Former friend became conspiracy schizo

so this old hs friend of mine basically smoked weed everyday and started believing all the conspiracy shit (donald marshall tier)

i’m fairly convinced he’s altered his mind due to this, for that reason i told him i’m cutting contact 2 months ago

anyone else have experiences with this? anything happen to you? anything i can expect?

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One of my friends swerved hard to the right back in 2017. It was a bit alarming when he went from a regular dude to 'leftists this' and 'MAGA that' almost overnight. I didn't cut contact with him or anything, we just carefully avoid the problem topics. You could try something similar with your pal if you still have other common interests.

What are the theories? I can tell you if they're correct.

he believes in alien lizards controlling the world, cloning facilities for celebrities

told me the moon is an alien space station, all celebrities are transgenders

he also literally does nothing but smoke weed he buys with his parent’s money, i cut contact because he’s a loser

When I lost all my friends freshman year of high school I didn't care about anything anymore and went full 1488. I got over it ~3 years later when I got some self awareness after seeing other people advocating for ethnic cleansing, forced sterilization, etc. If you'd like to get him back to normal get him to reflect on what he's saying. If anything send him to Jow Forums so he can see other schizos the same way you guys view him. You can also try making it clear to him you think he's insane have you guys tried that?

first one is every so slightly believable, the others can fuck off, get the guy to astral project so he can go to the moon and check out the space station for himself, he'll see it's not real and go on his way

t. Sheep

Conspiracy theories are fun, but I guess if he was being abusive to you because you weren't buying them then fair enough.

>the moon is an alien space station
I'd believe that before believing it just happened naturally, so that one is possibly correct.

cloning facility is believable, believing in an Elite isn't anything out of the ordinary (lizard jews is kinda weird though), the others are ridiculous*

The other planets have moons I don't think it's weird for us to have one, but it wouldn't surprise me if something was going on on the part of the moon we can't see, I doubt it's aliens

i’m a fan of conspiracy theories myself, but he never understood the concept of confirmation bias, so it was hard to even have a good conversation about it.

you’re somewhat right about the abuse, he told me he is a psychopath and it wasn’t hard to believe him

I'm well aware that other planets have moons, but ours is unique is multiple ways, causing me to believe it's artificial. There's strange things to be found on other moons too, like Iapetus.

I believe in a lot of conspiracy theories and I dont do any drugs. My dad smokes weed on a daily basis and thinks a lot of my theories are crazy. What are the conspiracy theories that he is so into, not all of them are so outlandish that they indicate mental illness?

If you have a basic grasp of physics and gravity, the moon's formation is pretty clearly a natural phenomenon.

it’s more than him just being a conspiracy theorist, he is a loser stoner with no life prospects.

i just want to know if i have to worry about him showing up outside my house or not.


Literally only you can answer that. We don't know the guy.

>the average distance between the moon and Earth is 225,622 miles. Every planet, including Pluto, fits exactly between the Earth and moon with this distance.
>The sun is 400 times bigger than the moon, while also being 400 times further away from Earth than the moon, allowing total solar eclipses, with a corona, to be seen on Earth.
>The other planets dont have a moon that is more than 3.75% of the parent planet.
>Earth's moon is a whopping 27%.
There's some stuff they talk about that I don't necessarily believe in, but the moon does seem to be an anomaly, especially considering all these coincidences are layered over it being the moon to the one planet we know has life on it.

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>we can't see
You do realize we have mapped the entirety of the moon's surface, including it's dark side, down to a resolution of a little less than a 1/10 of a square kilometer per pixel?

I mean, celebrities do clone their dogs, what to stop them from doing it to themselves?

>>the average distance between the moon and Earth is 225,622 miles. Every planet, including Pluto, fits exactly between the Earth and moon with this distance.
The moon is slowly moving away from earth. During the Cambrian period, it was 205,000 miles. In one hundred million years, it will be 300,000+ miles away. This isn't really a big deal, it's circling outwards because of the way it was made.
>The other planets dont have a moon that is more than 3.75% of the parent planet. Earth's moon is a whopping 27%.
The other planets captured their moons through gravity. Ours is formed from a collision between the earth and a massive asteroid while the planet was still molten, which span off the moon. Gravity and physics then reformed both into spheres, which is just how those things work (look up shot towers - they used to make cannon balls by dropping molten metal several dozen metres, by the time it hit the ground it was spherical. The moon after the giant impact is the same thing.)
>Irwin Shapiro
Out of context. He's setting up an essay on the moon, and making those statements as a dramatic introduction. In the fullness of his work, he addresses many of the points he raises here, while maintaining that the moon, while interesting, isn't special.

>but the moon does seem to be an anomaly
Anomalies can still be natural occurrences.
>especially considering all these coincidences are layered over it being the moon to the one planet we know has life on it.
Very popular theory that the moon helped life to come into being by acting as a shield for asteroid hits, by moving the Earth off its axis slightly creating seasons, and by stimulating the tides. It could be that every planet to successfully harbor life over the long-term has a large moon formed by an early impact.

