Is it true that women can't be loyal to their SO's? I'd really like to believe otherwise

Is it true that women can't be loyal to their SO's? I'd really like to believe otherwise.

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They're all whores

It’s really true. Imagine if you had a lot of money. You probably spend it less wisely because you have more.

Women aren’t as careful with their relationships because they can easily get more.

You're on a website predominantly filled with racist, woman-hating sexist virgins asking if women cheat. think for a second how credible the answers you will receive are.

Assuming this isn't a bait, which we all know it is (hahaha you got us, dude), no it is not true. My woman is loyal as fuck. A lot of people just to date shitty people. And then complain about the consequences and over generalize it to all women/people to feel better about themselves.

>You're on a website predominantly filled with racist, woman-hating sexist virgins asking if women cheat.
Why is this your paradigm?

Maybe you’re just on a website where people can speak their true minds without fear of retaliation?

scary thought.

But frugal rich people still exist. Do loyal women exist?

That doesn't seem right.

>Assuming this isn't a bait, which we all know it is
It's not bait, I'm genuinely concerned. I also don't know where to look for answers, which is why I'm here.

You realize what you said doesn't contradict that.

If it's not bait you're just retarded. Do you really think there aren't loyal women in the whole world? Do you think every single women in a serious relationship has cheated at some point?
Don't say retarded shit.

In reality love is just a business transaction. Everyone is weighing the pros and cons of their offers and choosing the best offer. Realistically, if a much better offer comes along and there aren't any kids to tie her down, she's gonna take it. This goes for men too.

I don't think women can overcome their environment. So if the situation presents itself to her, where temptation is high, she will always collapse to it.

Women who were able to resist their desires, didn't survive evolution.

I also think the Jews have it right: Women ate the forbidden fruit.

Women, and to a lesser extent men, are only as loyal as their options. This is true for sex and other areas of life as well.

If you want a loyal woman then your value has to be 10000x hers. This is only possible if you're a celebrity and fuck a homely average girl, or if you get to the gate levels of bodybuiliding and then fuck a fat 3 out of 10.

Anything 7 and up you'll never get loyalty. The closest thing you'll get to loyalty from a hot girl is if you move to Saudi Arabia and chain some bitches in your basement

Otherwise good luck

I was with my ex fiancé for 4 years, I never once cheated or gave him any reason not to trust me.

We spent all our free time together. Things only ended because we grew distant after we lost a child.

We’re good friends now, no meme

Ugh I literally cant even.

Just delete this.

I think everyone is liable to cheat given the opportunity. The belief that people find their one true love is jevenile when people will probably only talk to a few thousand people in their life. Men will still jerk off to porn and women will still fawn over celebrities in a relationship while they subconsciously know that they have just settled for the best they could get.

An attractive woman comes along and a man cheats.
A wealthy and powerful man comes along and a woman cheats.

Not everybody cheats though. The guilt, social pressure and risks associated with cheating are why people don't.

The moment you use a tripcode, people retaliate against you like you open the gates of hell.

This user is 100% right. People just say what's always been there.

Donate to the EFF and always support privacy and anonymity.

I've been together with my husband for 13 years and I've haven't cheated or had any desire to cheat. The worst I'd say I've ever done is look at someone and thought they were attractive, but that's about it.

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No, that's not true, but obviously you knew that.

You're getting at a very common fear which goes something like:

>women cheat because they're dissatisfied with their men
>when they cheat, they cheat on them with men better than their current men
>i am not the best man, so there are plenty of better men for my woman to cheat on me with
>it's very easy for a woman to cheat
>a pretty big number of women cheat (varies depending on who you ask, but it's about the same number as cheating men)
>if a woman cheated on me, it'd hurt
>i don't want to date a woman that'd cheat on me
>how can i ensure that nobody ever cheats on me?

This fear is in no way unreasonable. Women feel too it too. It's powerful and ubiquitous, because you can't ever stop a partner from cheating.

It really fucking sucks, but you can't. Efforts to prevent a person from cheating are all made in vain:
>if you wrongfully interrogate/accuse, you'll piss them off
>if you seem insecure, they'll find you less desirable
>your paranoia will leave you wishing you were single but afraid that she'll move on, spoiling the relationship

Don't let this fear consume your fucking life. It'll ruin your relationship and bleed into everything else too. Try to find solace in two things:


Like men, women are looking for partners that are "good enough." You are almost certainly good enough for somebody in your life right now, and if you're dating somebody, pat yourself on the back, because she finds you good enough. Realize, however, that a woman' s expectations change as a relationship matures, and you've got to be prepared to change with them. If you're on top of your game and you're always improving, she's probably not going to cheat: why risk ruining a good thing? If she does, then you're already ready to jump back into the dating pool with confidence.


