Is dating ugly or fat girls better because they will be more grateful and have less self esteem or options to cheat?

Is dating ugly or fat girls better because they will be more grateful and have less self esteem or options to cheat?

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They still have the same options

>less options to cheat
Kek. Any beta would be willing to go down on any 3/10 as long as it has holes.

but they dont want betas

Looks don't influence the cheating rate that much. It's mostly upbringing.



Imagine the actual fucking state of being so terrified you're not good enough and will get cheated on that you date someone you're not even attracted to.

Like, literally fucking why? What's the point? Get a fleshlight for your dick and a dog for the companionship.

have you ever been alone


Ugly and fat women are sluttier than pretty women and have horrible personalities

They cheat more often too

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Ugly woman ugly behavior
Beautiful women act like thrash nowadays because their jealous fat girl friends and fag orbiters say that it's cool to act like a slut

dating ugly or fat girls is better because they'll date ugly or fat guys i.e. us.

I've only ever been with one girl who was objectively better looking than me. Everyone else was "yeah that seems about right", I even had to turn down some girl who were too fat or too ugly, and I can't imagine what damage that does to one's self-confidence to be turned down by someone like me.

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Have I been single? Yes. Friendless? I mean, not entirely, not really, but I have had some lonely times growing up.

Thinking some fat uggo is going to solve your problems just by holding you while you cry and panic about her leaving you isn't going to fix your problems though. You're just going to be even more pathetic.

Grow up and grow a pair. Like I said, if you're so lonely, get a fucking dog.

In the west there are no grateful women outside of single mothers.
Tinder last night I came across a landwhale that had a photo showing she had over 2,000likes since joining on 1/7. There are no standards for women anymore.



No. Go after women you actually find attractive and like as people, assuming you want a real relationship. If not, at least go for someone you find attractive.

Fat girls don't have zero standards and a number of them I know go on plenty of dates and can have regular sex. You're not "doing her a favor" and women know what they have and why they're allowed to be picky. What you should screen for is how into you she seems and how much you like her, not how well she rates on a scale compared to you.

>Is dating ugly or fat girls better because they will be more grateful and have less self esteem or options to cheat?
Lol no. I wish that was true

A girl with lower self esteem Are more likely to cheat once another guy calls them pretty, because a girl’s stupid brain works that way.
I only say this because I seen it happen first hand, and almost had girls leave their bf because of it.

If you want to girl to never cheat, show her that you’re the only option she will ever need.

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No they don’t

They are more desperate for male validation thus they are bigger sluts.

A good looking chick can get Chad.

>having no stanards

yes but the caveat is that you have to be remarkably good looking and a Chad to be able to pull that off. Most women know where they stand on the attractiveness scale, they definitely know where the guy they like stands on the attractiveness scale, the problem is society still puts all but the most vile disgusting women on a pedestal so even the less attractive women know they have infinitely more options than a guy in their same league. So when 5/10 Becky dates Brad who is a 6/10, Becky knows even though she's out of his league, if she can attract one Brad with her looks, she can attract another. It's only when the scale is so heavily tipped in the guy's favor personality, social standing and looks wise that the OP becomes true.

I don't find actually pretty girls to be that way at all. Now, THOTS who cake on make up to fool men into thinking they are pretty? Absolutely.

Basically no.

I concur.