Do people actually want to be friends anymore?

Do people actually want to be friends anymore?

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People say it's actually important but I have my doubts. Also what's the difference between friend and any other relationship?

Yes, go around and knock on the doors.

im gonna guess that this is a woman who wants male (orbiter) friends. no guy wants female friends and smart guys know that two or three close friends is better than a group.

to answer your question, yes

I don't want friends. I have a gf. It's like having a friend you can talk to and do stuff with but one that I get to fuck all the time. I have no interest in being just friends with someone. If I can't fuck you, I don't want to talk to you.

What do you mean user?
I'm actually just a guy who feels shunned, I'm not sure if I'm needy or if people actually don't give a damn.

This sounds so terrible when you put it that way.

In theory, yes. But lately I've noticed that people are less friendly than I remembered them. I'm currently satisfied with one or another friendship, my gf and co-workers.

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why though?

Yes. You are just either in high school or college and have a lot of aquaintances, or you're an adult and are having difficulty finding genuine friendship.

My dad once told me "take your hand, and your thumb. Your thumb is your wife (or husband). If you can count her as a friend and no more than 4 other people on that one hand, you're doing good." Genuine friends are hard to make, but they can be relied on in very troubling times and reciprocate your favors and platonic affection. You just don't find them very often. If you have more than 5 genuine friends, you probably have a pisspoor concept of what friendship actually entails.

They don't need friends as they just need attention,

>You are just either in high school or college and have a lot of aquaintances
Not OP but this is me as well. I'm in college and i have tons of close aquaintances that i know fairly well and that i spend time with quite regularly. But i honestly have only 1 person i would consider a real, true friend apart from my family who i'm quite close with.

from my personal experiences I'll have to say no

keeping your circle small is underrated, if you have around 10 people you can call friends consider yourself blessed

>If I can't fuck you, I don't want to talk to you.
Doesn't this just kind of, sound off to you? I mean sure, it sorta sounds like your killing two birds with one stone sort of a thing.
There is always this self absorption that I feel from people, I can't really explain.I'm happy for you user.
Yeah, you got me on the college part.
[spoiler]4 people sounds like so much, I wish I had that amount of buddies[/spoiler]

Aw, my spoiler.

How much experience do you have?

yeah, people are lonely out there.

Sounds like a sad life

And good luck getting back into dating if/when you break up with this one

I have friends but not close friends anymore because it always blows up. Its not worth it.

Why does it blow up in your case?

Them, different things. The last time ex-friend hopped on my fiancés' lap and tried to suck his face off, other ex-friend didn't like my response and sided with the other.

literally putting all your eggs in one basket.

I see normies gathering and doing their thing at parties or just screwing around in small groups
It looks like they are enjoying themselves. I wish I could, but i just feel suffocated around other people and like the whole group could pounce on me any second. I hate it.

Just wait until you and your girlfriend break up.

If your girlfriend dumps you and you have no friends around you to fall back on, you can easily spiral into severe depression as a result of loneliness.

t. guy who ditched his friends when he got his first girlfriend. I know what i'm talking about.

Why would one not want female friends? That doesn’t make any sense.

I have no problem getting girls or rebounding from breakups. I always guard my emotions. I don't let myself fall blindly because people have a nasty tendency of disappointing you

Nah man, I don't think you get it. I have a lot of experience with this and it's always the same. We break up, I focus on myself, getting good sleep, working out, eating right, etc. I make sure I'm the best version of myself and find someone better. Women aren't worth being depressed over. And I don't get lonely because I always have myself and I'm pretty fucking awesome.

No unless you're into /sp/, /tv/, /o/ or /mu/
>inb4 /a/ has any friends
>inb4 Jow Forums has any friends
>b4 gamers have friends
>b4 autists have friends
>b4 /out/ isn't autistic

Normies don't want 'friends', they just want to be around the cool Chad to maybe pick up one of his used whores.

You can fuck me bro no homo

>having friends

Pleople don't change, you change.
You get older, you graduate, you get to be at fewer frequent places with people to befriend.
People in general are less open when they get older and crankier.