How do i get asian,black,latina girlfriend...

How do i get asian,black,latina girlfriend? I had many unfortunate relationships with white women and i think it's time to move to the better, more gentle races. What is your secret gentlemens?

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I married a white woman and she is the ideal wife. Butchered a duck and cooked it for me today, I think upbringing is more important than race. Any race will have whores and pure maidens. Good luck on your love quest.

Good try roasty.

Oh sorry, as for what my secret is... It really comes down to luck and I can't say I have any to share. I met mine playing vidya and we connected on common interests for about a year before we both decided to meet up irl and then before I knew it we were living together. Try to find someone you share a lot in common with. I hear church is a good place to find unicorns, but I personally can not vouch for it.

I mean, if that makes you feel more secure in your narrow minded views more power to ya.

It does. Now go away white girl.

Good luck. All I am trying to say is you limit yourself by cutting out entire races. I can understand sexual preferences for sure, but the notion all females of x race is y is not going to do you any real favors and hurt you more than help you find an ideal mate.

No it's literally only white women. No other women are this arrogant and stupid. My friend married Asian woman and she is the sweeties girl i have ever met. I wish for this feel indeed.

>No it's literally only white women.
But that is completely untrue. I agree, a lot of white women are fucked up but this is just a lie you tell yourself because you have had bad luck. I have dated asians and they were not like Jow Forums memes make them out to be. The difference is I don't take my bad experiences and say "All asians are gold digging whores" just because I had that personal experience myself. Its just not a productive or healthy thought process.

>a lot of white women are fucked up

All of them are. They no longer want to continue this civilization so i have to find women of different races who care at least little bit. Im forced to do this. I wish i could find white woman who is at least little normal and not arrogant whore. But im unable to. It's time for change. If they want our civilization to fall so be it but me as a white man i have duty to continue my bloodline even if i will have to put my seed into foreign gene pool. White women dont realize anything. The technology around us and how many cruel wars our ancestors had to fight to get to this point of history. They dont realize even a signle thing. All they want to do is to fuck blacks and brown use drugs and act all arrogant while supporting left leaning policies such as open borders for every goblin from void. Im tired of them i really am. There is nothing they can win me over anymore. Im sick and tired. It pains me that my child wont look like me but this is the price im willing to pay.

But statistically speaking white women vote more conservative than other races, date and marry inside their race more often than other races so your argument isn't even based on reality. Just memes.

>white women vote more conservative than other races

False. They are predominantly left leaning.

All women are. In fact, Latino, asian and black women vote left leaning more than white women do.

False. Older white women from 40 to XY age voted conservative party. Women from 18 to 40 went all blue.

Its still true. White women, even the younger generation of them, are less left leaning than women of other races.

Nope. false

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Now show me one like this with asian latino and black races. Notice how other races is not divided into age and education.

Wait, does this not prove my point actually? Or perhaps you misunderstood my point is that 18-40 yo white women vote more conservative than 18-40yo black, latino and asian women?

I understood it. What i mean that there were 50% of white young women who betrayed their own race. Far higher number than white males. Of course asian, black and latino will vote for left leaning policies when predominantly left leaning media told them that Donald Trump is going to slaugher them or throw them out of country or any other bullshit they made up. But white women were safe. They sold us betrayed us and want us dead.

But that isnt even close to being all white women. Your own chart proves 45% voted trump. And the media wasn't telling white women they were safe, they made it sound like trump would send ALL women into the rape camps to get their pussy grabbed.

45% is too low. If it was at least 70% i would still keep at least little hope.

I agree it is shitty so many do this, but your original point was ALL white women want to betray us when that isn't true at all. If we use your logic, the other races want us erased more than the white women according to their turnout. And you only make excuses for the others for getting tricked by fear mongering but don't offer this to your own race who were statistically tricked far less. You just don't make any sense my dude.

>And you only make excuses for the others for getting tricked by fear mongering but don't offer this to your own race who were statistically tricked far less

They wanted to demonize whites. The left want all of us whites dead and white women are helping them. They dont even realize it.

You are helping them too. If you care about the existence of your people you wouldn't give up so quickly and breed your white genes out. In fact, you are doing it fully understanding what would happen so you are worse than an ignorant white women.

As i said im forced to do this. There is no white woman who wants to have children. They all care about getting fucked by minorities and drugs. As a bonus they are extremly stupid and arrogant. I no longer have energy to discuss or fight with them. I just want to save myself and my future generation even if they wont be fully white.

Sorry vut this bait and spam.
This person has uploaded similar threads with the same common theme and replies to everyone with the exact same generic comments. It isn't productive. They don't want advice. They want to troll.

Please report, sage, and at best don't reply at all. If you need anymore evidence I'll predict their reply

"shut roasty. all white women are whores"

Just wait and see. So report these r9k troll bait threads thanks.

You're a faggot retard if you honestly think race is a factor beyond:
>Fuck off
>Fuck off, nigga
>Fuck off, puto
>Fuck off, whitu piggu
All women are the same, swapping races won't change the fact you're a beta incel doing PSYOPs for the big guys upstairs. (For FREE)

>So report these r9k troll bait threads thanks.

Not bait. I want genuine advice. The conversation is just more profane and political than you are used to.

>As i said im forced to do this.
You are not. You are making this choice no one forces you to. If you find a good wife of another race that is fine, but don't pretend you care about the preservation of whites when you are going out of your way to race mix.

And of course there are white women who want children who aren't whores. It sucks you have yet to meet any. At least I made it.

