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It's my day off. I was sleeping peacefully until all noise.
It sounds like someone's dogs got into a fight. Normally when I go to work there's this one guy that walks his pit bulls around this time. Part of me wants to believe that it's the owner not the breed, but then this shit happens. It only makes me wary of them and makes me wish they would just get rid of the breed. It's fucked up, but it's just too fucking common. Fuck pitbulls, but mostly fuck the owners for getting such a dog.

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I've got a serious knack for losing friends. Can't ever keep any sort of romantic relationship for more than a nanosecond, either. It's my own fault for being the way I am so I don't pity myself. I just wish I knew how to fix myself.

My masculinity isn’t just making sure men leave you alone.
Fuck off.

It is the dog. But heres the thing.... Its genetics, so some of the pits have more of the hormone science shit then other pits. (Kinda like how killers have different hippocampus in the brain or whatever).

So its hard to tell which pit carries the bad gene. Soooo this makes people cryout that its people not the dogs because they dont understand science.

I work at a dog place and we have pitties come in all the time 2 have randomly turned on kennel techs. Alteast 10 have started bad fights out of nowhere. 1 is always a bitch but we let him come anyway. 1 attacked me when I let him out for potty.

More pits at this place then any other breed start shit with other dogs or my co-workers.
There is a few that are good though.. But im aware theyre naturally bred to be more aggressive.

Retrievers retrieve
Hounds track
Herders herd
Bullies fight

Just the way we made them.

Girl i've been crushing on, taking out, hanging out with, just texted me she got a new boyfriend.

I texted back "Congratulations. I hope things go well for the two of you."

I kind of want to die.

Why didn't you confess your feelings to her?

I did
she said she wasn't ready for a relationship.

I keep on eating eating shit goddammit. How do other people deal with this shit or am i the only person that goes through this?

if you want advice you'll have to be more specific

Fuck, she hit you with that doowop "I don't want a boyfriend I need to fuck". Saying you're not ready for a relationship means she doesn't want emotional baggage but was probably down to fuck.

user, you were supposed to smash.

Im stressed :)

she gave me the option but i'm old fashioned, and said not unless we get into a relationship.
You're right though.
Anyway. She's still young and figuring herself out. Guess i'll keep a distant watch.

For real, the amount of casual hatred directed towards men in our culture is staggering, especially if you look at how many are homeless, or die in wars, or die in the workplace, or do dangerous, low wage jobs. The whole idea of men being abused by women is literally a "joke". Like "Haha, the man got hit cause he did something stupid!" I don't even need to tell you to imagine it the other way around. The idea that even a small fraction of men are out fucking catcalling is the dumbest shit on the planet, and the fact that people eat up that narrative is sickening.

The worst part of all is that men are not a fucking monolith group that acts with it's own interests, that's the most absurd fucking idea ever. I hate most people, let alone most men, we're not a collective. This shit has reached peak stupidity.

I think perhaps I've misunderstood people. I've spent so much time reading books from truly special people who've lived a long time ago, and I think this has raised my expectations of average people.
People are weak, emotional creatures. I am too. I can't expect everyone to be am Emerson or a Nietzsche.

I want him so badly and I'll never have him. I'm torn between hoping he gets everything he deserves and bitter, painful jealousy when I try to make these plans. I just want him to be mine but instead I'm matchmaking him away.

weakness isn't inherently a problem. it's how you cope with it that defines who you are.


She's moved on and now you should too. That's just how life goes sometimes. It's fucked, but some people just aren't meant to be close to you sometimes.

I'm making a presumption here, but being "old fashioned" sounds like you may just be insecure. You shouldn't "keep watch", you've got to move on and learn why You messed up so that the next time it happens, you smash, you get the girl, and you don't want to metaphorically die because of self inflicted emotional pain.

she's still wanting to keep me as a friend
but you're right in that I should move on from the idea of us being together.

Everytime I fuck up or make a mistake or get stuck in a rut, I look to my family for support. Instead if motivating me or giving me some positive advice, they scold me, blame me, then tell me to get over it.