You're always free to leave. You're not some helpless cuck. Don't tolerate bullshit and relish in knowing that you are desirable.

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This user is so fking pure got damn

Worth mentioning that this is beyond any given person's control.

For your whole life before entering a relationship, you find other people attractive. You can't silence that aspect of yourself, even if it'd be convenient for your relationship.

Never cheated, personally. Got cheated on by men, but I've always been loyal.
I've been with my boyfriend for a couple of years and I can't even look at porn.

Men are far more likely to cheat, in my experience and also statistically speaking.

>For your whole life before entering a relationship, you find other people attractive. You can't silence that aspect of yourself, even if it'd be convenient for your relationship.
I think more people need to be more secure and accept that you're going to see attractive people. A lot of my female coworkers get flustered when they catch their boyfriends/husbands glancing at a pretty girl, but don't realize they themselves do the same with an attractive man.

Sex, while important, is just one element of a relationship. I can imagine having sex with someone I don't love, and I honestly can imagine loving someone as much as I love my husband.

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Men cheat less than women until the age of 30.

The difference is a whooping 1%. Men and women cheat pretty much the same in that age range, and then men cheat twice as much.

Because a woman's looks are all dried up by the age of 30

I really believe that the object of one's romantic affection is pretty arbitrary in the end. No matter who you end up with, you'll pretty much encounter the same stuff in your relationship. Loving a particular person is a lot like loving anybody else, but that doesn't mean that your relationship with that person should be taken lightly. It's special, because even though you could've had it with anybody else, you didn't.

One percent is a lot more women. And men actually have to balls to admit cheating, whereas women are much more likely not to, especially after 30 for pretty obvious reasons.
Stay mad tho.

Yeah, and even when they're very capable of cheating they don't do it much because they're less prone to.
Men, on the other hand, cheat tons.

No, it's not. It's maybe 10 or 20 women in a pretty big pool (1k or 2k), which I doubt was even the case.
And it's an anonymous survey. No reason to be scared to admit it.

Women are also statistically likely to lie twice as much as men. Why would women, who are known for being huge liars, want to make their gender look bad by being honest on an anonymous survey?

There's really no strong data that suggests that women lie twice as much, there's data that shows men do it twice as much and data that women do it twice as much.

How do I know you're not lying about the data out there? You're a woman after all.

user I can’t know for sure. Even if they haven’t cheated, they must have really considered it at some point. I don’t know, but I’m genuinely confused.

I wish everyone was like you two.

Thank you, user. I’ll probably read this again tomorrow. Although I’ve heard horror stories about married women losing interest and ruining people.

It’s not about attraction, it’s about acting on it.

You’re a great person, user.

They'll speak their minds by pretending to be girls and saying that they will want Big Black Chad cock but only if they're 6'3 and loaded to fuel your anxieties.

meanwhile actual women will probably date and stick with people that don't ask retarded questions like "are females loyal?"

it's obviously not true, they absolutely can be
It is also true, that it's a lot easier for both, men and women, to not stay faithful in this day and age, but that is not a female problem, it is a problem of our times

What I'm getting from these is that everyone is shitty, not just women. As in, a significant percentage of all humans will cheat on their partners when presented with the chance. Am I seeing it right now?

>meanwhile actual women will probably date and stick with people that don't ask retarded questions like "are females loyal?"
Hey man, I have issues but at least I'm trying to fix them.

>it is a problem of our times
I kind of see your point, user.

So, are my chances of getting cheated on really as high as I think?

>Am I seeing it right now?
Yeah. It's not the majority, not even a major minority. It's a 10% for younger people and a little higher for older ones.

So places like r/incel are just echo chambers?

How long did it take you to notice

Hey OP, it's the rainy days user. Yeah, divorce can devastate a person's life, especially the man's, but it doesn't have to. Don't try to make yourself immune to cheating, because you can't. The best defense to your fears is to make yourself resilient to its aftermath. Be the best person that you can possibly be. Work hard,be kind, and achieve your goals, and nobody will be able to ruin your life. It also has the added bonus of (probably) making her respect you and your relationship. You'd feel the same way, no? There's no reason to cheat on a successful person that you love.

I had the same fears after i started dating my girlfriend (my first ever) about a year ago (I'm 24). They're gone now, because I thought about what I wrote here until its truth crystallized in my mind. I seriously wish you all the best man.

Nobody should have to suffer this way.



Yes. There are none.

Very. I believe there's some truth to everything, as retarded as that might sound.

I'll try my best, user. Thank you. There's just so much that bothers me and I was hoping I could sort out some of it first.

keep in mind that people who didn't get cheated on usually don't make threads about that
so even if, although I doubt it, all the threads you keep seeing are true, there usually isn't much of a reason for a happy person to complain

I'm gonna hit you with the simple truth.

