What happens in your 20s

I just turned 30 years old.

What happens in your 20s that can’t happen in your 30s? What did I miss out?

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you can eat a lot of crap without getting fat in your 20s, that's pretty much it.

you can be young


not true for a lot of folks

What does that mean tho?

go clubbing, fuck around

That’s it? It doesn’t seem like I missed anything I suppose. Who the fuck cares about clubbing?

You didn’t miss anything in your 20s that you can’t do in your 30s, and even if you did you couldn’t go back in time and fix it. What a stupid thread.

well if you don't care about anything fun you didn't miss out

It kinda depends on your lot in life. A bunch of people in your 30s are stuck with responsibilities, like work, kids, etc. You're going to lose out on some friends and the ability to do things like a fun road trip to the beach that were available in your 20s (especially earlier).

I mean, there's some plusses, like having your life together and shit to offer. But 30 is the exact moment I had to shift my friendships and find people like me that were single and childless to keep up a social life. It was a very lonely year, but now at 32, I'm in a good spot.

why do you think OP has his life together

>I mean, there's some plusses, like having your life together and shit to offer. But 30 is the exact moment I had to shift my friendships and find people like me that were single and childless to keep up a social life. It was a very lonely year, but now at 32, I'm in a good spot.
Would you like to expand?

Probably just 'become the youngest X to do Y'

A bunch of birthdays you won't be able to celebrate again

plenty of people do this after 30 tbqh

Nothing good happens in your 20’s. 30’s are your best years. Only total losers miss their 20’s. Male and female.

>What happens in your 20s that can’t happen in your 30s
teenage love

You don't have as much energy I guess, and can't party as hard without repercussion, but honestly , it's all mindset. I still hang out with some younger people, date younger girls, it's not a big deal.

I would say 20's is the for learning who you are, what you like/don't like, etc. You sort of need to fuck up in your 20's to really see who you are once you get to 30.

Yeah, some people "make it" in their 20's, but I don't think that's most people. There's just a lot to learn (as long as you seek to gather wisdom). I don't expect my 30's to be easy, but I think I will know more about me and what I like/don't like giving me more confidence. I'm 27 now...Almost there.

>he thinks clubbing and fucking are the only fun things in life

>teenage love
Why are people on Jow Forums so obsessed with this? It sounds really dumb and lame

Learning the ins and outs of relationships at a time in your life where breaking/fucking up doesn't really cost you anything in the long run.

Interesting. So I don’t think will ever marry. I definitely never want children. I do see what you mean about friends. A few of my friendships have been strained since they married. They just don’t have time, so it makes sense.

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Being 16 and not having any money, or may to go anywhere sucked. What’s so special about having to sneak a girl around so your parents don’t catch you, and not having any money to do shit together

You're not 40, it's all basically the same until you're 40.

What happens after 40?

Sure but I guess trying to learn the ins and outs when you're approaching 30 is considerably more difficult when everyone else is starting to settle down.

You start to die and slowly deteriorate. And are considered a boomer by everyone.

well yeah i’d say that is true. But honestly, do the ins and outs really matter if you never want to get married and have kids?
But that could happen at any time. Some people’s bodies start deteriorating at 20. For others, it could be 50 or 60

40's a baseline for average people. Yea sure it differs if you're a junky or a fatfuck., but 40's pretty much the standard.

>But honestly, do the ins and outs really matter if you never want to get married and have kids?
Half and half. As a socially retarded, unsexed person you'll still have to climb over that hurdle since I don't think many people are willing to wait for you to get to grips with basic courtship.

I’ve had 1 gf before when I was 26

Then what's the issue?

I’m just saying, does the in and outs matter if someone doesn’t want to marry?

Then no.

courtship and dating is different with every relationship. You don’t have to “know” anything. You just do

Dating and finding your wife

At 30+ your only dating prospects are washups

really? what about a girl who spent half of her twenties focusing on a career, and half in a relationship that failed?

People nowadays can remain "young" well into their 40's but it's still hard so you should really think of your 30's as your last young decade. However there really isn't anything you can do in your 20's you can't do in your 30's.

There's an outlier in every group, that doesn't make them the norm.

I feel like this happens commonly though. Any relationship that is formed in your mid to late twenties doesn’t mean it won’t end a few years later. Plus, some people can’t hop relationship-relationship. Some people need time to in between to recover

If youre 30+ and you make over 80k a year its actually much easier to get 18-25 chicks

>its actually much easier to get 18-25 chicks
Nice! I thought it would be harder for some reason.
Not OP here. Kinda excited about turning 30, even though I'm afraid of aging at the same time. I'm the kind that never did anything remotely interesting, I never even partied or got drunk.

Why would you want 18 year old girls? They are fucking annoying idiots. I’m 27 and I am a freshman in community college. Girls here are retarded.

Because they are fresh and young and more fun. And I like the idea of the age difference. And deep down probably the fact that she's had less sexual partners at that age so I don't feel like I'm gonna be just a number right now.

They are dull tho. They have no money, they still have to listen to mommy and daddy, and they are boring. They girls in my classes just talk about Instagram and make up. They are children. Remember how girls were in high school? They are like that still

Doing a fulfilling PhD

Yeah I guess it's just a matter of preference. I want to date someone like that. Probably because I feel like I missed out in high school.

Sex is an animal thing, how can you be just a number?

I'm in the same position at 27. Where did you make new friends?

you want to have to buy them everything, and have to drop them off at their parents house by 9pm. They can’t take a vacation with you because their parents don’t approve. What do you think you will speak to these girls about? All they will want to do is post your entire relationship on Instagram to show off. But eventually since she’s young, she will want to try other dudes so she will dump you. Young girls are not reliable

that can't happen in your 20s either.


Getting 4 black cocks in the ass simultaneously.

Honestly, nothing.

You can still go to school in your 30s, and you can still start a career in your 30s.

If you had a disappointing 20s (didn't get the job you want, didn't finish university, didn't save enough to travel, didn't get laid a lot or any) then your 30s are a good chance to correct that

I'm 27 and make more than that and it's not easy, particularly compared to when I was 21-23

>I thought it would be harder for some reason
because it is. What 18 year old would want to get with a over 30?

I’m 30. I feel my 20s were a lot of struggle and misery. I haven’t made it yet, but a feeling of “only a matter of time” has set in.

After 30yo if you do a PhD you're so stressed by day-to-day problems that you can't invest 100% of yourself in it. So it becomes less fulfilling, you do it as a livelihood and it becomes very sad.

I would rather be the first boyfriend than dick number 23 or whatever

if she’s 18 you’re not going to be the first guy she’s fucked