Is it bad to date a girl who isnt a virgin?

is it bad to date a girl who isnt a virgin?

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this board is fucking absurd holy shit


If you're a virgin (and wish to remain so until marriage), yes. If not, no, since you'd both be degenerates.

I am thinking more about the fact that I am picking someone up who has already been taken. Isn't that pathetic? I don't know, maybe my mind have been poisoned by the internet

If you haven't done the same, you have every right to think that way, so long as you avoid seeking out girls simply because they haven't been "taken". A prerequisite is not the same thing as a goal--expect chastity, but don't chase it (just as a woman should expect a guy to have his finances in order, but if she marries him for his finances she's called out as a gold digger).

If you HAVE slept around, then you're just being selfish. That's not uncommon, but it's hardly good or reasonable. Either way, I've seen far more pathetic things.

If you're over the age of 18, then no, that's the norm unless you live on an Amish farm.

>that's the norm
He didn't ask what was normal, he asked if it was bad.

Well in that case, anything that's not your hentai waifu dream girl is bad. You have to be realistic.

I am in a similiar situation, she is a qt though, should I just forget about her past?

Depends on how high the mileage is and how old she is.

What do you mean with mileage? And she is 18

I am 18 aswell btw, if that means anything

only if you haven't had sex with at least ten woman

>Posting this shit and thinking they will bang a virgin in the future.

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I EXPECT women to not ride a carousel of cock while expecting "Mr. Right" to tolerate their shitty past once he comes along.
REALISTICALLY, "Mr. Right" isn't going to go for the person that has slept around with people while not in a serious and committed long-term relationship, because virgins are hard to find in this day and age where sex/sex appeal is advertised in various forms all of the time.

How many guys she's slept with. If she's 18 and she's well into the double digits shes not dating material. She's the type of girl who you should smash and never talk to again.

Mileage = How many men she's fucked, newfag.

1 guy

So long as it was a relationship and not a fling, that's not a major issue. Go for it.

Non-virgins are better. They already know what they like and are comfortable with sex. Virgins you have to teach everything to, it's a little annoying. And besides, that thrill of getting there first is nice but then it wears off. And you're left wondering if she feels like she's missing out because she's only been with you

some guys can only afford a high mileage girl and don't have the luxury of being choosy

Yes, you should be ashamed. Real men only shag virgins, not some harlots.

I love this board

You're retarded.
That doesn't directly answer your question, but it's the best advice I can give you.

Beggars can't be choosers, friend
It's not ideal but unless you're still a high school freshman, the odds of you finding a virgin girl who isn't a hideous freak show are slim, and only get smaller with time. Just take what you can. You never know, maybe she isn't a complete whore

lol @ all the roastie whores triggerd by this question.

Its not wrong per se, but non virgins should be avoided for serious dating. Especially marriage. The statistics show the more guys a woman has slept with, the more likely a divorce is to happen.

Why is it always shaming. Is not his fault that you are a slut

it literally doesn’t matter. sex is extremely normal. most people have it in high school/college casually at least once or twice.

Literally means 'perverted'. That is to say, bad. And this is a completely separate question from normalcy, as I said before: I am being fully realistic, and I don't expect to ever find anyone single who meets my standards, let alone one who would put up with my personality. But being 'realistic' isn't the point.

Ah, here we go, the "it's normal lol" monkeys. You know what else is extremely normal? The breakdown of the family unit and the institution of marriage--which degenerates like love, since they're only in it for the sex.
>Ugh, why do I have to teach my sex toy, why can't John from the grocery store have broken her in for me
It's a repulsive stance on multiple levels.

Then we have these guys pretending to be on the "other side".
>shag virgins (plural)
No, one, after you marry. Every single whore out there was a virgin at some point, and though many would have had the whore's mindset regardless, plenty would not have, were it not for horny, selfish men, especially the ones who get a kick out of "shagging virgins". You're the kind of guy who 'preps' her into being used by the other degenerate, who normally would avoid virgins.