Friendly reminder that the US government has openly admitted to illegally experimenting on its own citizens with drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse (including the sexual abuse of children), and other forms of torture in order to weaponize mind control.

Friendly reminder that most people are so hopelessly brainwashed that they think this never happened.

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Everyone knows about mk ultra you dolt.

No they don't, you fucking moron. Most people either don't know what it is or think it's a kooky conspiracy theory.


>cloning facilities for celebrities
I unironically believe this one and the moon one doesn't sound TOO far fetched. Your friend doesn't sound like a bad dude, just try to get him to lay off the weed.

No, they don't. I have literally never met a person who didnt know about "that time the army got a bunch of soldiers fucked up on acid."

That's all they know about it though. They don't know anything about why who or when. They certainly won't know Monsanto

This. I used to think conspiracy theorists were just crazy paranoids that draw insane conclusions from zero evidence. I've learned that most of their theories actually have a lot of evidence backing them up. This doesn't mean the theories are correct, but we should at least be taking them seriously. People are too quick to dismiss anything that makes them uncomfortable. There has been more then a few 'conspiracy theories' that ended up being true.

Literally everyone is like "Man, that time in the sixties the cia did those mind control experiments with acid was crazy."
It's as well known as the Roswell ufo thing.

You seem very confident about how the moon formed. That theory is already in question. Our theories are only our best guesses about what actually happened. They are disproved, revised, and replaced all of the time. I seriously doubt that the moon is a spaceship, but you shouldn't immediately dismiss the theory.

People like to make fun of the religious zealots who believe everything the church tells them even if it's completely ridiculous. I think these days science has replaced religion for a lot of people. They take the currently accepted theories as absolute fact. However, science is all about questioning the accepted theories. 'The science is settled' is an incredibly damaging statement. The science is never settled. We should always be experimenting with alternative theories.

>The moon is slowly moving away from earth. During the Cambrian period, it was 205,000 miles. In one hundred million years, it will be 300,000+ miles away.
I find it remarkable that this occurs at the same time as humans being able to observe it though, since in the religious world humans are considered to be the most important life on Earth.
I also find it remarkable that also during the time of humans a perfect eclipse can occur with a corona, which is extremely unlikely to happen in the first place.
>The other planets captured their moons through gravity.
And yet our moon just happens to be the ONE formed in this way.
You can argue all you want that all these coincidences are just that, but I believe it's more likely to be intelligent design, rather than an almost impossible chance. So I suppose neither of us will be able to convince the other.

My oldest brother is like that.
List of conspiracy theories
-Illuminati control the world
-Lizard People control the Illuminati
-Several alien species are also vying for power against the Lizard Folk
-Flat Earth
-North Pole is hiding something
-Chemtrails and fluoride use is blocking our physic potential
-Democrats are a stemcell fueled sex cult (okay maybe though)

It stems from a healthy distrust of what we "know". Problem is he's so anti-establishment, that he will latch on to whatever contradicting notion is laid out but without the healthy skeptism applied to that new notion as well.

I just say "Whoa" and change subjects. He moves along like he didn't just drop the same 5 minute speech for the 1000th time.

If he wasn't my brother, I would have cut him out a long time ago. I already tried telling him no one in the family wanted to hear his shit, and people make fun of him for it. He said he'd stop. And did for like a day. I haven't had the heart to tell him again.

>'The science is settled' is an incredibly damaging statement.
You're the only person making that statement. It makes sense to accept the most reasonable hypothesis as fact until a competing hypothesis gains more credibility. Otherwise we're just living in a world where we can throw our hands in the air and say: "Gravity isn't real lol its just a theory hold my beer while I fly off this bridge lol."

Or, again, perhaps a large moon is a key factor in the evolution of complex life. So it's not a coincidence that the planet harboring life has a large moon, but rather life is the end-result of a natural process involving a large moon.

The moon being large is not the only factor. Is the moon being able to cast a perfect eclipse with a corona during a brief timespan when humans are there to observe it also responsible for life on a planet?

Same happened to my friend, he married this chick who is obviously too religious and went nuts, a few days ago he started telling me that the earth is flat and that I should read the bible more, funny thing is I'm Christian myself but he takes it too far , you should ignore him from now on, nothing else to do , these people won't change their minds anytime soon

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You'll hate yourself soon enough when you find out he's right.
>FED is getting audited for the first time since its creation
>Stopping of chemtrails on a Congressional bill which can and should be ready by every mouth breathing burger
>More pedos have been arrested in 2 years than Obama's EIGHT YEAR REIGN
>More jobs coming back to the States from companies who have been laundering cash offshore

The sad conspiracy of it all is that this has been happening for a least 100 years and all most Muricans care about is rigged sports and drive thru meals


It sure beats bitching.

Had a friend that joined a "sect".
He wrote us letter telling us that Jesus told him to break up contact with them.
I think the sect might controls his Facebook, because he writes strange propaganda there, about how Jesus saved him and how happy he is

Can't save those people, so don't care

>implying the government tells you the truth and all knowledge is true