Would you date a girl like that?

I'm pretty shy girl, quiet and Socially Anxious... When I walk I look at the ground and when someone talks to me I get blushed and start sweating and fuck it up, cause I don't know what to do,
But under this shit I'm another person but no one would try to know me at least
A few guys tells me they are feeling guilty after talked to me and seeing my react like they doing something wrong to me but it's my fault
Huh idk just give me advice and why you guys don't like girls like that!?

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Just be yourself, bro.

High maintenance

I do I guess.
Sure it's hard to get to know someone like that at first but gotta be patient for it. So unless you're a total piece of shit you should be fine.

As one shy girl to another , I think you should Meditate.

Because we feel rejected if you give off negative signals.

If I knew a girl like you was just awkward and wasn't rejecting me with her body language then I would continue pursuing.

Look i dont want to sound mean or condescending here but ofc i would date a like that.

The issue is not being shy or not. The issue is usually what the shyness signal. I dont want to be in a relationship where i have to do everything, at that point it is the same as a toddler.

I understand you think you are not that, and most likely not. But first impressions matter and unless you are physically repulsive it would be just fine to date a shy girl.

However i am not conflating shyness =/= mental ilness here thats a whole different story.

Imagine walking up to talk to someone, someone you may even find attractive, and they start looking at the ground and fidgeting and not replying or replying with a single word.
It's cute in anime, but in real life it's a sign of rejection.
You're basically telling guys that try to approach you 'Fuck off creep'.

A lot of people is like that and it is normal.
Lot of men (otakus) are attracted to that attitude because they find it cute, like in the anime’s they watch, but other than that, it is seen as a sign of rejection.
Usually you just need to lose that shyness by talking more and going out with your friends, so you improve your social skills and start seeing guys as normal persons instead of being afraid of the interaction with them.
Also, show your interest in keeping the conversation. If the guy asks you something, ask him back the same thing. Don’t forget the “and you?”, so that he knows you are just shy and aren’t rejecting him

I would yes.

But obviously it would be impossible in public if I didn't know you, unless I was super motivated for some reason.

You have a high chance of finding a man via your social circles. A man who maybe known you for a while. Be sure to show signs of interest, if he's autistic, and crank up the volume if he really doesn't get the picture.

Another thing you can do is have your friend slip a rumor by him. Tell Stacy to tell Brad that she thinks you like him, but you're too shy (or whatever, something like that). He'll peak interest and make a move. Just remember to receive his attention and not reject him.

Men love to give attention, women love to receive it. There's a certain harmony about this. So if you can't receive attention, then you'll never have a chance. Learn to receive attention from men and view it as a harmony.

Like if a man overdoes it, and overwhelms you, then it's unattractive. Likewise if he's too shy and can't even speak full sentences to you, then it's pathetic. Discord, not harmony. This is what it looks like when a man fails his role.

You're like a female equivalent. If you're too open and available, then it's unattractive and slutty. If you're too closed, then it's frustrating. Again, discord not harmony.

You'll find the sweet spot with practice. Maybe watch TV, watch your friends, or just put yourself out there.

Because those girls make me think I'm ruining their day just by being near and I really don't have the money to get MeToo'd so if they're like, looking at the ground and sweating when I address them I'm gonna swerve because I'm afraid I'm literally hurting them just by being around them.

At some point you have to tell yourself this isn't how you want to live, and you have to change it. Or, you can just live under its thumb, you could probably get a lot of advice from people who've given up and rolled over to their flaws.

I actually dated, fell in love and was dumped by a shy grill. She was the cutest, always shaking and slightly sweating around me, her ears got red when ever I touched her on our dates and in bed she was afraid of everything. I still fucking love her and I think that she loves me, but alas, I have a wife and a kid. She made the decision to end it and it was a smart one. Still, love that stupid shy girl to no end...

>I seem extremely uncomfortable and unhappy in every social interaction.
>Why don't guys like me?
Maybe because it seems like you don't like them, dummy.

why the fuck do women love this crying cat pic so badly jesus fucking christ ive never seen anything more consistent or guaranteed than some stupid fucking bitch empathizing with this picture of some downtrodden-looking cat on his cell phone... bitches really so victimized that they feel something deep and shared within this picture which expresses perfectly their lame mental state FUCK

>hey please listen to my advice about the dynamics between men and women.
>you should use television as a model for your behavior
Nice. Is this also why you think women shouldn't ask men out.

I mean, I'm a pretty optimistic guy. I'd just think you were mad thirsty for me. I'd start flirting immediately.

only desperate losers like the ones on here who will spam up this thread with 'YES OF COURSE PLEASE BE MY GF" while the guys who you'd actually be interested in obviously would have an issue with it

Fuck off tripfag, your existence derails the thread.

Your post makes no sense, but I stand by everything I said.

filter me. problem solved.

Speak for your self, i hate giving attention

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yea this. can i be real for a moment here and serve the cold hard truth? shy people or whatever you call them are those that are weak in a sense and have not mastered their own existence yet. and this fact becomes glaringly obvious when you enter a relationship of any form with them. there you then see countless tiny events where you have to pay and endure stress that is absolutely trivial. it will mean that you will have to pay an absurd amount of attention to every single thing you say or do. because everything is potentially hurtful. my first girlfriend was like that and despite me doing everything a mortal man can do, she left me by cheating lol


It wouldn’t make sense or be right to stereotype all girls who have your level of anxiety. Every one is different.

I dated someone with your level of anxiety, with a splash of sociopathy or something, and it went pretty poorly. I really loved her, because she very unique, loving, and fun to be around, but real relationships eventually encounter problems, and having strong nerves is what helps things get back on course instead of spinning out.

This shouldn’t be discouraging. You don’t need to have this level of anxiety. It’s just a feeling, or a condition, not your true personality. Social anxiety is the easiest anxiety to overcome, honestly, except for silly instances we can make up.

If you just fear factor social anxiety *around positive people*, most of it goes away.

You've got people anxiety and that's alright.

A lot of people have it and are able to disguise it better while still feeling nervous and anxious around people they don't know.

We do like girls like this however, we often times are nervous about approach because any avoidance behavior can be taken as a sign the girl isn't into us.

if she is ok with my friends and my friends are ok with her

Damn so you beat shy women too!? Is there anything you won't take your anger out on?


Whenever women give me a weird look, don't reply to me when I speak to them a single time, etc ... I just don't speak to them anymore in light of MeToo.

That shit is scary.

Stop being so damn shy. Talk to people about stuff you like candidly. If they don't like it, they won't say anything.

I'd date a girl like you if I liked her. Thing is, I would probably feel rejected if I ever approached you, so Id give up and move on.

Ultimately, your problem is that you take yourself and your feelings too seriously. Your excess shyness and anxiety are just brain chemicals. They are not reality. You are not the center of the universe. You're just one human on a big planet for a tiny fraction of the life of the universe. See it as an absurd adventure. It's interesting. Don't waste it being afraid of little or nothing. If you don't know what to say to someone, ask them questions and listen. Most people love to talk. Have fun!

Real life is not like anime. Being confident and engaging will make you more dateable. Being shy like you described will make people think you are creeped out and uncomfortable. In short, your lack of confidence would make you high maintenance. While some men can deal with this and lift you up, most can not and it will affect their own confidence as well.