How do i start smoking weed?

how do i start smoking weed?

i just moved out on my own and i wanna get into weed to help with relaxing and being generally depressed.

I came from a very closed-minded family and i have no idea how or where to buy weed, how to tell the quality or what to do with it once i have it.

are bongs better than joints? Is there a difference between a joint and a blunt?

also whats the best way to hide weed? My roommate asked me not to smoke in the house so I'd do it outside, but my sister lives like two blocks from me, and we go to the same uni so i need to be sure im never caught by her or she will narc on me to my parents and there will be a huge fight

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get a thc extract pen, the smell goes away after 10 minutes and way easier to hide

file under: dont know shit about weed

whats thc extract and where would i buy it? do i use a vape pen with it?

Don’t get addicted (yes, you can). Do it once in a blue moon.

I have been smoking everyday for 2 years and it’s so hard to quit

leafly com/products/concentrates/cartridges

A common hermetic bag will do the trick for storage. And store it inside a shoe or something nobody touches.

Do you have a yard where you can smoke? Get a glass pipe. They're easy to wash and put away

Approach any black or Latin male under the age of 30 and ask if they know where to get some. 90% chance they do or even have some on them RIGHT NOW. Then go to a smoke shop and buy a glass pipe and Bic lighter.
>take weed out of bag
>break up into crumbs
>pick out seeds and stems they won't get you high
>pack some loosely into the bowl of pipe
>cover hole on side of pipe bowl with finger
>apply flame to weed in bowl
>breathe in for a second
>weed smoke starts getting pulled through (dudes like to take as big breaths as possible to get more high and as a dick measuring contest but you're a noob and you'll cough everywhere in agony)
>release finger on hole
>allows more air through so you can inhale all the smoke burnt in the bowl
>hold deep in lungs until it burns too much or you start coughing
>exhale and start breathing normally
>if done correctly you will begin to feel high presently

Is that good enough?

This is pretty good too. I store mine in an air tight jar.

Don’t start it man. My friend who smoked weed everyday recently killed himself and in certain the weed was a contributing factor to his suicide.

Hey, cool shit. I was gonna ask a weed-related question in gioyc but this is better.

Does smoking weed help you enerally calm your tits in the long run? My girlfriend has anger issues and is generally rather short fused, and it would be much easier asking her "Do you want to smoke weed with me" (especially considering we've smoked together before) than saying "The way you deal with anger is unhealthy and I don't want to be your verbal punching bag anymore". I realize smoking weed is not an actual alternative to getting anger management classes.

>Don’t start it man. My friend who smoked weed everyday recently killed himself and in certain the weed was a contributing factor to his suicide.
Can't be for certain, maybe the weed is what kept him going through whatever suffering he was dealing with, only this time the suffering couldn't be dealt with and he took a route many disagree with. That or weed induced paranoia and/psychosis is a bitch. It's kinda like what they say with shrooms / lsd causing schizophrenia -- you were likely to get it later at some point in your life as adult onset, but shit gets triggered early by it.

>Don’t get addicted (yes, you can). Do it once in a blue moon.
>I have been smoking everyday for 2 years and it’s so hard to quit
Addiction to weed is bullshit, as is most. Some addictions paired with going cold turkey can be bad (quitting xannies cold turkey can be deadly) but you don't get anything like that from weed. Some people are just habitual smokers and it can be hard to break a pattern but letting addiction win is weakness. Maybe some are just hardwired to be addiction prone and can't just stop but it's not like if you smoke crack once you're instantly addicted, you gotta commit for that. Smoking here and there or even at nights isn't going to be addiction, especially if used medicinally (sleep aid) and is going to be better for you than any benzodiazepine a doctor can prescribe or glass of alcohol you may relax with


>someone say weed is addictive, which it is
>triggered stoner try to defend his life choices with “it’s not addictive bro you just need to man up lol”
like clockwork lmao

>Does smoking weed help you enerally calm your tits in the long run?
No. Weed is NOT a potential self-medication. If you aren’t one of these person who get really anxious/paranoid/schizophrenic when you smoke weed, chances are it will make you feel better at first. However, and like every psychotropics, it will make your problems worse very, very quickly (as in a few months) if you start consuming it regularly. And once you are at the point where you smoke daily, it’s really hard to stop. If you think about medical grade weed, it’s absolutely not the weed you buy for fun : there’s very little THC in it. Lastly do not listen to stoners religiously trying to defend their lifestyle, they are in every fucking threads about weed and are spouting absolute non-sense.

I’m fan of the new narcos Mexico that just opens with shit talking everyone that buys weed and supports the Mexican drug trade.

If you are depressed you shoudnt start smoking weed it will just make it worse
I smoke weed sometimes when i feel like shit but it only makes it worse and makes me regret it everytime.
Dont start user

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>I wanna get into weed to help with relaxing and being generally depressed
This is a bit of a red flag, if you're depressed, all drugs are going to do is allow you to hide from your problems. Then they'll just build up behind the scenes while you create the nice new problem of substance dependance. Weed addiction is not chemical but you can form some pretty strong habits.