I just want a shoulder to lean in at least

Good luck.

i keep thinking that im weak, unable, and that the reason im not able to function as well as i potentially can is because of all the bad choices ive made. but i genuinly am trying. even with my add disorder i keep thinking deep down that i may not have and its just because of my lifestyle. when the time comes and i have to "show" myself to the world i became self aware again and shit the bed. only when im mad, desperate, in crisis, or witness someone elses crisis i can ground myself and be "me". but at casual times i just get lost in repeating behaviour that is making me more and more dull. maybe i should never have found comfort. people even think im asocial at this point, but they dont know that deep down, and few people know this, theres a me that isnt polluted. that only wants good things. but this society is not letting me that person. because i have to defend myself. because i cant show im weak. because its bad to be "soft". because youre only "trying" when you care about people. i want to go live in a mountain. i love people but over the last years ive never seen inside someone. havent had that reach. people are only hardening their barrier, and theres no room for it to grow anymore so the barrier grows inwards, taking over their personality.

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How the fuck am I supposed to afford a place to rent when the job I have pays peanuts and noone will hire my depressed, stupid ass?

Woman hating misogynist loser detected

You sound like a creepo

I feel like I have taken the wrong choices and Ive fucked up my life. I want to leave the country and work abroad but Im scared of facing my parents, plus they made me study law and now it will be harder to find anything.

plus theyve done pretty much everything to raise me properly, and even tho they love me and take care of me I hardly feel the same about them and I just want to go away

I try to have my old attitude of not giving a fuck but sometimes is hard and I just end up being anxious and not sleeping

This is pretty fucking stupid but the one thing that kept me out of touch with a lot of my peer group as a child and teen was that I didn't play video games because my parents wouldn't allow me to own a console or use one at a friend's house.

Twenty years later and I'm playing catch up with used games and old consoles I bought from the local junk and thrift store.

thanks user.
good luck to you in your pursuits as well

I don’t care anymore. Thank god.

I'd give anything to be able to stop caring about you.

You abandoned me. It feels that way to me. I’ll never open up again to you or anyone ever again and I’m not sad about it. I just don’t care.

My younger sister (24) told me yesterday that she doesn't like hugs when I tried to hug her as she was leaving. I understand as I don't particularly like them either but it still hurt my feelings a little bit. Also we always hug and most of the time she initiates so this is the first I've heard about this.

she's probably getting incesty vibes

I know this is Jow Forums so that's a shot in the dark that would likely find it's mark but I have absolutely no sexual interest in my sister. The very idea of it is repulsive and I typically church hug her (one arm side by side)

Hey, Lex.

It's been nearly three years and the last time we spoke proper, I got the feeling you still had resentment towards me.
I'd like to get in touch to clear those ill feelings, and maybe catch up.
If you find it in your heart to do so, please contact me.


Is lex male or female?

She said her new bf is a real life led zeppelin. What does that even mean?

A rocker maybe? Although that's a whole group so idk.

Probably looks like a young Robert Plant.

Check em

My grandmother asked me if I was dating and I said no and then asked if I had ever dated and again it was no.

I guess I should go and do it but I'm not sure what to do or how to go about it.

Should I do porn? I did porn a few years ago and it helped my life a lot. I have no job, no money and no outlook, but I had it all with porn.

Today I spent 1 hour and a half standing in the cold in front of the bar where I forgot my computer two days ago.

Somebody must feel abandonned, but I have no fucking way to get in contact with them.


(the bar was closed)
(and I'm afraid of getting accused, because I couldn't possibly give any sign of life, it's been a week)

I knitted you a cookie, but I eated it

Went through 6 years of IVF, and spent the last two years working hard on resiliance, trying to make us happy with just the two of us.

For the past few months, my cycle has been super weird (not supposed to have a cycle with PCOS and other stuff) and now Im at day 38 and feel like something s wrong.

Now : am I dumb enough to take a test ? am I so desperatly stupid that I still beleive this is possible ?

