How do you get over the insecurities about being inexperienced with women?

I am 21 and have no experience with women. Can talk to them normally, even has bunch of pretty good female friends. Just getting anxious when it comes to talking about intimate stuff because nothing to contribute.
I realistically know that I could get a girlfriend somehow but I am insecure about not having one before in this age. I ask girls out here and there but they always end up making excuses why they can't go. I am average looking guy, in uni with part time job, been exercising for 6 months. So I am not really your typical Jow Forums NEET with nothing going on for him even though it is not that much. But lack of success and seeing a lot of people my age being in longterm relationships just makes me feel defective.
tdtr: How do I stop being insecure?

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So.... fuckin ask one out and try to kiss her. No one else had a guide book for this shit, let your cock do the talking.

Wow great advice, why be a jerk with a response like this?

he's not wrong

Nice.. thanks you guys are really fucking helpful

Thanks, user but this.
>I ask girls out here and there but they always end up making excuses why they can't go.
Also, it is getting harded as most girls have already someone.

Not as harded as living in Chicago bro the harded of all is the rejection

Somehow, realizing that they had contempt for me over the issue helped me get over it.
I never knew my father. I was bullied through school. I'm a sperg, and my propensity for teasing got me in enough trouble to make me clam up for what should have been the most sociable point in my life. My mother was crazy, she went crazier when my grandpa shot my older brother, and suicidal when he died 15 years later from suspicious causes....too bad the coroner "missed" the giant fucking Star of David he had tattooed on his chest and ordered his body, and the evidence, cremated. The only positive male role model I had in life ended up ostracized and jaded over drama with my mother's 6 month-long marriage to a literal pig fucker. I lost what friends I had after that point and never made new ones.

I adore women. I adore looking at them, teasing them, being teased by them, and helping them reach the top shelf. When they imply I'm "childish" because I've spent my youth fighting uphill instead of using substances and forming shallow relationships, even playfully, it's a turnoff. If I had to come up with a female equivalent of a chauvinist pig, it's a woman who's entirely oblivious about how good she has it.

Just because you don't like the advice doesn't mean it's not good. Often the right thing is the hardest.

Not him but OP. As I said I ask girls out but it never works out. But my friends or even people here telling me to just gf are not that helpful. It seems easy for almost everyone but I just don't know how.

26 male kissless virgin here.
Bro, listen to me. You need to get out there and IMMERSE yourself in women while you can. When you are my age and still have 0 experience it's fucking over. You can only pay for an escort..

I am trying but don't know how to. That is why I am asking here.

Should be a no brainier guyo. Exposure. Do it. Immerse yourself. You learn from experience.
When people like you ask questions like this I always wonder if you're Hoping someone will give you a magic spell that'll make it easy. There isn't one. It's a hard fight you gotta just take on the chin.

I'm 22 still a virgin working through my issues. For me I think it is a fear of rejection. If I fuck up and look awkard or inexperienced I am afraid of being looked down on. I think most people are naturally inclined to react to social rejection and think something is wrong with themselves. You have to just resist that part of you because the truth is there is nothing wrong with you, it is just a lack of experience. You aren't a freak or a loser or outcast.

That’s a little too abstract in an issue in which the details are the most important thing. Tell us what you want in a relationship, why are you insecure of your current status, your modus operandi and this type of shit and we can give you some actually good advice. If someone asked ‘What makes a movie good?’’ I don’t know what I’d answer, but if someone asked ‘What makes The Godfather good?’ I could talk for days.

We are Kind of the same Person except I am a year oder than You and am above average looks.
When I was 21 I was Thinking " I need to get laid this year, If Not I am screwed" 21 is the latest normal Age for some one to Lose His v card.

I Tell You how I fixed it
Make yourself a tinder Account and Look after girls which are below You in terms of looks
Right now I have 4/10 gf but at least I had Sex.
If You wanna talk or want Tips add Me on Kik

Thanks, hopefully we are gonna make it.
Just your typical stuff. Looking for a girl I would get along with, date her and go to cool places together with potential to turn it into something more serious one day if we get along really well. Not interested in casual sex or something like that.
Insecure because lacking in something basic for most people and would really like to know what it feels like to mutually like each other with other person.
Typically meet some girl, mostly through school or something, when we meet randomly, talk a lot and I feel like we are on really good terms I ask her out. Girls usually accept but start making excuses just before the meeting.
Thanks for reply but losing virginity for the sake of losing virginity is not what I am actually after. I know you can find some pretty cool people through Tinder but I think that there is way bigger possibility of meeting some cheap girl.

Why is it over for you? Why can't you start doing those things and get yourself some pussy?

>Right now I have 4/10 gf but at least I had Sex.
I guess atleast you have sex so that's something. But i can imagine you'll get tired of that pussy pretty quickly if she is below-average.

Ok, I think I know your problem. At first I read your original post and didn’t know how I could help you. Then I read your answer and it didn’t shed any more light into you. And then it dawned on me.
You’re boring. You’re generic. Or at least you presented yourself as if you were.
You probably do good enough on social gatherings and for short periods of time, but once a girl gets a chance to focus on you exclusiveley, she sees nothing there to keep her interested.
Face to face getting her to talk more than you works, but not through text. Show some more personality, talk about your passions and your thoughts on things, try some risque humour or racier suggestions depending on the type of girl you’re with, but present yourself as yourself. Even if they don’t share your interests you’ll have something to talk about, and they won’t stop caring about you as fast. There’s always the chance that you end up drawing them apart, but it’s not as big as you would think, even if you have unique tastes, and if she leaves, it’s because you wouldn’t work together.
Everyone knows but noone cares about Imagine Dragons, but the few people that have heard of Sweet Trips absolutely love them.

Thanks, you are probably right. I may unconsciously trying to come off as normal as possible. I remember that throughout the elementary school (which is 9 years here) kids were mocking me for things I liked and telling me how weird I was. Mainly around puberty. I also became somewhat shy. That may be cause of it. Gonna try working on it. Really appreciate it.

Women arent everything bro. They're just people.