Life is such a downer past childhood years

I'm mad as hell.

Think about the best life you could possibly have.
Well, nothing is ever going to compare to your childhood. Even if you had the shittiest childhood, the world was still a magical place where good and evil were cartoony values made up in your head.

Everyone around you praising you for every small thing you did. Morning cartoons. Hide and seek with friends.

Followed by what? 13 years of bullying, indoctrination from public schools and subordination to some teacher (and where did I sign up for any of this?)

Then what? Bills. A life of loneliness. Even if you become a millionaire, the world will no longer have the same magic to you. You are inevitably heading towards death and the loss of all those good memories you made.

So tell me Jow Forums what's the reason to put up with life after the age of 11? Yeah for your mom and dad obviously, but I'm wondering what exactly motivates you to stay alive after all the good stuff passed and what's left is mostly rotten.

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Loli porn.

Same issue, bumping.

Though to be honest there's no answer to this. I guess you either move on or do an hero.

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Is loli porn a good replacement to a person's lost childhood?

It seems hard. And unfair. It makes me very sad desu, my childhood was nothing special but it was heaven compared to my adult life.

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And when you start thinking that way it seems like everyday just slips through your fingers like sand, it's so inevitable. Old age is coming. Nor can you hold onto the good things in the past because memories are unreliable.

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I respect you for that.
Maybe we have things in common.

There is still a joie de vivre in exploring the world and your own personal experience of things. Those who say adulthood sucks are simply not using it to their advantage. You can make things, operate vehicles, travel in the air, over land and underwater, you can meet people with interesting lives of your own, read books and learn new languages, love others and take vengeance on your enemies. There is so much to do and the only tragedy is that there is not enough time to do it all. The caveat to adulthood is that these things are not structured and laid out before you like your parents and teachers did for you in your childhood, you have to find them for yourself. Ergo the ones who are bitter about the hardship of life, the ones who resent the effort things take or watch others race ahead of them and do nothing - these people miss out on the joys that make you feel like a child of the world again that take the strength and wit of adulthood.

You sound like a late boomer. I used to always go back to my childhood, but now at my 25 years old, All i want is freedom, i want to face the world, i want to do things, i want to fix the house and i want to plant things, i want to make money and do physical things in general including working out and having sex.

>So tell me Jow Forums what's the reason to put up with life after the age of 11? Yeah for your mom and dad obviously, but I'm wondering what exactly motivates you to stay alive after all the good stuff passed and what's left is mostly rotten.

As Conan said "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.",

Not everyone has had a shitty teen life where they were bullied and now as adults don’t feel they have much to live for. I feel where you’re coming from though, I was basically bullied by my own family, and subject to all kinds of danger once I got older.

But really, the what happened in the past has nothing to do with the present. It’s just that these things have shaped us and colored our views in unfortunate ways. Being bullied doesn’t happen to everyone, and it is really no minor thing. I can’t imagine being trapped in a state facility with people who were literally tormenting me (sounds like prison).

You need Jesus

Now I definitely don't regret making this post. Some of you guys have great perspectives on things. Things that are in the back of my mind and completely logical.

I was just watching some old CN shows and got super nostalgic and sad. But it is true that adulthood has maybe even more advantages than childhood had. You can always see things in different ways.

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Think about it this way op, magic isn't gone anywhere.

There are things you need to k now. You need to know that as with age you will change, no doubt about that, but there is no reason for you not enjoy life. You have been given life, you may not like it, but it is yours, and you are going to let one fucked up system ruin it for you?

OP, if you cannot feel excitement, is because you are used to self loathing and being inactive, not necessarily physically.

You don't need a reason live and to try to know more, other than that it is for you. If you want to feel and be better or happy, force yourself to do shit. That is the only way.

Naturally you will regain the magic. Just think about how tiny you are, just how big everything else around you is, and yet you are there. Fuck everything else other than you, work for you, be happy because you want to be happy, don't give the entire blame to the system, you had ans still habe the chance for change, so just work until you regain magic, and once you do work to keep that magic.

Childhood was amazing, but now it is over, don't punish yourself, just because you got off to the wrong start when your childhood was over.

Thank you my friend. Feels good reading this.

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That's funny, case childhood is such magical place, only because you don't remember it well. In the past everything was better - that's what our brain do - erasing bad sectors of memories. Ofc when you where younger everything was in first time, but the one who don't hide in the past, and don't run into the future is truelly the free man.

I've actually asked both my parents if there was anything good about growing old, because all I ever hear from people is about aches and pains, and it being bad. I guess because we have a culture in which complaining is a standard way to connect with people.
>My 65 year old mom
told me she really, REALLY started to enjoy her life in a way she couldn't imagine before at age 50--where she felt totally comfortable in herself, didn't care anymore about others' opinions, no longer felt the pressing drive to succeed (she's not retired though, she loves to work), kids were able to take care of themselves, had perspective and things didn't bother her like they used to.
>My 71 year old dad
said something along those lines, too. As he grows older, he's happy he's done with the different things people worry about at different ages. He's not worried about death due to his 1960s hippie days, and since he knows every day might be his last, he's really happy that he has each and every day, in a way he says that is impossible to understand when you're younger. All the struggles he went through seem worthwhile, now. He said that raising a family was the very best part of his life, well beyond the pleasure of Free Love, LSD and the Summer of Love of his youth. He had 4 kids split between 2 wives.