Im so angry and disgusted at myself for still beleiving in this shit. Yet I can't stop thinking about it. Thats all it took to crush all my efforts to move on. Im such a hopless retard

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>gf has a long road trip ahead of her
>calls me up for company while she drives
>don't really approve of it
>keeps me on the phone anyways
>starts to get progressively moody as the call goes on
>mfw I can't really deal with her when we becomes insufferable like that
>tfw I don't have the balls to say no if she's going to act like that
We both have depression, but it feels like she uses it as an excuse more times than often. She wasn't like this when we started dating. I start to feel dread when I see her number on my phone screen because it's rare that we talk in a good mood. She been with her family for the winter and it seems like they make her worse.
As stated above I think that's the part that gets me tired. It's always about "muh depression" yet she never does anything about it because the moment I take her to get help it becomes "muh anxiety". I'm not giving her a proper choice next time we have to visit the doctor. She's going through with it, or I'll just tell them about the constant death talking and suicide thinking she has. I love her, but I don't love that dark part of her. It gets exhausting to deal with. She pushes me away over and over, and yet I can't walk away. I'm becoming miserable around her. She's caused me to become estranged from my friends, I miss them but she gets way too controlling and needy. I can't even do stuff with my family because she gets sad when I go.
What the fuck.. why can't I have some space? I tend to be a loner, and I kinda need my personal time. I have explained this to her, and she agreed but doesn't really give me any of it. She tells me that I have enough time alone when I go to work or go to class. Is it that hard to understand that those blocks of time aren't personal. They are work, responsibilities. I just need some me time. I almost want to take to my super and get a day off during the week so I can be alone at home while she works.
I'd like to just sit at home, listen to music and maybe build some model kits.

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a goat most likely

I thought my mental health was improving but I feel worse than ever. Im so isolated and dont know what to do :(

Hey, I feel that. I'm completely barren but when my cycle is late I still think like that. You're not a retard, you've been bombarded with media telling you you're broken so you desperately want to be fixed. I wish that you take that text and it tells you everything you ever wanted, but if it doesn't, please don't judge yourself. You should maybe consider therapy, is the only thing that stopped me crying every time I came on.

Also fuck that film.

My sister has been struggling with suicide for a number of years now. I feel guilty, but I just wish she'd do it already. She drags her shit all over everyone else's life and fucks us all up. Fucked up her husband, his parents, our parents, our other sister, many friends. She will be living on her own soon and I think she finally will do it.

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>I feel guilty, but I just wish she'd do it already.
Eventually it seems like that's what happens to all people around suicidal people.
I feel that way over my wife. It's all too tiresome.
It's getting harder to keep myself from saying "just do it".

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My husband is real as fuck. He never tap dances around rough subjects. Last night, he almost let my sister have it and almost told her that if her recent choices (fucking a married guy) blow up in her face, he'd give her a gun and leave her alone with it.
I feel bad about my husband feeling that way, but he's right.

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Girls, this may me one of those, "assuming this is a typical girl thing to do" questions, but whatever it's been relevant to me lately and I do end up there..

Instead of a long backstory I'll just say: About a year ago me and my ex broke up under "shady" circumstances, we agreed to do this on good terms, cause we have a lot of common friends and didn't want it to become a social circle wide drama out of it all.. I still didn't want to see her or so, so we still ended up with "splitting time" with our friends sort of..

So the jiffy then..
Recently one of our friends has started to advocate that we should become friends so we can stop this "splitting time-bullshit" and apparently my ex is very positive towards this... Well I am not!
Like I said there was some shady circumstances in our breakup that I have not forgiven her for, and I have no intention to "take the high road" and forgive her out of: that's what I am supposed to do..

Forgiveness is earned not given.. What exactly can she do to earn it?
I don't know, but pretending that we're just cool for X amount of time won't cut it!

Like how am I responsible to forgive her?
I'm the one that got hurt, she made the decisions to hurt me, and I am supposed to be all like "It's fine, you're forgiven"?

That logic does not apply to me, you want my forgiveness, atleast apologize for the shit you pulled towards the end of our relationship and afterwards.

Shady circumstances: There was another guy, I don't think she cheated on me, not by the litteral definition of the word atleast, but it was clear that she was slowly falling for him and any attempt I made at pulling her out of it was met with "Don't worry he's just a friend" (classic)>break up>2 weeks later they are in a relationship with each other... Her explanation to me: "We don't fit together anymore, he has nothing to do with it"


As much as I love my girlfriend, she doesn't put any effort into our relationship and I'm running out of motivation to stay with her. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't randomly give me attitude but she does and it's usually over something that's unrelated to me. It's annoying because she knows that she could be doing more but she's too fucking lazy to even try.

What sort of things do you want her to do?

