One (1) singular, unchangeable chance at life

>One (1) singular, unchangeable chance at life
>Born poor in the UK

There is no fate worse than this. Basically for foreigners who don't know, the UK has an archaic class system and no form of social mobility, so if you're born poor and your parents can't afford private school, you are FUCKED for life.

Due to being born poor and working class, the absolute best I can hope for in life is to be a wage slave, at worst I could end up living in poverty. How do I get over this?

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We have it better than the americans you cunt.

It sucks but hey at least you aren't born poor in a third world country

In what world could you possibly think that? America is not based on a feudal system of life. There's a reason memes like "the American Dream" exist. Yeah they might be exaggerations, but it is FAR more likely in America for someone to be born poor and become successful than it is in Britain. Just look at the Presidents of the US compared to Prime Ministers of the UK. There are far more Presidents who were born poor or unknown and went on to become the most powerful person in the world, just look at Obama or Jimmy Carter. In the UK, almost all of our political leaders regardless of party were born wealthy and went to private school

You fucking retard, you are born in one of the world's best countries to build a life in. Sounds like you need to move to Somalia to get a dose of reality.

Completely false. America has less upwards mobility than any other developed country.

You'd probably be rich in some other country like Peru. Maybe you can be an english teacher in another country so you have an excuse to leave while also living a good life. I know Peru usually speaks more European English than American. Only problem is it's a third world country so no matter which one you go to there's always a chance you'll get your head chopped off by the cartel

You know literally nothing about how bad this country is. Yes, of course it's better than living in the third world, but it's still fucking bad by first world standards.

I'm guessing you were born middle class. You don't have any idea what it's like to grow up poor in this country. Even though I worked hard and got to a russell group uni, I still can't escape it, because all my classmates are rich and privately educated and they don't understand my lifestyle and culture, it's too alien to them. I can't relate to their lives at all and for that reason, even if I graduate with top grades, I probably will have a mediocre career at best due to not being able to build the social connections needed, solely due to my class status.

How wrong can you possibly be? There are no noble families in the US. Even if you look at examples like the Kennedys or Trumps, their wealth was established in the modern age and they are the descendants of poor immigrants to the US. In the UK, we literally have countless families who are wealthy and have been wealthy literally since the medieval ages. Class is entrenched.

Unironically straya mate, you'll still be a poor cunt but the weather's hot and the houses are marginally cheaper

You have probably never left the UK. And you obviously are not very bright, since you can't manage to make yourself a decent living. In America wealth is inherited more than anything, it is far more difficult there to make it rich than in most other places.

Don't try to use that as an excuse
I grew up in a shit area of the UK, my cousin and brother sold bad things to bad people, my dad's a builder and my mum's a nurse
I didn't go to a private school, anyone would think I was working class and doomed but now I brush shoulders with those you'd think are classes above, I live on an above comfortable salary near london and I have enough to help out my family and siblings to keep them improving
Your failures are not because of where you live or what class you think you are, you dumb fuck, your failures are because of you

Inheritance of wealth in America doesnt even hold a candle to what goes on in the UK. In the UK we still have literal noble families, lords and dukes and shit. It is literally like living in medieval times. People inherit vast fortunes for literally no reason other than being born of noble blood. In America, inherited wealth passes down due to someone actually doing something with their life. Eg, the Rockefeller family's wealth which stems from the business successes of John D. Rockefeller.

In the UK, literally all you have to do is be born into a family with royal connections and you are 100% guaranteed to be rich and successful in life. Nobody fucking works for this wealth at any point, it's just given to them due to archaic medieval titles and inheritance laws,_7th_Duke_of_Westminster
>Upon his father's death, in August 2016, as well as the peerages, he inherited a wealth currently estimated at £9 billion, with considerable trust funds for his sisters.[9] This wealth is held in a trust, of which the Duke is a beneficial owner but not the legal owner — an arrangement which received considerable press attention due to the inheritance tax exemption this confers.

Londoner here. My parents are a rags to riches story. Went from living in a car when I was a baby to being millionaires by the time I hit 18.

Ask me anything. I'll be happy to at least try directionally helping out if you're still here, OP.

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move to poland then you fucking poof. goes both ways you peasant

You should read John Rawls, or at least watch some YouTube videos of people talking about Rawls and this theories, since he's quite dense as a writer. It won't help you escape the trap, but it might help you to understand what you're feeling.

>In the UK you just have to be born in a rich family and you are set for life
>But in US if you are born in a rich family you are not set for life
You are a fucking idiot.

you can literally go to any university that you like and you don't put your fucking "class" on your CV when applying for jobs you fucking imbecile

don't blame your own laziness and insecurity on the country

Google "successful brits who grew up poor" and find another excuse.