>Are bongs better than joints
I've never tried a bong, but they're supposed to be more intense. Probably not ideal for a first-timer.

>Is there a difference between a joint and a blunt?
A joint is weed (and tobacco if you're that way inclinded) rolled in papers. A blunt is like a weed cigar.

>How do I hide it?
Take the baggie and stick it in a small tupperware container, then put that in a box or drawer somewhere in your room. Be aware that wherever you put it will begin to smell. Luckily the smell doesn't stick much once you remove it.

Be safe user.

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Depends where you live. I'm in California. It's legal here. If I have questions I go to dispensaries and ask questions. The clerks are awesome usually.

Otherwise, find someone whose experienced.

I’m 99% sure everyone in here doesn’t smoke/hasn’t touched weed before by all these answers.

Weed does help with depression.
Weed is not addictive if you have any sense of backbone.

I smoke weed multiple times a day for over 7 years now. I have my tolerance breaks, and shit so it’s really easy to quit if need be but weed helps me not want to kill myself after a day of dealing with bullshit of everyday life.

do a lot of googling (in cognito if you're concerned). there are many strains that do different things, so smoking just anything could make you more anxious or chill you out or not get you high at all. It really depends.

>and being generally depressed
it's not some miracle drug, it won't just cure you. you could potentially use it to assist with developing a positive and healthy mindset, but it won't do the work for you and, depending on the type of person you are, will only make it harder for you to help yourself. might I suggest therapy instead?

>i have no idea how or where to buy weed
assuming you're in college, make friends or just go up to the stoner looking/hippie people and ask. It's pretty easy to come by depending on where you are. You can follow your nose too, once you can identify the smell of it.

>how to tell the quality
really depends on the strain, but some general tips are the more green, the more nuggets (vs shake or loose pieces) you have, the less seeds indicate better quality. google.

can be good if you have problems with throat irritation. the smoke passes through water before entering your mouth. bubblers are often a smaller alternative and what I would prefer personally between the two, though they're a bit harder to clean. I wouldn't recommend a bong for a newfag without help, their often large size means big hits and that can be overwhelming.

>joint and blunt
both are rolled, and both are relatively wasteful, in that they're going to be constantly lit so there will be product escaping that you aren't getting. These are good for public smoking as, besides the smell, they can pass for cigarettes/cigars. Runs into the a similar problem as a blunt in that once it's lit you are inclined to smoke all of it, but you can always roll smaller and/or just put it out and re-light later. Ideal for group settings. Joints are rolled with just paper (and maybe a filter),


hey I got dubs. anyway

blunts are rolled with cigar wraps (or gutted cigars) and therefore have tobacco in them. This helps make the intake smoother but also you're smoking tobacco.

Other smoking devices include vaping devices ("cleaner" and more modest but I don't really like the quality of high that comes from them personally), spoon pipes (what I would recommend for you/any newfag), and edibles.

You can hide it pretty much anywhere if your family isn't snoopy. A hollowed out book is nice, I used a large pokeball. Any sort of container, you don't have to be paranoid about it as people usually aren't looking that hard for it. A glass jar (mason jar, something like that) is ideal for storage of the buds though as it won't leech smell and will keep it fresher longer.

this is how to use a glass spoon pipe, but I'd like to amend this to say that you don't have to hold it in that long, I usually do it for three seconds or so unless I'm trying to "ghost" it (absorb all the smoke, not a healthy idea). It gets absorbed pretty quickly from my understanding. Doing it this way allows you to go at your own pace without having to commit to a full bowl. You can take a hit, let it affect you, then decide if you want to continue.

Regarding the rest of the thread, moderation is key to anything. Any drug can potentially help or hurt you, depending on you mindset and how you use it. Like I said in my last post, if you use it productively (and smoke the right strains for you) you can benefit from it and will gain new perspective. But when it gets in the way of your productivity (or doing anything) then it's a problem. Hopefully you possess the self awareness required to be able to see that before you stupify yourself.

It also affects every person differently, like most drugs.

>find someone whose experienced

>The way you deal with anger is unhealthy and I don't want to be your verbal punching bag anymore
this is a conversation that needs to happen regardless of if she smokes with you or not.

I'm not going to answer your main question because that is the real answer and anything else is avoidance.

Hey dumbass, hempwraps don’t magically have tabacco in them just because they’re brown.

I smoke just about every day. Weed helps in the short term but if you're already depressive it can just make it worse. Everyone has their own body chemistry so I can't say it would be the same for anyone else.

Don't. In the long run it will make depression worse. Don't use weed as a patch for your problems. You can smoke it to have fun, rarely, but it stops being that when you become a regular smoker.

Do a google or search for "effects cannabis on brain articles".

Did the same, failed fataly.
The stuff teached me how to avoid problems what made things worse.
Took a long time to normalize, like 2 years

My thc cartridge has such a tiny smell that you don't need to hide it at all. I have a TKO cartridge.

>I smoke weed everyday but because I need it and not because I'm a addict
Excatly what a addict would say.