Ive been jobless for 3 months and Im scared as shit to start working again. Im so afraid that if I work one more low end job I'll be stuck there for ever, just complacent in my mediocrity. I want to get a job with my degree or go back to school for something practical like radiology but Im already 12k in debt. Doesnt make it any easier that my fiance doesnt have a car and relies on me driving her to work so scheduling work availability is a bitch.

Me too, it'll get better for the both of us soon :)

I need to talk to my psychiatrist about my rage issues and the possibility that I may be exhibiting symptoms of psychopathy.


I agree with that.

I come from a country which is more traditionalist, so I don't really have an issue with feminism here, but man, it looks bad in America. I am not a nazi nor a radical, I just don't like dumb people who are discriminating male members from being male. The people who do that are just hippocrates who feel entitled to the race or a gender they were born into. It is already difficult to gain a job and work and get a stable income and I don't see a reason why men should be discriminated against. Women are smart and many outperform many men, yes, but to overgenerelize half over the world's population is stupid. Some things some men will always have, like wanting to date pretty girls, or something which is typically for men, but there are lots of other men who don't like it.

This is too much for me to handle but I have to do it or things will never get better. I need a miracle or something.

There was an internship I was thinking about applying to but I tend to picture myself doing jobs I think I’d enjoy without knowing if I actually have the skill for it. Like at one point I thought “maybe I should work in a bakery,” did great at the interview for an open position and found out on the job that I hated it. This one is for working at a museum.

Even though I’m close to getting my college degree I’m wrestling with the thought that I’m grasping at too many random straws outside of that specific field. But on the other hand one of my classmates applied to an internship that was completely unrelated to our course and got accepted for it.

I wish I could understand how you feel, I wish I could talk to you again and make you not feel so bad. But I don't understand you anymore, there was a time I did but now I just fuck things up when I try to help. God I am pathetic, it is no wonder you don't want me around anymore.

I think all the years of social isolation and abuse may have made me retarded. If it hasn't I know all the drugs and depression have definitely dropped a few IQ points.

What kind of miracle are we talking about?

It’s not too late to turn it all around.

I think I have irreperable brain damage. My recall is shot and I also experience mini blackouts where I might have the intention of doing one thing but I'll either forget or do something else entirely. I'm misplacing things a lot and losing some things altogether.

My job feels like 8 hours of mind rape and it's pretty isolating because its backshift. I think my boss is out to torture me, it doesn't feel like it's going to get better.

I'm 25, I should have more life experience but wasted most of it in front of a screen
I'm scared that I won't find ever find a woman I can truly look after because I don't know how to build a friendship

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I'm 28 and just met a girl who redefined my world view many times over and all she has ever asked is that I be myself.
try not to worry too much, and instead focus on bettering yourself.

Thanks for the hope user
Can I ask how you guys met?
Currently in uni and surrounded by women, I just don't know how to talk to them (minus alcohol and nightclubs)

I'm addicted to sex oregano

It's been 7 years, but perhaps it was rape after all.
>Be 14, on first anime convention
>Fall in love with Lizard
>8 years older than me
>Only one weekend of sporadic interaction
>Sperg out and confess online
>He's amused, but doesn't feel the same
>Lizard gets together with another convention-girl
>I cry
>Girl breaks up with Lizard
>New hope
>Now Lizard's inviting me to come visit him
>"There's a small convention in the next town over"
>"Lie to your parents that you're going there, but come to my place instead"
>Don't do it because of good girl status with parents
>Somehow don't drop him because of this creepy switch in attitude
>Still hormonal teenager in love
>Next big con is rolling around, 6 months after first con
>Also one month before my 15th birthday when I turn legal
>Both of us are going
>He makes sensual jokes and I play along
>Me not being legal yet is really "funny"
>Custom of conventions in my Eurocuck country are sleeping halls
>Just let the nerds sleep on the floor in a huge room together
>Sincerely suppose nothing sexual will happen
>Me and him were just going to sleep next to each other
>At the convention
>Distant friend Bunny forgot her sleeping matresses
>We offer to share our two matresses between the three of us
>Both of our sleeping bags are zipped up like blankets
>Lizard in the middle, me and Bunny on the sides
>Slightly cramped, but I'm excited to be close to him
>In the middle of a room full of people
>He hasn't made any advances during the first day to kiss me
>In the dark he's reaching over for my body
>Nothing romantic about it, just molesting me
>I lay completely still, scared about anyone noticing what we're doing
>He makes me touch his boner
>I give it an awkward rub, but stop at the noise it's making
>His hands are down my pyjama pants
>Don't remember why, but we stopped
>Wake up next day
>Instantly feel like the whole room knows
>Avoid him for the rest of the con in shame

