Jow Forums decides if I shave tonight or not. I have been thinking of leaving this to grow for another year (I have done this before for a few years but I have started cutting and trimming it again, this time is different, for 2019 beard or no beard?)
Jow Forums decides tonight

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Need an answer quick


Uhm why

You look like “Anythingforveiws.”

For the love of god, shave.

y doe

I guess I'm out voted.

I feel like the grown out beard looks less and less appealing by the day.
A nice, full short beard is probably the best

So I was going to shave anyway
I'm a chinlet?

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Just answer the questions damnit

no you’re just fat

That's fine
I already no that
So does it look worse

is your name sean?

Beard looks like episode III obi wan. That's a cool look.


What a stupid attention whore thread. Why people reply to these is beyond me

I think it looked good. It'll come back.

> (OP)
>I think it looked good. It'll come back.

with a shave he'll become Growbi wan

Nice wan.

I think you look prettier shaved desu