So I am 24 yo f-soon-to-be 25 and I am desperately yearning for a some serious relationship stuff.
However those kind of guys never seem to present themselves from or I am quick to shy away from a potential mate if he is not a gent.
I have tried everything: from tinder to social speed dating events to talking to other gfs about this.
Mind you i am fairly attractive.

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Speed dating and tinder is not exactly a place to seek for long term. Try school, workplace, friend's friends or any cultural venue where you can socialize and share interests.

Op here
Yeah, that’s not an option for me..

Try to be a tad bit more feminine, and you'll attract a better bunch. Men won't take you seriously if you drop signals that you're a trashy slut.


In your opinion, are you being overly judgmental of people, or do you think of yourself as shy?

R u a hot grill? Date me pls

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Cuz Not much friends

And none of my friends want to set me up with anyone


If you're the female version of a closed up incel, you won't get much further than your male counterparts. Go out and socialize.

yeah but that's not the same as having nowhere to meet new people. Do you have any hobbies that you'd be willing to join a club for, or is there something you would like to learn?

Not really

Stfu nigre, you don’t know me:(

What are your interests? Why can’t you go to events surrounding those? If you like reading, you can join a book club. If you like a sport, you can play pickup games. If you like music, you can go to local shows.

Step outside the box of the routine of your life, because it’s not producing the reaults you want.

I am living in the fucken narnia of europe and we dont have those kind of events

Only humans or half-humans pls

What's your experience with the men you do meet?

And even if I go to those kind of events it never lands me anywhere

I don’t know what that means. Are you in a third world country or rural area or something?

What do you do in your free time?


I feel for ya OP I'm a 29m and I just wanna get laid, it sucks that EVERY girl above age 23 suddenly stops wanting to fuck for its own sake and now want to attach relationshit to it.

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Stop trolling on my thread, fag

Be more open, less judgemental, and socialize more. Eventually you'll meet someone you click with.

I just go out or talk to ppl on the nets mostly
Or listen to musix

Lol, this is some basic superficial dry ass adv, i swear

What kinda men are you looking for exactly?

What do you want from a week board the address of the guy you fall in love with?

You just lost my suspension of disbelief. If your writing style was less irritating, you could have kept me going.

I feel that they want just sex

Relationship-oriented lol

well we do. At some point in the relationship we want to see what our partner looks like with their clothes off.

If you live in a western liberal country most men and women will just want that. You'll have to get used to it. Meet a lot of people, there's no other way, and don't judge them for wanting to fuck you, that's part of a relationship.

At some point.
not early on in the relationship

I'm a 22 year old guy and I want a long term relationship

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What country are you from OP?

i require some sort of sexual interaction to feel like im wanted. Every girl engages in it, so i expect it. Otherwise i feel like im being used and im unwanted.

Too young

As a dude and nearing that age myself, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, I’d concur with the general opinion that those of our generation do indeed want something instant and quick as opposed to longer and more meaningful affairs. I don’t have the answer, all I can say is that tinder and speed dating almost certainly isn’t the answer, as someone who has used both I’ve found that nothing good can come of it. Increasingly, I feel as if the way to something like that is just to get lucky, unfortunately. Wish I had something more meaningful to contribute but know that there are people who feels the same way.

there you go OP, just give this guy your details and voila, ldr.

Joey Diaz reference last line?

You'll probably be the center of attention for most men if you decide to hook up with them.

You sound insufferable, please leave men alone, they have their own problems, and build relationship with cats instead. It'll be better for everyone.


*Single hug*

How is that too young?

what country/state do you live in?

Another gay butthurt nigerius on my thread


what girl would want a guy thats younger than him?

My friend is moving back to romania in April. He's 25 this year and single

haha I'm from yurop myself
there is no help

Are you ortho?

If any Croatian girls near the city of Osijek have this kind of problem hit me up we can arrange something...

Are you bi at all? Lesbians can be a better bet.