Cheating isn't about emotions. Emotions start a relationship but dedication and loyalty keep it going.

Also known as not being a dick.

If a woman cheats, she's a dick.

Now let's look at people in general. It's a known fact that a huge amount of people in the world are dicks. This, of course, applies to women as well.

So there you have it. Many of them will not be loyal, but some of them will. The same applies for men.

Also keep in mind that most people who cheat don't get caught or tell the truth.

That does make a lot of sense.


Okay, I guess that makes sense.
Do both genders also fall out of love easily too or is that just women?

That's more a per-person thing. There's prolly some percentile difference but it isn't huge or we'd know by now.

>The moment you use a tripcode, people retaliate against you like you open the gates of hell.

Why do you use a tripcode on an anonymous website?

Yeah man, literally all women are whorse they're unable to be faithful to men. That's why I'm gay and I have sex with men. That's the ultimate red pill. Take that [email protected]

-I want to have identity in threads
-I was inspired by LH, how he was a beacon of light in this dark, dark place

Since I started, it came with a few bonuses, so I'll add:
-It's helped me deal with some old issues in my life
-It's increased, greatly, my level of accountability. I always have to post my best, I can't be lazy (or the trolls will eat me!)

also I'm still anonymous.

If you doubt that, then tell me my name ;)

>I always have to post my best
This is your best? Really?

Okay, in your opinion, who's more likely to fall out of love? Sorry for pestering you, it's just helping me sort myself out.

Yes it's true, it's called female hypergamy. They WILL upgrade mates if they can - women who didn't died out historically and didn't pass on their loyal genes

If Chad comes along and makes her feel special, but most importantly gives her vagina tingles, you're done for, sorry.

It's about as true as all men being useless poon hounds who only want a younger version of their mother who they can fuck and feed them afterward.

no this is my best!

*sticks tongue out and crosses eyes*

nyaaaahhhhhh xDDDD

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>Is it true that women can't be loyal to their SO's?

just look at nature females have no loyalty and will side with the new alpha. also monogamy is very rare in nature.

Of course not lol, don't listen to the incel propaganda. Don't treat your gf like shit and she probably won't cheat on you, unless you accidentally got a shitty partner.

This is not true, you haven't read enough atomic blackpills

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Monogamy is rare in nature because for most species polygamy results in more new adults. Humans have monogamy because our offspring require the effort of both parents over multiple years to raise. Birds also have monogamy because their young are helpless. Your reasoning is totally illogical, it's like saying humans don't really have spines because most animals are invertebrates. Also ~dominant~ alpha males don't exist, and even in wolves the alphas are just the parents of the pack. Stop bending nature to suit your ideology.

>unless you accidentally got a shitty partner
Wow, it's almost like some terrible cheating women mean every woman is a ticking time bomb. What happened to that guy fucking sucks and Lexi is garbage, but they started their relationship at a young age, had no relief for sexual tension, then she goes away and has this entirely new environment at a time when people naturally begin to grow apart and seek new experiences. I served my time on Jow Forums, believe me, then I broke into the real world and grew up and realized it's not as pessimistic as the incels would have you believe. Not everyone is a traitor and I hope you can trust again someday. For every Lexi there's an adult couple who started dating as teens and are still going strong. Don't only look at the bad.

Ask your mother

Imagine building your life entirely around shit you collect from r9k

>oh jeez why would anyone think that I'm an attention whore why do people constantly bother and single me out

If you want to post with a funny username, unironically go to reddit or any other website or forum that has you register a funny user name.

There's a reason, several actually, why 99.99% of people post anonymously on this anonymous website.

I don't buy it when humans have functions that indicate a very promiscuous environment like sperm completion.

>*sperm competition


the paradigm of heterosexuality is that being a man requires constantly trying to be good enough for a woman. some people do it by pretending, some people don't realize they're doing it and just love someone that much, and some people can't do it.

so, are women disloyal? not anymore than men. But when women leave a man or cheat on him it's usually pretty deep, which is why its hard to ignore. it's usually about status, or money, or self fulfillment, or about feeling better about themselves, or escaping an unhappy rhythm.

when men cheat it's usually physical or sexual and simple.

facts: women are more afraid of emotional cheating than physical cheating. men are the opposite. consider it biologically, i.e., women are scared of not being provided for; men are scared of being cuckolded.

no, women are not disloyal. people are. young people are. people in marriages are. its life. all you can do is your best, make choices for yourself, and do your best to be enough for somebody else.

>no, women are not disloyal. people are
I'm not

Fuck, this sent me down another Red Pill rabbithole.

I'd really like to think this is true. It's the conclusion I've reached so far.

My mother has unironically told me 'most girls are shitty'.

Good for you, user.