Why could he not be attracted to me?

Why could he not be attracted to me?
I know he roams around here, since he likes meme pages about boomers and weeb shit.
>Found out he likes slim girls
Got myself slim then and it was such a hard road to get to a good body

>Found out he is into anime
I cut myself bangs and been dressing kind of asian

Aaaaaaaand he is still not looking at me, or barely even noticing me. I know he is single, since I caught him saying "lmao love is cringe and shit".

Since my weight loss I get so much attention its insane. Every guy is super nice to me, but him. Why isnt he looking and noticing me while everybody else does? Do you have an idea? Pic related because thats how I look.

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lol who is behind all this spam

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Lmao sounds like a real catch of a guy.

If you really do insist on pursuing him, ask if he wants to go somewhere with you. The first few times can be casual. If he doesn't catch the hint, then tell call the next one a date or tell him how you feel.

But how does it explain every other male attention, but his?

Maybe he's secretly gay? Maybe he thinks he doesn't have a shot? Maybe he thinks you're not interested in him because you don't talk to him?

There's a million possible reasons, but we don't know the guy and you didn't give many details about how you know him or anything about your relationship besides you oddly changing everything about yourself based off of some rumors you heard.

why dont you ask him out
or date one of the guys who want to.

Men will take anything they can get in the current year.

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It's probably because he knows you better than the fuckbois.

That said, it's good to have a healthy body.

What do you see in him?

We here are shit quality men. Lemme level with you here, getting with one of us is really not such a great idea. Frankly based on what you've said about him it sounds like you already knew that, so why the hell are you going for him anyway? You got something to prove or what?

Just lose the sleazeball and find yourself someone who sees you as an actual person. Try seeing *yourself* as an actual person while you're at it, for fucks sake woman you care way too much about looks. They matter, especially to men, but they're *never* everything.

It's funny how bullshit this is. Just because there's sad men who are pathetic and will date a super uggo doesn't mean that it's some universal truth. I'd rather be eternally single than pretend I'm attracted to some fat chick.

OP still sucks though.

>What do you see in him?

I would be perfectly fine just being friends. He talks about binary systems, codes and all this things I literally know nothing about. I have never ever seen someone like him before, its like seeing something rare, yet disturbingly different and you just start to idealize everything up to a point where you get too confused to be clear about yourself.

Maybe your personality reminds him of a a cardboard box?

Being good looking does not equate sexiness.

So literally all I'd have to do is start rambling on about positional tracking via optical SLAM and inertial measurement and youd be quivering at the knees? Why does everyone else just tune out?

>than pretend I'm attracted to some fat chick.
I am not fat! I am kind of pretty slim now and I have a good, healthy and toned body.

>OP still sucks though.
I am just trying to offer him an identification point where he could get much more comfortable around me, as being said - I could be perfectly fine just being friends. But even that is not possible somehow. He acts as if he doesnt like me at all.

Well, there is some truth behind it, but my personality is everything but a cardboard box. I do have alot to offer, I do talk passionately about different topics of literature and artistry, I have a kind of synesthesia where I could actually taste colors etc.
I didnt talk to him that much at all over the course, so he should barely know my personality.

Maybe. I would definetly be just fascinated by the amount of knowledge that is being said by you.

why dont you just make the move yourself?

Have you actually... Tried to ask him out?

Maybe he can feel your obsessiveness and is creeped out by it

... are you in Texas?
Would you be interested in hearing about the history of late 19th century Prussia?

Shit, could be true. Oh man I never thought about that. Thats actually the very least thing I ever want someone to think about me.

You seem like a very insecure person.

Some men including many on this website want love. But believe that it is dead, that girls want nothing but money and sex. And in many ways that has become true. Relationships are thought of as important and use guys as pump and dumps and by the time they reach 30 they want to settle down after they've fucked 20 guys. But by this time guys are interested in them and know how much of a roastie they are. So many guys decided to call the ball early and not care about getting a girlfriend, even in their early years.

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Ask him out on a casual meetup. Like for coffee or something.

Sadly, I am not in texas. I live in belgium currently. But I would be interested in that none the less.

Three quarter miles call the ball

But wouldnt that be even more creepy? I barely know him and out of the blue, going up to him and be like "Hey, whats up? Wanna grab some coffee?"

I wasn't calling you fat, I was just giving the hypergamy faggot his due.

And sorry, maybe you don't suck. You should ask him out though.

How exactly do you know him? How much have you talked to him? Does he know who you are?

Probably some autist that has convinced himself no girl will ever take interest in him, so he dismisses your advances as something else.
Be more forward and direct.
Ask to talk to him when he's alone and ask him out for coffee.

You know that making the move on a single guy is like a solid +9 to him saying "yes", right?
It's really not hard.

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Are you two on talking terms?
When you two are about done talking and part ways, ask if he wants to meet up for coffee on the weekend.
Hopefully you'll have his #, or can get it.
When you do, tell him you'll text him the time and place.
If he ghosts you, then fuck him

Sounds like you're just impressed by the passion someone would put into detailing something.

You should read advice on how to get girls, just to understand what men consider 'not weird'. The main reason most guys don't just go up a random girl and ask to get coffee is because they don't want to bother her, yet almost all of them would love it if a girl did that to them.