I've met some women that like younger guys, idk. I was just curious because my gf is 4 years younger than me

Appreciated g!

thats understandable, my friend's 22 and his gf is 16. girls like older guys and guys like younger girls, but girls rarely ever like younger guys.

I’m in a similar situation friendo. In fact identical except I’m 26, yelp.
Have you tried over dating apps which are less hookup oriented?
What’s the population of your city?


>>>dating app
>>serious shit
Pick one

Oh follow up from my above post, here’s a list of each person I’ve dated and how we met if that provides any inspiration (ones with an x next to their name means it was a serious relationship):
School x
Dog walking
Work x
Ok Cupid
Halloween party
My political party x
Ok Cupid
Jow Forums (lol) ie soc
Bumble x

Buna. Just kidding, I've got a gf. Bafta, nu sunt toti chiar atat de rai!

lie and say you'll get into a relationship. sometimes you have to play the game.

that's a yikes from me

Hai jet

This is awfully real and inspiring

pizda plange, don't be sad

How many shy virgins from STEM courses have you asked for help with your computer?

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Ba, ce freci menta ca prostu’ pe aici?
In loc sa te duci sa freci o laba la posterul asa-zisei prietene de pe perete?:))
Trolls be trolling all day everyday baka

Never even crossed my mind desu

ma faci sa rad. esti fraiera, ti-am zis-o cu intentie buna initial. nu ma mir ca esti singura, esti un cacat de om. apropo, si tu freci aceeasi menta, ipocrita pulii. bafta!

First of all use proper english instead of sounding like gutter trash.

Secondly: STOP LOOKING. Desperation is NOT ATTRACTIVE. Just live your life, go about your business. It either happens or it doesn't. If it doesn't then you need to be okay with yourself, and you clearly and objectively are NOT. Learn to be okay with yourself, BY YOURSELF, and maybe someone worthwhile notices you and approaces YOU. Or maybe never. Any way you look at it YOU HAVE TO BE OKAY WITH BEING ALONE. Otherwise you may as well just kill yourself now rather than make yourself suffer for no reason.

a, si sa-mi sugi pula si tu si parditu mortilor ma-tii din care faci parte. ciao

Tu cand te certi, de obicei iei la pumni intai limba romana sau cum?:))
Hai sictir

mad asf

>"hey user can you help me with my computer"
>help her with her computer and piss off because women that want help don't want cock

Another Jow Forums self-help bs book quote specialist, I see


Then what are you waiting for? If you want "man" who doesnt want sex on first date, you gotta force / bait shy virgins and or emotionally stunted nerds to "ask you out".

This is ideal example of their mindset. They wont even percieve you as dating prospect for various reasons. You gotta do the heavy dating lofting yourself, but hopefully it will be what you want OP.

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True that

If your posts here are any representation of how you are it really shouldn't surprise you why guys only want to fuck you.

quit the "But im so quirky doe XD" bullshit. If you want someone who will take you seriously act mature.
That doesn't mean you have to be serious all the time but to drop the extremely childish stuff.

You claim you live some place where literally nothing happens and where you cannot have any hobbies yet there are enough people to hook up with.
It sounds like a bullshit lie because you are too lazy to actually go out and look,
I lived in a village with only 600 people for half my life and we had a lot of the events the other anons mentioned.
However if you actually are genuinly in some forgotten hell hole with nothing to do I apologize for calling you lazy and a liar.

If you want to attract a guy to get into a serious relationship with. do not just sit on your ass and wait.
if you are attractive i can guarantee you that the guys you want have been looking at you the entire time but never approached you for one reason or another.

Dont go for the guys chasing you, but make yourself approachable.
The guys with the courage to approach a girl are 9 out of 10 times the guys who will pump and dump you.

I also recommend hurting his pride a bit, not too extreme but enough to get a bit of a reaction. If he gets angry, sad or tries to disprove you it will never
be a serious relationship because they are too emotionally weak. If he laughs at it and pokes you back you have a good connection and is likely someone that
you can be with for years.

