Is there any video game (preferably RPG and low on difficulty) for adult audience in which it's possible to play a cute...

Is there any video game (preferably RPG and low on difficulty) for adult audience in which it's possible to play a cute (not feminine) male?

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Cute males are feminine.

No, the properly cute male doesn't need to look like filthy female

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Play this
Have a fap or two and then go play real videogames.

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>feminine male, traps
Absolutely no, i said i want to play a guy that is cute but not feminine one, I'm not interested in traps, futas or females either

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Okay, post a picture of "cute but not feminine guy" and i will recommend you a game.

Here, have it

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skyrim with mods

Tried it already

The Night of the Rabbit
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Monster Hunter World
Dark souls
Persona 5
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Stardew Valley
Dragon's Dogma
Sims 3
Tales of Vesperia
Street fighter 5

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>The Night of the Rabbit
I don't like point and click
Main character isn't cute and i don't like puzzle games
>The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
>Monster Hunter World
Too sluggish and monsters take too much to kill
>Dark souls
Played it, killed every boss solo and hated it
>Persona 5
I hate highschool romance and characters in it
>Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
I don't like have possibility that my fav character will die
>Stardew Valley
I don't like farming games
>Dragon's Dogma
I'm trying it out now
>Sims 3
I was too bad to play it
>Tales of Vesperia
Is there grind and can i have only male characters in team?
>Street fighter 5
Where are those cute males i asked about?

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Also i don't have wii to play zelda

You gotta find yourself

Also i forgot about
>bastard bonds
Both very "different" niche games with cute protagonists.

You play zelda games in emulators. It runs even better than on original consoles. Even the latest one.

So you're that "I want to play a ludicrously easy game but I don't want to cheat" guy and now you're switching gears

Either play BotW, mod a Bethesda game, or go fuck yourself but whatever you do please get off Jow Forums

Sure user, I'll stay longer on Jow Forums
None of grotesque looking character from SF or Bastard Bonds appeal to me, but i do approve that mc of changed is cute, also could you please tell me what kind of emulator i would need to get for BOTW to work on win10.

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>cute male
>not feminine

If you can't get it then you're just a breeder

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Recommend a game that has 'A Beefy, Muscular, Mohawk female character but not masculine.

OP final fantasy 15 is what you are looking for

I don't like to have companions

Monster hunter

there are three jojo fighting games, you can play as every char you posted, theres heritage for the future, all star battle, and eyes of heaven. enjoy yourself jojofag

oh its not that, its the frame of reference you provided.

like what you wanna like, but damn, using that as a standard is gonna make us wonder how anything we recommend is going to mesh.

almost all notions of cuteness are denoted by youth (non gender specific) or feminine qualities, so work with us here.

uh. if you mean cute in a non-erotic way, ffx and steambot chronicles come to mind. they're both pretty low difficulty and i think steambot chronicles is non linear so you can probably ditch your companions at some point. frankly most JRPGs on the ps2 would do it, i think.

ITT: OP, the unpleasable faggot.

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>I was too bad at Sims 3, barely even a video game, to play it
What the fuck, OP?
Anyway, just play a game with children. I'd recommend the Mother trilogy (middle game is Earthbound).

Hey, it's hard to find stuff you can enjoy when you want something specific, plus games usually aren't made with people who aren't straight white dudes in mind as the target demographic.