>And of course there are white women who want children who aren't whores

there are none. I tried belive me. Im even willing to be so daring to say white women on this board arent like you are describing and are exactly like i am saying they are.

You want my advice? Take a GOOD, HARD LOOK at your life right now. You're either
>A genuinely salty incel (whether hapa/gook mutt or pathetic white pussy)
>A troll
>A retard who thinks he'll change the zeitgeist on Jow Forums cause some raidfags got uppity and he wants in on the fun (switching from 'fuck white men' to 'fuck white women')
It's not looking good for you.

None of those. Im just tired man who had enought.

Time for the Smith & Wesson retirement plan.

But user, I married a qt virgin white woman who wants to be a mother. So clearly you are incorrect. Is it harder to accomplish? Yes. There is a reason we refer to these kinds of women as unicorns. But to pretend they are ALL like you believe them to be? Ridiculous.

If you care about your race being preserved you wouldn't give up because half of them are liberal, especially when women of other races are far more liberal. You really do come off as a troll but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

>If you care about your race being preserved you wouldn't give up because half of them are liberal, especially when women of other races are far more liberal.

As i said i no longer care. Because im forced to do this.

>i am tired of liberal white whamen
>so i will date liberal whamen of color instead
The ride will never end for you.

>Be emotional overly dramatic homosexual anonymously
>Waahhh why do wahmen hate me :(((


they betrayed us i will betray them back. It's revenge but with good ending where they are forced to marry hordes of blacks and browns skins and have mutt kids which they will hate. They wanted this after all.

Yeah you are probably right. Decent women avoid faggots. Enjoy your liberal niggress.

Misspelling women-mind
Its official, OP is a faggot

>Enjoy your liberal niggress

I will sir.

Two wrongs don't make a right. You are just worse than them if anything.

Yes exactly i have to be worse than them to win. That's how it works.

Who are you kidding? You are incapable of enjoyment. Joy is not a factor in your defeatist life.

Indeed. I dont seek enjoyment like white women do. I want my revenge. My revenge will be to ignore them and go for girl of another race.

Now you're king of the mountain, but it's all garbage!

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Yeah, you gotta be a dumb white women. You clearly don't understand that privileged western women are just not worth it anymore. They severely overvalue themselves in society and take far more than they give, and are generally the inferior race/nationality in most instances. I've dated a few women and find that white women are the worst of the bunch.


Didn't need wahmen mind to prove this. His OP did this just fine. Even if he is trolling, pretending to be retarded still makes you retarded.

shitty men are doomed to be stuck with shitty women. focussing on race will not save you from your fate op.

incel detected

the fuck

First no matter how dumb you are you need to look yoself like some man, out some meat on yo bone.
Then you go out there and strut you shit like some horny ass rooster, some might like yo ass, most already got their holes corked, some might even want to murder yo dumb creepy pasty ass, still you keep strutting and showing you cracka ass all over and some bitch will be cray enough to date you sad son of a bitch ass.

Hi op. You are doomed to date whores because you are pathetic and no decent wahman of any race would ever date you. My advice for you is to kys.

I'm not op you loser virgin and MAYBE if you learned how to treat women with respect you MIGHT get laid but probably not

>bad people are stuck with bad people, its not always about race
that sounds like the least incel take ive ever heard

hi samefag virgin

If op wasn't a pos he wouldn't be stuck with whore roulette like he is. Its very simple. If you are a good man, you will naturally avoid whores out of intuition and good women being naturally drawn to you.

Hi op. Sorry you are stuck with whores. A terrible fate, but one you orchestrated for yourself by being a shitty person.

sperg all you want incel but it won't help you get laid

That is a very logical conclusion, an incel would say

Projection doesn't help you op. I would suggest taking a look at your rotten personality. That is the only advice that will help you find good whamen

who hurt you incel?

No one is hurt except you op. Its why you made this thread after all.

I'm not the op, take your meds you fucking schizo sperg sexless loser

Are you sure? You're a huge faggot so I am not convinced.

I don't give a shit what you're convinced of incel loser

Yep. Its op.

so fucking retarded


Thank you white women in this thread to prove OP right on so many levels. Never dating you again. Enjoy blacks and hispanics.

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Did you draw that OP?


t. very white boomer whose experience with rap can be summed up with the trailer for an 8 mile clone

Wow its really good.

Thanks. Asian girls are really the future. White women cant even compete.

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There are 3 500 000 000 fucking girls in this planet.
Go outside and use 30 min daily to cold approach 20 people a day and you will have better sex life that any Roman emperor, Genghis Khan in history or most rockstars and multi-millionaires in the 19th century. Go out there and outfuck Cassanova in less than years (just 120 women).

In 2019 I have already fucked more women than 99% men will fuck in their whole lifes. And everybody can do the same in the excact moment they truly want it and decide to so it, instead of living this meaningless life of weak victimhood, envy, aphaty shitty mentality.

Fuck your looks. Fuck money. Fuck status. Fuck height. Fuck even confidence. Fuck your every fucking excuse. You can feel like total shit and still get laid, because women are even hornier than us.

There is massive abundance out there and you can have +100 hot sex partners this year if you can truely drop your fucking excuses, you little bitch. Start to live. Now or never.

>more gentle races
Whites are as gentle as you’ll get.

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you are 100% right OP, don't even bother with these fucking retarded normies that make excuses for women
but you seriously don't want a latina or black gf
go for asian, you just need to make sure you are more masculine than the average asian man
if meeting them normally fails you can always try sex tourism

She looks more like an latina then Asian user

I've seen the original version - it's about Italian women. Note the spaghetti and wine on the table.