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>Lizard hangs out with Bunny instead
>I'm happy to be rid of him
>All my love vanished overnight
>Rebound onto another convention dude in friend network
>Come to bed really late second night
>Bunny is alone in Lizard's sleeping bag
>He's sleeping with his cosplay-cape as a blanket
>Looks cold, I put a bit of my bag-blanket over him
>Last day is awkward, but we say goodbye
>I violently pursue new convention dude
>Lizard accepts his defeat without any fuss
>I vow to forget whatever happened that night
>Chalk it down to horny teenage mistakes
>Refuse to view it as rape since I was in love
>Go on living life
Honestly I thought it was all over there. But now 7 years down the line I'm seriously befriending Bunny. After all this time it turns out we had a lot more in common than I initially thought. Today I went through my romantic history, and at the mention of Lizard she perked up. She gave me the missing pieces of the puzzle.
>Her main memory of that convention were awkward sleeping arrangements
>But it was her first con, so everything was awesome (!!)
>Even if Lizard orbited her all convention
>Other people gave them alone-time because of the romantic vibes
>She's always been oblivious, so she couldn't tell
>After the convention when Lizard texts her about it she gets it
>She declines his confession and apologises for not speaking up sooner
>He is a bit pissed
>I suspect he let me go, betting his chances on Bunny
>"I should stop with convention-girls, haha, it never leads anywhere"
>When I heard this today I got so mad
>The memories of our sexual incident are all brought up to light
>Naturally don't tell Bunny
>It's obvious she doesn't know I got touched inappropriately
>Despite being literally next to us
>She's better off not knowing
Writing it out here, or imagining telling Bunny about it really sheds fresh light on the situation. Whether it was sexual harassment, rape or neither doesn't matter... Bunny would feel awful if she knew.

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Unfortunately, it's teenage mistakes. You should have rejected him sooner.

On the other hand the culture is ripe and the iron is hot, you might be able to ruin his life after the fact if you're that kinda spiteful. But that won't really fix the fact that you were a dumb teenager who got groped; it won't magically un-molest you.

All you can really do is blame yourself for not listening to people who would well have told you older men strictly take advantage of younger girls in situations like that, simply because younger girls don't know any better and that's the only thing that gives those men a pass. You weren't the first, won't be the last-- but if you devote your life to preventing similar mistakes from happening, it might fulfill you a bit.

My boyfriend has a micropenis and it breaks my heart how much it affects his self esteem. He's so wonderful and caring the rest of the time but in bed he's quiet and uptight. His size is not a problem for me and he's perfect in every other way and I wish he saw himself like I see him.

What's it like having a porn star body/cock?

I'm sorry to hear that. There's really no fix for it, he's gonna struggle with this forever.

At uni. She sat next to me. I didn't hand her the syllabus day 1 and that prompted us to talk. Continued sitting next to me dispite having a friend from another class in the class with us. To this day if we're sitting anywhere she sits on the same side she did when we were in class together.
I friendzoned myself because I'm petrified of making the same mistake I always do when I date, letting my fear transform me into a monster.

I'm sick of failing at everything. Every time I try to move in the direction of what will make me happy I fail. I have been failing at everything I try for almost a decade now. It's like happiness is banned for me.

is he good with his fingers and tongue?

Im glad his penis is the right size for you.

This is all womens' fault. Women pushed the idea that it's okay to make fun of a guy with a small penis but it's wrong for men to make fun of women for their body.

Don't stop failing. Fail better. Fail forward

NTA but it's pretty meh. Turns out girls don't actually care if you have a pornstar cock. Jerking off is pretty fun though.

Won't that eventually damage my mental health to the point where death or being stuck in a mental ward is the only solution?

He's better with his tongue but I prefer his cock since it's great at hitting my g spot.

