Been dating for 2 years. Bf is successful at everything he does, overall very intelligent, wise...

Been dating for 2 years. Bf is successful at everything he does, overall very intelligent, wise, finds solution of everything.Sort of handsome(my type), same type sarcastic humor as me. Earns good, knows how to take care of himself, sex is good, we game together, like cats together. Seems perfect partner. Not a robot. Not a normal fag. Only flaws - stubborn, dominating(not in abusive way), sometimes too edgy.

Now for the past year he started getting weird stuff in his head.
it started from the need to get as healthy as possible(at the same time taking SARMS). To him healthy is possible goes to extremes. He suggested he would take enema with coffee. I just thought he was joking at first, tldr - he got mad for me not instantly supporting this idea.
Fast forward to today. My biggest fear is that he is slowly losing it. He questions everything now. He does things like ketogenic diet(which is fine, I can understand, support). Then he starts talking how he isn't sure that earth is round anymore, how everyone is photoshopping pictures, and NASA IS ONTO US, and celebrities might be eating children.
It is scaring me. It feels like a thin line. As I said, he is very stubborn and admitted numerous times that he doesn't believe what he reads in mainstream media, so instead he just invents something in his mind and its somehow becomes FACTS AND TRUTH.
I am either not smart enough to argue with this state or its like fighting wind mills.
I need advice, anything. How I should react.
Everything I say to him is unheard because according to him I am closed minded person. I am not. I like theories and all, but I will not question things like this. A conspiracy that would require nearly perfect level of secret keeping.

I am losing faith in him. I love him and don't want him to go insane. This is fishy. Something is not right. Help me anons, what would you do in this situation?

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He needs help. Something is wrong with his brain. But as to how to get him into therapy? Difficult.

He doesn't believe in doctors. Depression. Mental illnesses. To him that is just excuses or whatever. I might be a little off about what he really means, but this is generally it.
No way I would get him there.

And sorry, forgot to mention.
His opinion about vaccines are also off.
I know he would vaccinate only because we live in city, but I am scared he is just saying that to bear him offspring.

Whatever he has can probably be cured. But he's not going to go to therapy willingly. Hopefully someone with experience in this can chime in.

I Just can't believe this is happening, this is some joke seriously.
I hope too that someone has some idea where to turn.

This is very therapy worthy but he won't go. He probably does not see that irony of his present self.

One of those topics where I have no idea how Op should even feel like. Why can’t you ask normal things lol

Sounds like he's developing some latent schizophrenia, read up on it.

I will when I recover from the anxiety I just felt by reading your suggestion. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Its all bullshit if you love him be beside him

Danielle is that you?

Mate. I have a job and earn enough for myself. I am happy by finding a partner, who is capable of taking care of himself and is not a toddler.
Now I am asking serious opinions of people, but if you insist hitting me with this incel shit or are a low shit earning fast food joint fag, feel free to be furthermore ignored while
autisticlly expressing your verbal migraine.

No, but this is kind of sad that now you know two people with a similar problem.

I dont have to work anymore at 25

I was being serious. How do you look down upon "fast food fags" and still work? You should leave him so he can find someone better than you.

OP i am not joking here, this isnt intended as a shitpost.

He might qctually have a psychological condition or even sth more serious like brain tumour. Such profound personality changes are usually caused by such conditions. Try to make him see a neurological.

Get him help, fast!

Neurologist *

It's an overall scary concept, I am reading about latent schizophrenia signs and I don't know how to politely ask him about it. I asked him about hallucinations and about having his thoughts in order but scared to cause suspicion that I think he is nuts.
Don't want to make him scared.

I will try to research more on things and signs, you, user, hit me very seriously with this.



>Not a robot. Not a normal fag.

I swear to god, society is becoming more and more retarded as the years go on. Why on God's crappy project are people starting to align themselves with Jow Forums's view on life?

Ech. I am sorry for trying to explain in a language a typical Jow Forums user would understand what I mean without writing paragraphs about it.
But you could have figured this one all by yourself, to be honest with it :)

Try to reach out to his family discreetly as well. Both schizophrenia and brain tumours can be hereditary, so if an uncle or grandfather had a similar condition it is a red flag.

Tell him to stop going to Jow Forums

He doesn't, as far as I know. Instead watches shit loads of youtube videos about extreme people
He said no, but then again he does not say enough information at times.

Try to relax as much as possibro it will be ok

Thank you for support, I hope the same.

