My little brother confessed to me that he has a sexual relationship with his math teacher...

My little brother confessed to me that he has a sexual relationship with his math teacher. He had been acting strange the last few months and after interrogating him he admitted it. I didn't believe him at first, but he showed me nude pics of her and them together.

Should I do something about this? I asked him if he was unhappy with his relationship with her and he said no. He begged me not to tell anyone. My parents would be infuriated if they found out.

He's 13 and she's in her late-20s. On one hand, the perverted guy in me is like "Yeah, good job little brother." but the concerned older brother in me is worried he might get hurt or abused or something.

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Pic related, but yeah you have to report it. He is only 13, i mean 16+ maybe. But 13 is just no go man.

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Also 2 more things,

He is already abused by the way so he will need therapy and shit.

And you can also try to blackmail the teacher and have sex with her, i mean it is an option.

The correct response is high five then report. Being a mad shagger is good but gassing peados is better.

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What happens if he gets her pregnant? He'd have to pay child support at 13.

>He'd have to pay child support at 13
Gotta grow up sometime.

Talk to the teacher, get to know her. Make clear you know what's going on.
If she seems like an 'innocent pervert' then it's fine.
If she seems fucked up, then report it.

This is rape by the way. He won't get in trouble because he is a child and children cannot consent.

I'll tell you what I wouldn't do. I wouldn't blackmail her for money or good grades. I definitely wouldn't collect naked photos of her and show them off. And absolutely not get her pregnant on purpose just to enjoy the fallout.

Nope, definitely wouldn't do that.

But seriously OP, do whatever you want. The age-of-consent law in the USA is so fucked up. Boys turn to men at 13. He's an adult in every human sense. If he's OK then let it be, if you're worried, then summon the violence of the state to intervene. You're in a strange position, living in strange times, in a strange country.

No he wouldn't, no court would approve that. And even if they did, it would be so easy to overturn because of the stat rape.

He's an adult in nearly every part of the world. I wouldn't overreact.

His parents would actually be responsible for it until he was 18, then he'd be responsible.

If it sounds like the law is retarded, that's because it is. OP, this isn't a laughing matter. This is going to fuck your brother up when he tries to have a normal relationship, and if it continues, it could legitimately ruin his life. Think of regular visits to the courthouse where there might have been normal outings with a loving wife and laughing children.

When the cops come barging through your door, just be a good boy and tell them everything.

If he told you he will tell others and gossip will do the work for you

>No he wouldn't, no court would approve that. And even if they did, it would be so easy to overturn because of the stat rape.
It's literally irrelevant how the child was conceived.
This is not an unheard of occurrence in the us. Male statutory rape victims still have to pay child support.
>Boys turn to men at 13.
Your definition of what a man is has been firmly stunted. A 13 year-old is not a man.

>Boys turn to men at 13.
I get that you were abused and what not, but maybe, just *maybe,* consider the possibility that your ideas about this sort of thing might be more than a little bit coloured by your upbringing.

>No he wouldn't, no court would approve that.
AHAHAHAHAHA. You must be underaged, or new.

The American courts are so fucked up right now.
Anyway thanks for the info.

I'm thinking about bar mitzvahs, etc.
But thanks for your input I'll think about it.

It's not the courts (though they are fucked up ie. shit like the federal circuit fuckery). This is just the letter of the law. It's not accidental either. Our law makers come from us, and we have that thing in the back of our head that goes "lucky little shit", no matter how wrong that is.


Seriously OP, save your brother from potential trauma. The woman has obvious problems and they will be well beyond your brother's current understanding of the world. I didn't even do anything with a history teacher, but I almost did, and to this day, it has royally fucked with my trust for women.

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If it were me (26) and my little brother (14) I'd probably talk to the teacher, calmly explain that I know what happening and judge her response to the situation accordingly. If she's fucked in the head I'd get him to bail out and possibly report her, if she's a decent person I'd probably let it slide and let the two of them have their fun.

Oh wow the tripfag is actually a pedophile and a retard, just like the other thread. Surprise surprise

I would have loved to bang a teacher at 13 but if i told a sibling and he didnt rat the teacher out, I would lose all respect for him later in life.


