Going to have sex for the first time soon (we're both virgins)...

Going to have sex for the first time soon (we're both virgins). I dont want to use condoms it's going to ruin the pleasure for him apparently. And for our first time I want him to be able to cum inside. So I was thinking I'd buy some cheap ($10) contraceptive pills, and I'd just take one the next morning. Is this a bad idea? Will it work if we do it multiple times? Also just general sex tips, I'm really nervous

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get GOOD contraceptives not just cheap ones and as for tips don't stay immobile like a dead fish just flop around and slam into the dong or smth instead

>it's going to ruin the pleasure for him apparently
It's not like he knows any better.

Also Plan B is just that: Plan B. It's not as reliable as actual contraceptives, and can fuck up your body if you rely on them as your only source of contraceptive.

If it;s not bait:

Get a condom you a uncultured swine.
Herpes/HIV/HPV and other undiscovered disease are FOR LIFE.

Bering crossed eyed for 2 minutes ain't worth it user.

Don't be retarded, if it's his first time he'll cum in 30 seconds even if he's wearing a condom. Do you want those 30 seconds to turn into 10?

Condoms might not be bad for the first couple of times since you both probably suck. Why dont u save the raw sex until after you get some practice? There is a high chance since he has never felt the stimulation of a vagina before and the fact that he is probably nervous he will cum in like a minute. Thus, the desensitization from condoms will probably help him last longer. Some people are naturally good, but especially for guys sex takes training to get good at. I would say u guys should focus on breathing and relaxing ur pelivic muscles. It will help him last longer and it will help u not feel pain.

use a fucking condom

I don't care how I feel or how long he lasts, I just want whatever will make him feel the best.

Like I said above, it's not like he's going to know the difference.

Don't be dumb, use a condom.

This. OP is irrational and is part of the reason as to why the world is currently so full of STDs.

We're both virgins, how could either of us have a risk of STDs?

STDs can spread through oral sex. If either of you have had oral sex before, then there's a risk that you could pass on an STD.

And no, I don't care if you're convinced that he's never done anything with anyone else before, unless you were with him for 100% of his life, you don't know for sure that he's free of STDs.

You should get on daily birth control instead

Morning after pill makes you feel like shit for minimum two days, usually longer. Take regular birth control

I don't have insurance and thus can't afford this. So I guess condoms it is...

Just wait until you're married

just use condoms or get on birth control. those pills actually fuck you up a bit, vomiting and etc.

if he's insisting that you dont use condoms, he isnt ready to have sex.

Please don't use plan B, that shit fucked up my periods for half a year

Just download a period app to keep track of your cycle.
Wait for the infertile days and have sex on those.
It’s not that hard. I have been cumming inside my gf for years and nothing has happened. Just read about your “lady’s days” a little.
Usually you can have sex with cumming inside two or three days before the blood appears.

Hormones fuck you up long term. Get a copper IUD my dude, even safer than a condom.

No, it's not going to ruin the pleasure for him. Sure, male pleasure is a bit weaker with a condom, but it still feels great even with a condom, especially if you're not inactive during sex.

As others said, you should be careful not only of getting pregnant but also of possible sexually transmissible illnesses. But even more than that, you should take care of your own well-being. If you don't feel confident with the idea of letting him cum inside, then don't. Sex can be great even without that. Just don't force you of doing anything, that's the basic rule. For your first time, it's probably a bad idea to go to such lengths; go step by step at your own pace, and don't be alarmed if you suddenly wanna stop - that's your right, and with communication with him you can go through that.

[spoiler]But damn, do I wish my girlfriend was like you.[/spoiler]

Seriously DO NOT listen to that guy though Unless one of you is infertile, it is incredibly risky. Even with a condom you can get pregnant if you're unlucky. Even precum can make you pregnant. Seriously, don't ruin your life, be careful, use contraception.


Literally impossible. Girls are born with dicks in their pussies.

If his mom had an std, he could easily have it too.

STDs can even be inherit throug parents without even notice,I assume you're young,don't waste your health

>precum makes you pregnant