After things have started dont make him constantly chase you and message you first. You want this to be 60 - 40.
Blue ball him the first time he tries to get with you. if a guy is genuinly interested in you he will rub it out and move on.
If he gets angry or sad because of this you dodged a bullet.

Did you post here before? The picture looks familiar.


Don't shit test him too much though. If you constantly do it he will leave you, these tests are exhausting to guys who genuinly care. and a mature guy who
gets exhausted cuts his losses and will leave.

Once you get to the point where you are seriously together, the trick is actually maintaining the relationship.
I've seen a lot of girls fail at this part and often pushing the guy away. The things that can cause a guy to leave are all personal.
These are some examples of what caused me to leave.

Excessive fighting, This will happen because of two reasons, either you want drama and attention and dont care how you get it or you arent competable.
In either of those cases, leave.

Suffocation, His hobbies and his friends are his. If you force your way into any of them and constantly want to join him he is going to get exhausted.
How severe this effect is depends on you however. Some people are energy draining and some give energy. If he is exhausted after being with you, you should
give him more space. However he should be mature and strong enough to tell you to stop. If he does not you have no real indication of what is happening.
If he is unable to do that he is not worth being with. I still have problems with this myself, I tend to never tell the girls they are suffocating me.

I hope this is any help to you and I wish you good luck.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I can’t do the first move either, bcz:
1.that’s gay
2.never works out anyway

Feel free to drown in sea of meaningless sex with chads then. Your call.

did you get hit on the head with cosmo or some pua book and now spout that garbage?

You're gonna be single forever at this rate faggot

Now that’s some nice beginning of an advice that I can actually appreciate.

Still I can’t seem to be able to play the games at the right time though.
I don’t know people can be so foreign to me at time, I just can’t get why.


pretty much

Give some examples of situations where it went wrong.

Have you socially isolated yourself a lot in the past?

Yup, many times actually.
But not gonna go into that here

What do you do in your free time?

Internet, music, meeting up with ppl

Then I dont think I can be much help.

For timing. Hurt his pride in the first conversation. And with hurting his pride I don't mean making fun of him. just a bit of banter.

once you feel a spark between you two you should be able to open up a bit more, and be honest that you arent very experienced.
However if you do this keep your eyes open for signs that he is using it against you. dont be paranoid bit if he starts putting you in weird emotional situations its time to take a long think and probably bail out.

Dont ever let someone convince you that they are too good for you and you should be grateful to be with them. people who do this are the lowest trash.

It really shouldn't need to be said because people are just THAT useless in our day and age...

But based on your OP it's clear that you're only looking at handsome men wtih good jobs. If you want to attract a man like that you're going to need to prove that you can increase the quality of his life. Cooking and cleaning and being more feminine are always good things but they're things that you should have been doing anyways. The kind of guy you're looking for doesn't need a woman with a second income nor does he need another "bro" he needs a woman to support him and continue to push him through getting promotions and shit. Women who are supportive of guys are way more likely to get an alpha male than women who aren't.

The level of sexism in this post is so 1930.
You do have a point about my tastes.
I wouldn’t mind him not having a great job or not being that cute, as long as he doesn’t make me pay for stuff or is ‘t repulsive or makes me feel guilty for paying

If you wait for men to come to you, they'll will want sex as well, you won't get around that. So if you want men who doesn't want that you'll have to make the first move. You said you have tried everything, so the only thing left is to take action into your own hands. You're only getting older.

If you're religious try dating from church. You'll find guys there who'll want a wife and a serious relationship.

Your double standards are obvious from your OP post either. Either take my advice or waste your most attractive years failing to get into a significant relationship and hating yourself when in your mid-30s your dating pool is nothing but schlubby neckbeardish computer programmers who aren't good enough to make 6 figures.