How do I breakup with my boyfriend or make him stop liking me?

How do I breakup with my boyfriend or make him stop liking me?
Its very long distance and weve been together for 4 years but hes the only thing I have and he really cares about me. Ive tried to breakup with him before because I was mad or jealous bit he convinced me to stay.
But I want to for real this time without hurting him.

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>without hurting him
You dont.
>how do i make bacon without killing pig?
You dont.

Tell him its over. Preferably via text. And then block his number and never see him again.

Say you cheated or just ghost him

Just start being a really gross unappealing person . Do you do Web cams? Get naked and eat spaghetti and smear it all over your body in front of him. Rub peanutbutter and melted marshmallow all over yourself. Do bizarre shit. Make a satanic circle and start screaming his name . Tell him you believe in flat earth and that 9/11 + holocaust isn't real. Either do bizarre thing or if you're not comfortable just tell him insane things and make it seem like no trace for the person he liked exists in you. Tell him you masturbated with cheetos and let truckers watch

Great. Now he wants to marry me.

This is very common breakup method of women. Instead of being direct, they change their behavior hoping it will disgust their bf so much he will leave on his own.

But it is retarded, you ultimately waste both his and your time and whats the worst: when he still loves you so much he forgives you anything you do. Even cheating or emotional abuse. Basically it turns yours and his life into hell.

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I tried both of these. He forgave me for saying that i cheated even though I didnt I just said that because I was upset at him but it made him have a borderline cuck fetish.
He said he would forgive me if I ever cheat even though he would be hurt. when I ghosted him for a week he freaked out and it made me feel guilty and miss him. but i dont wanna miss him.
Ive done and said wierd shit like this and he just finds it funny and he sometimes says that he loves how I always make him laugh.

He's such a cuck that I don't even think breaking up with him is necessary.
>Ask him for an open relationship
>Ghost him
>Do not interact with him while dating other people
>Eventually marry one of these new boyfriends
>tfw he thinks he's in a relationship with you despite the fact you haven't talked in 20 years

god forbid you took some responsibility and just broke up with him like a grown woman...

tried having an open relationship but he said it can only be on my end but im not ready to fuck another guy.. I have to get over him first help

As much as this is a joke
Never try to make them break up with you. It makes.them fall.harder.

Then get over him while pretending you're not in a relationship with him. Eventually, you will be, and then you can marry someone else. And always remember, if you ever want to, you can return to this orbiter.

good idea will you be my orbiter and help distract me

It’s easy, just stop altogether.
Long distance relationship is not a relationship and it’s only hurting you both.
He sounds like a huge pussy and needs a wake up call and a slap of real life

Whatever feeling you have for him is pity and not love. End this madness and find something better to do then play this game

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Say this, “I’m sad to say this because I certainly have no intention of hurting you, but I don’t feel this is the relationship for me so I won’t be talking to or seeing you anymore.” Worked for me.

Just fucking tell him you don't wanna be with him anymore. What's the point in overcomplicating it like this? Take some goddamn responsibility for once

I will. Maybe. Where you live and what's your discord?

>How do I breakup with my boyfriend or make him stop liking me?
>or make him stop liking me?
Does doing the right thing kill most people? They seem so inexplicably afraid of it.

Just. Break up with him? Verbally? Then block him? It really is that simple. What exactly answer are you looking for

tell him you are pregnant
he will ghost you

why you wanna leave him? did you lose intrest? just have a honest talk with him you fucking useless cunt

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