Should I drop a guy because his dick is really small?

Should I drop a guy because his dick is really small?

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only if you are cute



The japs have small dick


Yes. He needs to go after smaller women. Especially if it bothers you enough to make a thread about it.

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You need satisfaction, maybe not in every portion of your life from your partner, but sex is one area that 99% of people can't share.

How small are we talking?

So is that a yes.

He said it was 4 inchs but I underestimated what 4 inchs looked like.
>met on tinder
>text only

You havent even met him yet and this is tinder, why would you put yourself thru that. Honestly the best thing is getting fucked thoroughly and unless ur a tiny tiny girl, 4 inches is not enough

If you’re going to do that, make sure to tell him the reason in the worst way.

Most small dick guys kill themself


Yasss size queen

He must be really good looking, I’m 9 inches and getting no luck on tinder.
Maybe I should put my dick size in my info

You friend give good advice. But do I block him after too?

Send him a pic of a bigger dick you like, then block him
Screenshot the whole, so we can see a birth of a super villain

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I'm pretty sure that's a no go

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You guys are really egging me on! My heart is racing#[email protected]

Fuck off, OP. Do you get off to telling guys they have small cocks or are you just LARPing? Tell him you're not interested or ghost him and move on.

Don’t stop there.
You might as well send his a pic with you on a bigger dick.
Make a video and crash that man until he wish to die.
[spoiler]or kill you in a fit of rage for being a ultra thot[/spoiler]

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Shit, haven’t use spoilers in years and fuck it up.
Or does /a/ not have still command like some boards

Nigga do you know where you even at

Very humbling user,
I should -mute- him.

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Are you ESL? Your English is fucking weird.

I’m guessing she Asia , they text kinda weird.

The sports company?

(E)nglish as a (S)econd (L)anguage

You obviously are. Lol

White Canadian

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Go fuck yourself. Getting off to humiliating a fellow fag for having a small dick? You're only 19, yet you've got so much growing up still. You just made this thread because you thought it'd be funny. By a dildo. It'll last longer.

So it's a yes.
Ty wise user // I'm off to wikihow

Honestly? Yeah. Not because it's right or okay but because eventually it'll ruin your relationship one way or another. You'll either cheat or you'll slowly bitch at him until he leaves you and only after the fact will you realize it was something you were doing subconsciously to vent your resentment.