How do i get hobbies

I'm always bored and I need something to pick up women with (put hobbies in my dating profile bio or meet women through the hobby itself). I don't know my interests and I hate doing most activities. What do I do? Here are some hobbies I know enough about to have conversations about and fool people into thinking i like:

>listening to music (love doing this, but hate sharing my music with other people)
>loves kinks and talking about sex, but so does every guy lol
>have a vague interest in travel but hate travelers
>dont like to watch movies but i know enough about them
>dont watch tv except AA comedies and reality tv
>hate reading
>hate physical activity
>has the world's worst motor skills

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>I need hobbies to pick up women
No, you need hobbies to make yourself interesting enough to have women allow you to approach them.

Also, you need to experiment with productive hobbies. Watching movies or playing video games aren't fucking hobbies. Pick up painting, woodcarving, carpentry, writing, pottery, sculpting, metalworking, blacksmithing, electronics prototyping, anything that has a manufacturable result at the end. Otherwise, you'll just be a boring fucking consumer, and women will see through your lack of passion and ambition.

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Also, listening to music also isn't a fucking hobby. It's an entertainment passtime. Understand the difference between having a passion for things other people make and having a passion for things you make. Writing and making music or learning an intstrument are also both good, PRODUCTIVE hobbies.

good points. however the things you suggested wouldn't be something im interested in let alone good at (my motor skills are trash tier). i'd be willing to try them though, if they werent so fucking expensive. painting, sculpting and writing are out of the question though

yeah i guess music technically isn't a hobby but its a conversation starter and it passes time.

Do you think it would be wise to just pick up a hobby that's "good enough"? I feel like passion is such a fucking meme.
I've only ever had vague interests in stuff, that's why I'm asking.

for me though, only stuff im passionate enough is good enough. otherwise i'd give up on my second day.

Actually yeah it's not a bad way to go. Try looking for smaller but unique things. Something you can kind of latch onto as "your thing". I took up knife throwing. It's a cheap and stupid way to pass time but it's a neat thing I do and it lead me into being more interested in technique and knifes in general. One interest usually bleeds into the next. Finding something unique that not everyone is doing can help kick start you.

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Like said, of course. You can be mediocre or even just okay at something, so long as it's something you are doing with yourself besides sitting on your ass. My grandma used to say "eating cookies is unhealthy, but making them will never stop being fun".

If OP is asking how to discover things to do then it takes some research and effort on his part. Rarely do hobbies fall in your lap. Maybe someone will introduce you to it but those days are dying out.

That's sort of my problem as well. Getting better at and perfecting something doesn't really give me anything, you know? I feel like mastering something would require me to become the equivalent of that person that throws a fit whenever he loses some stupid game and busts a nut whenever he wins, it's great that you can enjoy that ride but it doesn't appeal to me.

I'm just a slave to novelty and that quickly runs out.

I have a similar problem. Nothing appeals to me either at all or only for small amounts of time. Some people recommend forcing yourself to try new things even if you don't want to. Going that extra mile and giving yourself the push to try but it's never worked for me. I draw sometimes, I play guitar sometimes, I smoke and collect tobacco pipes sometimes. Nothing is a mainstay but they do exist.

Yes. And it's not for lack of trying either. I challenge myself at work (and various hobbies in the past as well) for example and became quite good, got positive feedback but it doesn't really keep me going.

Find a way to combine disjointed skillsets to make something even more interesting and unique. Music + woodcarving = guitar/flute/ instrument making. Pottery + painting = laquering or China decorating

What's pyrotechnics+masturbation?


Seriously, put legitimate thought into something. Even nihilists can write about how pointless life is.

A damn good stage show.

NO! I don't take much seriously and that's what keeps me afloat. Sure I could write you an essay on what makes me tick but do you think that would be met with a thought-out response? Give me a break.

These are all me. I've type all of these out, some of them on my lunch, all of them at work. I'm trying to help you.
>I don't take much seriously and that's what keeps me afloat
If by afloat, you mean keeping your dick dry, then yes.

Take a chance and write something out, you assuming prick.

meant to quote this post, either way

I'm not dismissing your advice, trust me. I'll keep these things in mind for when I can make use of it. I know OP framed his post as penis-in-vagina being his ultimate goal but don't you think the issue runs deeper? Will connecting with a woman bring OP (or me for that matter) closer to sustained meaning/purpose? I doubt that. I'm just trying to, occasionally, get into that flow state through whatever means. I don't think more cunt will bring me there.

productive hobbies:

most of these are gay and cringy but i guess we gotta just throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks

>Most of these are cringe
Being an awkward lump on a log who doesn't do anything interesting beside sit is way more cringe, dude. Just take a leap of faith. Try to also justify your choice based on personal values. It will help you stick to thing in the long run.

even then if its not extremely important for me to learn i kind of skip doing it. even if it's something i really wanna do

i bought a french textbook and planned on self-learning it. i really wanna learn french but man i sit here and just dread having to fucking do it. i hate self-learning so goddamn much i wish i could just take classes for everything but im a broke uni student

What's the difference? Do you feel like you need to make an expensive investment so that you sort of "have to" learn french? That's sad.

Any specific reason you want to learn french? Do you want to go to france? Work there? Impress the ladies?

the difference is that in a classroom i'm sort of "forced" to learn. when im at home i can just daydream, go on my computer and not have a set schedule to do it. if im in a class, i know i have to go at that specific time (i can't put it off) and i will be forced to learn otherwise i'd get kicked out.

i'm canadian btw that's why i wanna learn french

Ah I see. I don't know how to help you with discipline, maybe just pop a modafinil and get to work. The resources are all over the web though. Youtube, duolingo, maybe join a french discord or something.