Shit the fuck up you fucking pussy. I bet all those excuses you've made for yourself don't even make you feel better you mopey cunt.

You deserve the shitty life you have for every day you excuse your obvious failures.

>successful brits who grew up poor
90% of them managed the transition before we entered the later-stages of capitalism. At this point, people are basically entering the game of Monopoly three hours late, and they'll die without even buying Old Kent Rd.

Now you are no longer being an idiot, you're outright lying.

Lmao how the fuck can a country still have a King and Queen in 2019 lol

OP is gone, this is just someone else pushing their politics on the internet

Not OP but what’s their mindset like? What did they have to change about themselves to go from poor to rich?

The “American dream” is a bullshit colloquialism used to keep working class masses in America from realizing they’re not actually temporarily embarrassed millionaires, but people getting hardfucked raw in the ass by the already inherently wealthy people. Doesn’t take a hard look to see how rigged the system is if you’re born into poverty vs wealth. Those lucky few that “break out” of poverty often are either already wealthy and don’t realize that others being even better off than them doesn’t mean they’re poor, or they’re catching a rare break via being in the right place at the right time.

A list of ten people. Only one of them made their fortune after 2000 - J K Rowling. That's 10%. The other 90% capitalised on the postwar boom and managed to maintain their finances through the 80s era, after which the generation of new capital from scratch became increasingly difficult. I was close to excluding Rowling as well, since the Arts are the exception to the rule, but since she's an author and not capitalising on any singing talent or good looks, she probably qualifies. If you can't see this for what it is, then you are the epitome of the temporarily embarrassed millionaire.

Lol join the military you goof, they will help pay for your school.

It's almost as if becoming a billionaire takes a long time. Look at that list 30 years from now and you will realize what a stupid edgy kid you were.

Now stop blaming others for you being a lazy cunt and get to work on becoming something.

First and foremost - we never wasted money. Virtually all of our possessions come from second hand shops & car-boot sales. We never owned a car that wasn't used. We never travelled first class. And we still buy supermarket-brand goods.

The second part is, to equip yourself with skills that other people are willing to pay for. This varies from person to person. And, unfortunately... working >50 hours a week for a couple of years to create a financial base. But a lot of people already work that hard just to get by.

Yet these people own plasma TVs, iPhone X's, and new cars!

We saved & invested. Split between liquid money (emergency 12 months living expenses money at all times), real estate, set & forget dividend stocks or bonds... Eventually investing into your own business. Be it temporary flicks for black swan events, or more permanent, doesn't matter.

As our wealth improved, we never acquired expensive tastes. Still bought second hand clothes, still unashamedly lived in a little people neighbourhood with the lower council taxes, lower heating costs, etc. Even once we were making £200.000 a year, we lived the same way we did when making 30. Some 90% of all our consumable income was reinvested at all times. Do that for 15 years, and you won't have to work anymore. Yet we still work, and we don't waste money on expensive habits. Myself I realise that I don't have to work a day in my life, ever. But I still work minimum wage jobs since I have no allowance whatsoever, and find pride in buying exclusively used items, catching red-eye 2nd class flights etc.

You would never be able to tell how rich we are because it just doesn't show. And that's how we keep it. You move into a rich neighbourhood - you start paying out the arse for property tax, heating that giant house, gardening, etc. And you have to start keeping up appearances with rich neighbours. That's how you get people making £500.000 a year having no savings.

Some more advice for the UK specifically.

First of all, things are BAD right now. OP is at least partially right about the class divide, and the decline in social mobility compared to 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the second half of what he's saying is just manipulation & slogans. I'm not beating up on you here, your situation is pretty hopeless, and it's very easy to get used. You will get used no matter who wins, Labour or Tory. And rich arseholes like us win in both cases. If you want to stop being slaves then stop being in debt.

Work on your accent. If you aren't a world-class specialist, and if competing employers aren't literally fighting & backstabbing each other over you, then you will always be put into a drawer based on your accent. However, it can be fixed. Despite growing up poor, my parents somehow managed to scrape enough money for me to go to enunciation classes. I am given very unfair, preferential treatment because of my voice alone.

Your friends and family shit on you for "abandoning your roots", though. It's as though you want to abandon the legacy of teenage pregnancy, fist fights, underage smoking & buying iPhone X's despite being in debt. Look up "crab bucket".

Things are bad in the UK right now, worse than they used to be. I don't know how it's possible for anyone to live in London right now. Same story with California. If we weren't rich we would've moved out ASAP. The worst thing you could ever do is be stagnant, and that's all these people seem to be doing. They work their 40h/week and have nothing to show for it, because all of the money goes towards sustenance. Move somewhere else, and earn a lesser salary, but save more of it. Invest, save, invest, until your dividends can keep you afloat, then move back to London if you absolutely have to.