What you need to do is offer to fuck your brother instead. That way you can avoid some nasty shit that might happen if they get caught.

From what I gather he enjoys the relationship and showing pictures wouldn't be something that a male abuse victim would do thus probably you shouldn't interfere.
The fallout from involving the unstoppable machinery that is the state will likely be much worse than whatever results from them fucking. Telling on them might ruin your relationship with your brother and the entire family might become a mess.

Scratch that. I assumed you are female for some reason.

Don't be jelly of your bro my dude

It’s probably a statitory rape. It sounds like he’s enjoying it, but it could be causing him to be maladjusted. Report it if you want. You’re not required to incriminate anyone.

>tl;Dr bait
>t. Guy who never had a chance to fuck a student, let alone a teacher, in high school and now has a milf fetish

I’m listening to Joe Rogan right now. He had Sarah Silverman on, and she claimed to have encouraged Louie CK to do the jacking off thing that got him so much bad press. He would jack off in front of her to relieve his friendzone tension. That’s not even statitory rape, that’s a consensual thing between two friends, and look at the habit it developed into.

Where’s the line, you know? How young will this teacher go? 13-year-olds are sexually developed to an extent, so maybe she’ll fuck a 13-year-old next. That’s wrong however you cut it, and that’s why it’s statitory rape.

If you were a father, you’d be pretty disturbed, even if you were very open-minded. This underachiever is basically warping your brother’s personality so she can have momentary pleasure.

You know, if your scenario and not just a larp.

OP, this is statutory rape, and with good reason. Developmentally a 13-year-old is nowhere near a 20-something year old, and she already has power over him due to being an authority figure. This is absolutely not an equal relationship. Anybody her age would notice the developmental difference. Even if a 13-year-old is "mature for their age", they don't have the frontal lobe brain development that allows them to judge and regulate their behavior like an adult, and it shows.

She is taking advantage of that, and is fully aware of what she is doing. This is not and will never be equal. She is grooming him. She probably has and will abuse other students. This needs to be reported asap.

Gas the pedos.

Dude, seriously stop posting. You're a fucking idiot. The kid is 13 and the teacher is in her late 20s. Sure, you give the kid props for scoring especially if the teacher is a hottie, but you 100% report that shit.

From someone that used to make out with one of my teachers in elementary, probably talk to him to get out of it. I mean sure, I may masturbate to those memories but I'm fucked up and constantly horny, whose to say that didn't have an impact.

Yeah he might be enjoying it, but it could really fuck him up mentally.

You could always confront the teacher about it yourself. How old are you?

>sex with a 13 year old as a 29 year old
Dude, she's a pervert and a rapist.

Fuck her. She's a rapist. Denounce her immediatly.

>He's an adult in nearly every part of the world. I wouldn't overreact

Reverse the gender. It's not right either way

If Peanut Butter is right about something, which I’ll admit happens, it’s by pire chance. He’s not right about 13 supposedly = 18.

What sort of stupid shit is “13 is an adult in most places”? Is he talking most countries, or most land areas? Either way, he’s extremely liable to be wrong. I won’t even check.

And peep this ya dimwits. It’s illegal in many states to have sex with someone you have a authority over if they’re 24 or under!

If I were your little brother I know i'd enjoy that and I wouldn't want you to tell anyone, but these two have a point
Your brother may be fine with it, but think about all the other kids she could take advantage of, also the Jow Forumstard in me wants all pedos to get the rope


that is not right in any sense
talk to your brother about it and explain why it's wrong and make sure he understands the gravity of the situation

If you really care for your brother, confront the teacher and tell her to end it. That way you can fix the situation without really breaking your brother's trust too much. Also try talking to a therapist on your own, take some time to ask for their input and how you should handle the situation.

Your little brother is going to have a fucked up idea of what intimacy is because he was likely manipulated into this relationship and she'll continue to manipulate him throughout.

Or you can be a memelord and think it's totally fucking cool your brother got taken advantage of but he got some sweet teacher pussy. But that's between you and your brother.