Starting college in a couple of months, how do I not repeat the same mistakes I made in high school...

Starting college in a couple of months, how do I not repeat the same mistakes I made in high school, how do I actually get good friends and a girlfriend I never had before.
I wasted all of my high school, only in the last year have I bettered myself but it's too late.
Are my chances at getting a girlfriend like everyone else's or am I in a tougher situation because I was never in a relationship before?

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You can't. You're too shy, too scared, you'll never initiate a conversation with anyone, and you'll never respond to people who initiate conversations with you well enough to become friends. Just fap and be depressed like a good boy.

I've actually gotten better at it and talked to ~5 girls who I didn't know before in 2019, all were in school, some I initiated contact with some they did.


It's a lot easier to meet a lot of different women in university and if you are living alone it helps. When nobody knows each other people will often go out together and if you pay attention after lessons you can just join them without much fuss. Since everyone is interested but completely ignorant about whatever they are studying that's an easy topic of conversation to explore so talking will be pretty natural.

Nothing is certain but people in cvollege are a lot more open to any kind of relationship so you have a decent chance of hitting it off with somebody. Just make an effort to hang out with the people you meet that you don't hate and you'll have a good time.

Getting together with people for a project/group study/essay research is a good excuse to hang out with people you don't know as well and it's a responsible way of using your time.

Do you think dating and finding a partner is easier in college than in High School? I'm afraid I'm starting of without any experience unlike others.

It's easier. There are plenty of women you'll meet in college who are put off by the knowledge that a guy has had several failed relationships or flings.

At 18 you are still super young and regardless of what people tell you a lot of women are also very inexperienced at that age.

Seriously, dont think about it as "finding a partner". Focus on meeting a lot of different people from different places. If you go in searching for a partner it will create a bad vibe that will push women away.

Also, believe it or not all men lie about how much action they've had with women and by the time they reach college I can guarantee that no less than 90% of guys have no experience with women so if you think you have stiff competition, guess again.

Having a drive to be better and actually working hard at anything is a good attractive quality and I think you should treasure that and keep growing.

I'm not of the mentality that I'm just looking and searching for a partner and that's good I guess. But I always end up failing when it comes to taking the next step, I never make it past the friends level, and it's not even me getting friendzoned it's me not knowing what to do and how to proceed while still staying true to myself and being me.

Bumping last time.

No answers huh

If you make getting a girlfriend your top goal you have already failed.

Well it hasn't been one for the past 18 years and I failed.

Loving yourself isn't selfish at all.It's really about knowing your value and your worth as a woman/man and we should never apologize for having high standards in love,because the right man/woman or the man/woman who really wants to be in your life will rise up to meets those standards.

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And about your highschool "mistakes" it's not a mistake at all. You consider it as a lesson and start again.While your'e still alive,there's a hope and chances waiting for you.But never a promise.Do your best.

I don't have many reasons to love myself, I'm indifferent about me.
But I don't want to repeat those lessons, I've made many mistakes and I've learned from the but it still feels like I'd do the same thing again.

Try to think why you still alive,and why you "starting" "college" you post. It means,new chances and opportunities are waiting for you.Hehi.

That's what I'm thinking about.
It's a whole new world, it's restarting everything, I can't let this chance pass by.

Okay then do your best and never regret what you made of. Either it is "mistake" you called.Charge it as a lesson and stepping stones in victory.

But I don't have infinite lives to repeat everything until I just get it right, I think college is my last change.

Yah,your'e right that you dont have infinite lives so live and learn,and be happy rather than whining there for your "mistakes"

But I want to make most of my life and not just settle for less.