but I'm not falling for the sunk cost fallacy. I broke out when it came down to it, and I learned a valuable lesson. Much easier to see things from the outside looking in.

>let women make your beds because you are lazy and stupid
>cry when its a shitty bed to sleep in

This is why I am going to Russia

You guys are the Soviet Union history all over again

It ends in them becoming the new nuclear power abd I am not going to stay with a bunch of spoiled brats

Trump moved his resort to Russia

I am going to shake his hand at the grand opening

Where will you be?

Wah wah wah

No, I’m very proud that I didn’t create children out of wedlock and that I didn’t create any just to dump them in day care all day where they are unloved so I could have a career. I know I was not meant to have kids and I accepted it.

>Much easier to see things from the outside looking in.
Yes. This is why I don't do irresponsible things like trust women to take bc when I could just get a vasectomy and not worry. Its your fault for going into a building and losing your vantage point of being outside of it.

From new York to EAST callifornia that just is not true

When I send you photos I’d like you to say lewd things or at least tell me I’m beautiful

>Be friends with female coworker
>Pretty much only talks to me so we do a bunch of shit together
>Being around her just makes me happy as hell
>Even outside of work we would message each other at insane hours
>I think I'm falling for this girl man, maybe this is it
>She gets a new job
>Want to hang out so I can still see her
>Never wants to, always has a reason she can't
>Messaging less
>Can already feel this friendship ending
It's had me fucked up for a day or two now, I was so certain that was the one, but I guess I just lived a delusion. Why can't it just work out my way for once.

repost since the other thread was dead

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Listen sweetcheeks, all i did was throw a rock.
I can't help if you caught it.

You can only know your point of view as a child that got left behind. Unless you are currently in user's position, you have no experience to cast judgement.

Never get pregnant unless you are absolutely sure that the guy actually wants a child (or are willing to raise them by yourself). Always condom/birth control or just don't sex at all.

Are you not a spoiled brat yourself for demanding others to take responsibility away from you? You could have done the smart thing and get a vasectomy. You didn't because you are a brat and are alergic to being responsible for yourself.

Psst. East California used to be VEGAS

I dont have children

But I want them

I cried tears of joy when I found out I was having a niece (bless her)

It is. If you don't want children, dont have sex OR get a fucking vasectomy. Take matters into your own hands. Dont be shocked when you trust someone else and they fuck it up. Its your fault for trusting them so naively.

Lady I am glad you like the taste of the mans duck you want but I am not the bull

Why are you throwing rocks in the first place?

Yeah, you say that now. They will come into your room and jump square on your fucking head, and youll be to tired to even care. I'd love to have a neice or nephew too, because I wouldn't have to deal with them all the time.

>You can only know your point of view as a child

pfft you're another stupid one with self inflated worth.

I've always wanted kids

Its the women that were always the problem cause they didnt want to WORK

People are gonna play the moral high horse game with you but my dad leaving me soon after I was born was one of the best things he ever did. He was a bipolar maniac who would've physically and emotionally fucked me up for life. I had a laissez-faire upbringing and fucking loved it. Everyone's different I suppose