Why do I end up with toxic girls Jow Forums...

Why do I end up with toxic girls Jow Forums? I can see other people finding meaningful and fulfilling relationships with other while I get only hardcore crazies and skanks and get into soul destroying dramas leaving me bitter and angry. I get jealous f them but I cannot understand how they attract such normal girls.
For me either it is a girl that spent some time in mental ward, cheated on me few months before our wedding, or another girl from alcoholic family and with past suicide attempts I tried to date after. There was also this chick that is a nympho, was probably molested in past, and was cheating on her bf with me.

I'm jealous of my friend couples when I see them I feel like some retard or mentally handicapped.

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You’re either toxic as well which makes you attract toxic girls, or you’re fucking awful at picking up on obvious red flags. Ask your friends for guidance and see if they can hook you up with anyone.

Probably I am but not at the level of these chicks.
I have my own issues but I handle them well and keep them to myself like anyone else.

Even if I am, I need to know how do I fix myself then first. I don't try to be angry but I'm afraid I'll die alone and bitter not knowing where did I go wrong.

what i want to know is how do you get into those relationships? you make it sound like these crazy girls go on trees

I've beaten a boyfriend of the first one because he attacked her in my presence, the mental ward one. Then it started.

Nympho tried to hit on me in workplace after I broke up with the first one. I denied and then, because fuck you you have bf, she told everyone it was me first hitting on her. I decided to revenge fuck her and destroy her relationship for that. So I started dating this suicidal chick, she was 10/10 so she was good jealousy tool. Suicidal chick was so bad, damaged and toxic though that she gave me ED though, shit got hilarious (not). It worked though and I got to fuck the nympho from my work. Both chiks started fighting over me. All people from work knew I did fuck her, revenge was done. At that point my image of femalekind was something below human being. I dropped the suicidal one. I got to like the nympho as a good fucktoy but then she decided it would be fun to tell everyone about my occasional ED and fuck all of my friends.

I've decided it's time to stop.

Now I'm denying any advances from girls I get, I look at other people and see that there is certainly something wrong with me too. But I'm not sure what and how to fix it.

The girl on the right looks like she gets bred by Polish cock every day

Nigga look at all the shit you wrote. Look carefully at it. Do you really think you're a nice guy, a good person? Obviously not, which is why these women manage to sneak into your life. These shitty women approach you and you let them in because you don't have good standards and morals.

Yeah I see that, but how the fuck do I get standards and morlas?

Now I'm sad, bitter and moral, great.

I'm afraid it will start all over again since I'm already getting bored and frustrated, but at the other hand I want to recreate what others are capable of and I'm not, which is having a healthy partner.

You can just say "the one on the left is better".

The fuck you smoking, the one one the right clearly is way sexier than the left one

Just look at her toned legs which the left one lacks

I like the right one too. The look on her face.

Get into religion maybe. You don't have to participate in it or believe in their god, but you can see what kind of values and morals they support. For example I think Buddhism tells you not to engage in self-destructive behavior. It's good advice even if you don't believe in the religion itself.

If you don't like that, try spending time around or looking at genuinely good people. See what they do, how they act, and try to imitate it. If you think your friends are the ideal you're striving for, try to act and think like them. Ask them for advice when you meet a girl, and look for girls who act like your friends.

I'm from Catholic family, quite ironic.
The friends stuff advice is nice though I'm already doing that. Let's hope for the best.

Terrible advice right here. In order to become a good person you must actually become a good person. Acting like a good person wont work because people will just see you are faking it. If you are going to follow a religion then actually go through with it, otherwise people will see through your facade.

Grass is always greener.

Most sane people don't argue in public or go telling their friends that they are in an unhappy relationship and want to break up. I can usually tell when a couple are less than a year away from breaking up but it's at those times that they pretend to be really happy in public and they are even more intimate and horny. It doesn't change that their lives are shit and just don't know what to do.

You sound like a piece of shit, and unstable upstairs at the same time. Damn, man.

How can you tell?

Sometimes I wonder what kind of life people that spend their giving advice on Jow Forums actually live

I only post something like 8 times a month. I don't know if I'm a prime example.

Usually they low key talk behind their partners back that they just want them to change a bit. Also, they compare themselves a lot to other shittier relationships and comment how long they've been together when no one asked.

So what, you're just going to magically become good overnight? I'm talking about seeing what good people do and recognizing that it's a good thing. You don't just mindlessly copy their behavior without thinking, don't be retarded.
I'm not telling OP to pretend to be religious. I'm assuming he already isn't religious, but he can still study religion, recognize its good points, and apply them to his own life.
If you have no morals or values you need to have an example from which you can learn off.