How do I stop wanting to BE the gf?

How do I stop wanting to BE the gf?

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Stop your heart

Think about the future. I'd rather want to be and old man than an old woman.

a bullet

Testosterone injections or some shit

Women live longer and are more resistant to diseases
They are actually stronger sex

I don't think there's a way.
That image of the boy tripping down the stairs and becoming the girlfriend is pretty accurate.
At best, I imagine, you can stop the process and remain at whatever stage you're presently at.


>wanting to live longer
Gonna be a big no from me desu senpai

Anyone have the pic of the tranny with meme letters that say something like:

>You said I would never get a great
>Well now I am the gf, bitch !

There is no market for you.

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i can be your gf instead

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I don't want to fuck women though, never really did



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tbqh this is autistic but personally I wouldn't want to be a tranny or an actual MtF transsexual
having sex as a man with another man is not arousing at all to me
using shapeshifting/X-Change pill sex change type niche fetishes is my shit, turning into 100% female and slutting it up

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Basically this

This. Tr*ps are denegerate and are still men even if they're pumped on hormones and have dicks chopped off, I want to be a 100% biological girl.

>living longer being inferior
lol no

>being pretty and having smooth soft skin and having delicate gracious body
Pick one

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thank god there are other high IQ individuals on this board
like imagine choosing between
>want to be a female
>get your dick sliced open
>get pumped full of hormones
>process takes like two years to not look disgusting
>remember that ugly male turns into ugly female
>only ugly weirdos want to fuck you
>still virgin because you have high standards
>commit sui
>want to be female
>take a sex changing pill/use shapeshifting powers to turn into 10/10 female
>walk outside in full slutwear
>have randos strip you and fuck you in public
>walk home completely nude and covered in cum
>take a shower
>make money masturbating on webcam
>take sex changing pill/use shapeshifting powers to turn back into yourself
>you remain anonymous
>go to sleep happily content since you are not gay and going to hell

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Thirded desu. Actual porn with trannies makes me sick, as does gay porn. However, when I stumble across some erotica centred around a magical transformation from male to female, or at least a highly convincing forced feminisation where nobody can tell the difference, then it makes my dick diamonds and I become attracted to having sex with men (but only if I'm picturing myself as the biological girl). VERY strange fetish desu, think we're a bit fucked in the head

ok yea maybe lol

Thats just your homo preference
Same shit people playing rpgs with a girl character say.

With a horse dick.

Visit some good psychologist

you'd be an old man with a wig that everyone will laugh at
get your facts straight

Realize that you will end up looking like this

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Stop watching porn.
Stop masturbation so much.
Stop consuming cute/0w0/UwU content.
Stop going to cute/0w0/UwU websites/places/events.
Try to take a break from Jow Forums/4channel or reduce consumption.
Replace gym with actual sports.

It's a narcissism. Guys with these thoughts are usually envious of how women can get something for nothing, then how they boast about it and make others jealous.

If you can overcome the narcissism and take pride in creating value in the world, and receiving value in return for what you contribute, then you'll stop having these thoughts.

>If you can overcome the narcissism and take pride in creating value in the world, and receiving value in return for what you contribute, then you'll stop having these thoughts.
What if op is just a faggot, like a really submissive homosexual with autogenyphillia?

gender change surgery is basically still butchery
in 50 years maybe when we can grow artificial organs