Does your nigga come on this board? that could explain a lot

I don't know, I don't look at his stuff without his permission or ask too much about what he does - its rude :)

OP RELAX. He is only a man with a curious mind and thinks there is more to life than the truths being forced on us. He’s just exploring it’s all good. Don’t ruin it for yall

First, worrying will fix nothing.
Second, this sounds exactly like a developing psychotic disorder. Especially if he is around 24 or so.
If you can't get him to see a therapist, or a shrink, I don't think there's much you can do for him. Get him to quit any substance abuse including alcohol and weed. Minimize stress. Then try to get him a therapist again.
You should then start thinking about yourself. Contact an organisation like NAMI, they'll inform you in greater depth than I probably could. It could be a one-time thing that'll go away with some medicine and therapy, it could be an episodic recurring thing, or it could be permanent illness that won't be easy but won't always be too bad.
If it comes to worst, you may have to make a hard choice and move on. I've been diagnosed with schizoaffective some years ago and I'm pretty much perfectly fine now, but I wouldn't want to waste someone else's life if I weren't.

Girl yo nigga is going mad peep this shit

he is closing to 30 y.
I cause him stress too, so I feel guilty now for being a bad gf.

he doesn't abuse any substance, he likes alcohol in moderate doses, thats it. Not even sugar can touch his mouth too often, cuz he thinks its very unhealthy.
Its just so bold to think he has mental issues, he is too high functioning.
But it is an option, maybe its very early stage. I know he would be sad to even consider I think that.

Not sure if I expressed moderate in the right way, sorry for my english.
he doesn't abuse anything except lifting.

FWIW you couldn't possibly put enough stress on him to be a serious factor. Don't blame yourself for genetics and bad luck.
At this point your best shot would be a serious talk. If you can't get him to see a therapist, at least to get whatever is on his mind off his chest as a first step.
Any diagnosis from a shrink isn't terminal illness; nearly anyone would be diagnosed with something these days. He might even retain his function. Anyway, I wish you guys the best.

Sometimes being smart drives you insane

Maybe you should try to know why he believes in this things. If it's because a book, or website that he reads, or something like this, try to understand his logic. If it's all pure and irracional crazyness, then I think you should seek professional help

No it doesn't, brainlet.

Inb4 Howard Hughes
That dude literally took a huge blow to the head in a plane crash

It sounds like he's increasingly not-so-high functioning.

Seek help. Tell him you care about him, but that you've noticed him making destructive changes to his lifestyle and behavior. Tell him you're worried he can't see what he's doing to himself and you'd like him to see a professional.

Build a Foucault Pendulum. Prove to him that the world is round.

If he's so much more intelligent than you, maybe you should consider his views with an open mind. It's more likely that he's right and you're the insane one.

That could be considered if OP didn't mention him suggesting that earth is flat. It takes just an hour at max of thinking after dropping all assumptions to come to the conclusion that the idea is simply invalid - assuming he is actually above average IQ wise. Processing the subject within his own consciousness shouldn't take long enough to ever mention it aloud to someone else.

Kek. Dude took a redpill overdose and went insane.

Why are spherecucks so intolerant to new ideas?

Look up how to save people from cults and apply whatever you can. He may not be in a cult but he is in a similar psychological state.

Also, do your best to reason with him and show him through logic and evidence why he is wrong.

Fuckin globeheads

isn't there a chance that this is who he always was and you're only now finding out/he's only now showing it?
maybe it was in there from the get go, just wrapped up in all this utilitarian perfection you are so happy with
that long lists sounds like it could've just as well be built by a psycho, just so he could fit in y'know

did you try talking?

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you mean utopian

I went through a phase like that for about a year, then I got over it full circle.

I think for me, the biggest realization was: Understand that the world isn't perfect, but you're not in a position of power to fix it. No matter which way you cut it, the best solution always boils down to working on your own life and relationships, not politics.

The other half was to stop being afraid of being tainted. Like if you read a false story in the media or something, it's not the end of the world. Your security should come from your moral code, not from a stable environment. That way, if your morals at on-point, then you can embrace anything in the world around you without fear.

I think the best thing you can do it tell him he's right, he's not crazy, but he needs to let go and enjoy life more. Play with his ideas by asking "So what is the best solution?" And eventually he'll see it's always to be good to his friends and family, and lead a good example in society.

no, I know what I mean, and I mean utilitarian
that's a utilitarian check list for a robot, not a person

either way, doesn't sound all that utopian now, does it