Lol you’re a fucking dumbass

So because weed addiction is no where near as bad as Xanax or alcohol, it doesn’t exist. Good theory.

Try telling that to the people that get actual physical withdrawals from weed,
The reason you’re told it’s not addictive is because no one really knows anything about it because it effects everyone so differently. Some will have cold sweats, vomit and others will be fine.

I smoke everyday and I wish I didn't. Find something else would be my recommendation.

I have had serious alcohol problems on and off and started smoking week again a year ago after like a seven-year hiatus. It has done wonders for helping me moderate my drinking, very life-changing plant.

Addiction is an addiction when it hinders you and your ability to function. You can smoke weed everyday, you can drink everyday, you can play video games everyday, you can post on Jow Forums everyday. That doesn't mean you're addicted.

If you're staying up until 4am to drink/smoke/play games/shitpost and barely able to roll out of bed around noon because you dropped out of college or got fired from McDonalds, you're an addict.

>people that get actual physical withdrawals from weed
>Some will have cold sweats, vomit and others will be fine.

Literally what are you talking about

It's physical addiction vs emotional addiction. You get physically addicted to nicotine, you get emotionally addicted to gambling.


I'm p sure that would be psychological, not emotional.

and again, it's an addiction only when it hinders you or negatively impacts your life. Also no one is going to throw up and get cold sweats and seizures from a psychological addiction.

Why do stoners always try to glorify weed as a god plant that can do no wrong?

I don't see any of that, just some people dispelling myths and helping a first-timer get things right.

>I came from a very closed-minded family and i have no idea how or where to buy weed, how to tell the quality or what to do with it once i have it.

Unless weed is legal in your state, there's no real way of knowing what you bought even as a veteran stoner you can have some idea of the quality but again you don't really know what specific strain or what the THC content is or anything. As a rule of thumb, the more brown "hairs" there are, the better. Especially if there are crystals.

>are bongs better than joints?

They're just different. A bong is something that you literally stuff your face in when you want to get high as fast as possible right now this very second. A joint you can just smoke for a while.

Also, a bong is a giant smelly easily-broken piece of evidence that you smoke weed.

>Is there a difference between a joint and a blunt?

A joint is just weed and rolling paper, typically a single serving portion. A blunt is is much larger
and typically is shared between a few people. It's typically a tobacco wrap (like cigars).

>also whats the best way to hide weed?

A mason jar, the smell is usually the strongest indicator. And also the smellier it is the stronger it is.

>Do a google or search for "effects cannabis on brain articles".

There's nothing conclusive out there other than "don't start smoking 7 blunts a day if you're 12 years old". obviously it's not good for you if you're a teenager.

>Literally what are you talking about
THC stimulates portions of your brain responsible for rewarding pleasure, which would normally occur after a normally pleasurable activity (eating a good meal, having good sex etc). If you become dependent on weed to have an appetite, have sex, get a good night sleep, relax etc then stopping cold turkey can cause physical problems related to those.

It's one of the reasons why I don't smoke weed anymore. It feels great to get high every so often, but not when you feel like a rusty hinge the next day.


>then stopping cold turkey can cause physical problems related to those

It doesn't.

It helped my depression. Already cutting the intake

b8 all you want user, I know this stuff from personal experience.

I'm not saying anybody shouldn't smoke, or that weed is bad, but you are naive as fuck if you honestly believe that heavy weed use is consequence free.

If broke, use an apple. If not, buy a bong ($5-30). Ordered mine from Amazon.

>personal experience.

doesn't mean anything, you're the one posting bait when you say that weed causes physical withdrawal symptoms on the same level as a severe alcoholic or heroin junkie. There's no studies or research that will back that up.

THC vape pen is the best way to go! it's rare tho, hardest to get in my opinion.
I also live in a legal state and its still pretty hard to get those vapes.

also just saying... im kind of stuck up about smoking weed :O

pipes, papers, yuck... disgusting

water pipes, vapes... yum.. pretty goooooood.

>additionally people don't require extensive rehab programs to get clean off weed.
Alcohol withdrawl will legitimately kill you, heroin withdrawl will kill you.

>are bongs better than joints
yea you get more high
>best way to hide weed
>where do I get a plug
snapchat a friend you know who does smoke, but if you dont have anyone, goto a hookah bar on a friday night or weekend and make some friends, they all smoke weed.
>i moved out on my own and I wanna get into weed to help with relaxing and being generally depressed
weed isnt good for that. Anybody that tells you that is trynna justify it for some bullshit reasons. If you do use weed for depression or whatever pity bullshit, ur gonna get fucked up.

>doesn't mean anything
Of course it does, I'm relating a personal experience. Whether or not you choose to believe it is your prerogative. If you expect me to conduct a triple blind study with Chicago citations for the sake of a casual argument on a Mongolian basket knitting website then you're a fucking retard.
>There's no studies or research that will back that up.
Yeah, that's because I never equated cannabis withdrawals to fucking DTS or catastrophic organ failure.

You personally may have not, but you're trying to argue that point.
is where the reply chain starts