I’m the oldest of three kids. I rarely talk to my family, as my dad was abusive physically and mentally as a child, and never talked to me much as an adult. My grandma has suddenly become very sick and so my parents asked me to take care of her. The thing is I don’t particularly like my immediate family. I’m fine with taking care of my gramma but being around my family is intensely triggering to me as the only memories of my father are of him beating the shit out of me. In addition to that, my brother tried to commit suicide 3 times this past year. He keeps saying really disconcerting things like how he wants to be shot and how he’d strangle a baby or something. My parents say nothing when he does this so I try to tell him to stop. It’s just overwhelming for me and idk how to handle the situation as I have my own personal problems myself I feel like I can barely take care of myself

Tell him this

>This is all womens' fault.
Ah yes, "womens" my favourite word that totally exists.

typo, don't be so autistic about it

I do and he knows it but it doesn't really help him. He once thought I faked an orgasm because of his size.

I'm tired of this shit I just want to be happy for once already

Peanut Butter is unironically my favourite tripfag on 4chins ^3^

You picked your mom over your son and you're blaming me for your choice.

can we please end this. can you please tell me what I am.

I have a list of technology I have seen that shouldn't exist for another 100 years. I've seen things you wouldn't believe.

Just fucking talk to me already holy shit. What the fuck are you assholes waiting for.

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is it going to be like that scene in alien resurrection where I get to see all of the incompleted clones that you use for parts?

that's so fucked up. Because they are going to look exactly like me, but not fat or covered in hair... or with a brain.

Should I shut up? Probably not. I hate you cunts so fucking much. Why don't you do some nice shit for me for once? Why do you ahve to fucking control and torture me constantly? Why do you think that's going to make me cooperate?

Give me a pretty lady friend to hang out with and watch movies and cuddle and like a credit card to buy shit with so we can rent a car or whatever or fucking something.

And give me my meds.

I hate all of you so fucking much. I'm never going to drop this, I'm never going to let it go, I'm never going to shut up until you cunts stop being such fucking cunts.

"Hey you saved the world! Time to fucking torture you because whatever am I right?"

what technology is in our future user


why did you have to be so comfortable with being deceptive with me about little shit from the get go, now I have a hard time getting the security from you that I need

send help

what does Jow Forums think of Indian girls? This one wants to fuck me but they’ve never really been my type. I like basic white girl look/personality.
Anyway I wanted my first time to be with someone I was in a relationship with but I definitely don’t want to date this girl. Anyone have experience with Indian chicks? What are you’re thoughts? Should I just smash to be done with it?

Quantum entanglement FTL communications.
Bio-mechanical technologies (cameras, speakers, microphones, controllers, signal intercept)
Nano-tech biological and synthetic. (Synthetic ears, nose)
General Artifical intelligence.
Life-Like real-time rendering for Augmented Reality. (People, bugs, effects)
Biological cloning and genetic engineering
Gene and DNA re-writing and DNA decoding
Artifical human wombs
Super-intelligent AI
General Medical nano-tech. (medicine/chemical release, immune systems, ect)
Human like synthetic minds (synthetic human intelligence)
Cybernetic augmentations for analog->digital conversions (biological body controlled by AI and consciousness transfer)
Nano-Tech communications (neoral antenna and receivers)
wireless communcations (psychic communication)
bioluminescent eye mesh overlays for augmented reality.
REM sleep VR with integrated nervous system responses (touch, smell, taste, ect)
Nervous system monitors and sensors (Heat maps for touch, pain)
Body sensors (For tracking movement, Puppet like controls)
Some kind of super crazy dense memory storage to index an entire person's life, what they see, smell, feel, everything.

>Nano-Tech communications (neoral antenna and receivers)
neural but you fags changed it to neoral, NEEDORAL.

I know you assholes re-write all of my little entries. I saw you do it once. You changed shit I was talking abotu how you guys fucked me over to some kind of suicide note. Like "I have made many mistakes in my life." kinda dumb shit.

I think it's clear that your "allies" are not fond of the work you fuckers have been doing. That you have broken their agreement. Allies that are far more powerful than any of you and they are looking over me.

basically, you guys are being fuckfaces because you're corrupt, know you're corrupt, and see that your empire is about to fall.

so that last one.
a friend of mine and I were talking about how to make something like that, not 4 days ago, and today she comes to me and says she's forgotten about the entire conversation and wants to move on with life.