My roommate caught me "playing" with my Lillie figure. Now she's constantly avoiding me...

My roommate caught me "playing" with my Lillie figure. Now she's constantly avoiding me. Normally I wouldn't care but I need her for financial reasons. Do you think she thinks that I'm a creep? How do I remedy this situation?

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We both got buckets of chicken, wanna do it?

Just say you have asperger and dramatically cry afterwards.

>my mom caught me putting my tiny penis under lillies dress and is ashamed that im her son

I'm not one of your fried chicken tramps! I'm a woman! I like my men dangerous... Mysterious... You want to be my lover?! Earn it! Seduce me!

Hot glue that figure and then kill yourself

Act like it never happened.
If she brings it up just tell her the truth and don't be creepy about it. Be ccareful next time when you're having some me-time.

You're not even an original degenerate, at least wait out the Seal thread before you make a convincing shitpost.

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Bought a pre-owned Nami figure once. It smelled like dried spit

Kill yourself.

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She now knows that you're someone who gets off to little kids. Of course she thinks you're a creep.

>having figurines of little girls
>”playing” with them
>”playing” with them when you have a roomate
>”playing with them” when you have a roomate that’s a girl

I hate to be this way, but you brought this upon yourself. The most you can do is try to mitigate the damage and learn from your mistake.

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rape her haha

She isn't that attractive

im a man and im smaller than most women
checkmate atheist

you don't know how attractive she is down there, come on faggot

sad, now I will try to fuck more, for you, I can not waste this 20cm cock

>Do you think she thinks that I'm a creep?
yes, that's because you are a creep

It's a reference. Get the fuck over yourselves.

It's time to confront this. Maybe just leave a note asking if she's too weirded out to stay.
I doubt you'll manage a face to face confrontation so that'd be my approach

They already think you diddle your fiddle with Lil Lille Little, so don't try to save face.

I'm sure she'll still front her part of the bill.

Dude what the fuck do fucking door checks if you are gonna do weird shit.

Girls are fucking bitches when it comes to that shit. Any chances of redemption are completely gone, she has told her family and friends that you are some freak that plays with anime dolls and you might even hurt her. Any connection she had for you is gone now, dont delude yourself into thinking she will understand.