They both made old age seem pretty nice, aside from the phsyical deterioration.

For my own part, I'm 29 and my life has consistently gotten better since about 27. I just feel better, less anxious about people noticing me, less desire to climb high and make a mark. Less worry, more peaceful. This webcomic I've been reading for a few years made this like a year ago and it aligns with what I've been feeling and what my parents have told me.

Good luck out there, user.

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You either die as part of the problem or as part of the force that holds reality back and keeps the magic alive for children. The internet was a pretty swift sucker punch to our gut, but we keep fighting.
Will you die like a dog, or will you stand like a warrior?
Anyway, you are the change you embody in the world. Push for the right thing, and at least you can go down with dignity. Then again, maybe that isn't worth it to some, but I manage to get my jollies off on it.

>You either die as part of the problem or as part of the force that holds reality back and keeps the magic alive for children.
This is kind of Michael Jackson philosophy. Adulthood isn’t worse than childhood, for many people.

i want to build a legacy. thats what keeps me going.

Meh, that’s life.

Shit, it’s why nostalgia is such a huge industry. When you were younger your potential was greater, the world was new, and everyone was nice to you as a matter of instinct.

Happiness is just as transient as sadness or rage. Just the world acting on you, and you acting on the world in turn.

Personally I find reproduction to be cruel.

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I miss childhood too sometimes, but then I remember that I have basic freedoms now. I wasn't allowed to take a walk or be alone outside and was scolded when I did mildly dangerous things like climb a tree. Now I can just wander off into the woods and no one can tell me I'll be kidnapped. Plus money is great.

Absolutely not, in fact, I love being older way more than I liked being a kid. The world was scary and unknown when I was young and I just don't really care to go back to the 'I had no resources to approach any of the problems I faced' state of my life.

But I'm also fucked up. I had a shitty time of it in childhood so I pushed for adulthood desperately as an escape to get away from my childhood. It sorta worked, but I also respect that the general ideas are
>childhood good
>high school good
>adulthood bad
>work boring
>future futile

These are the usual sorts of things you see here. In that respect, I'd prefer the mentality put itself in front of the supposed misery. If nothing else, we who are aware it exists should do something for those who are not so aware.


I prefer adult life. I despised my life as a child. I went through a suicidal phase in my late teens and then I spent a lot of time listening to Stefan M. which helped me a whole lot. It motivated me to get my dream job, organize my life, find satisfaction in working and understanding human ambition on a deeper level.

We have a word for the mentality which expects good things to happen on their own (the "magic" of childhood). We call it "infantile". You're supposed to grow out of it and make things happen. Make things good. You are the magician now. Magician doesn't think what he does is magic. He knows his tricks. That doesn't mean the magician can't have fun while performing.

Also this.
This fucker knows what's up.

Fuck me connection error. Here's the picture for

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>Well, nothing is ever going to compare to your childhood. Even if you had the shittiest childhood, the world was still a magical place where good and evil were cartoony values made up in your head.
I don't relate to this at all. I didn't even have a bad childhood, it was fine if I look at it critically but I was just miserable the whole fucking time.

Now though? I don't even feel good about my life, and if I look at it critically I can recognize that my life is probably significantly worse now that I'm an adult, and that I've gotten a bad shake of the luck stick or two, but I'm a lot less miserable because I'm a lot better at coping.

Fuck, I'm not even happy, just sort of comfortable. I still don't have any sort of satisfaction going to sleep every night, but I'll take passing out passively over crying myself to sleep for three hours any day of the week.

Sorry for the blog, but it just bugs me when people say "Oh everyone in the world has it the same way as I do" when I just very clearly don't.

Since you're on Jow Forums I'll give you some advice from the heart. My personal philosophy in life is that things never get better, they almost exclusively get worse if anything, but if you take the time to reflect and be critical about yourself and your situation you'll realize that you can get better at dealing with it and you can learn to better appreciate what you have while better ignoring all the things your missing.

If that doesn't help, then sorry you were born, I guess. My condolences.

There’s something really sad about people who look at their childhood and/or school years as their prime.
As an adult I have more power over who I pick to be around me, I make my own money, have my own place and most importantly I generally make my own decisions without giving a flying fuck about someone’s opinion about it.

Bills are only a problem when you don't have money to pay them. You don't have to be a millionaire for that, just live within your means. I have zero worries about bills and I earn less than $20k yearly. I can pay rent, feed myself and buy me stuff once in a while (bought Gnomoria and boots in december, two shirts and one cargo pant this month).

I have nobody I can really open myself to but I do not feel lonely either. I have learned to like my job (10 years in october) and I have the best coworkers one could wish for to entertain my day (one of them I met in high school). When at home I play games, browse the web and do some freelance work for extra cash.

I'm 28 btw.

That said yesterday I went to sleep wanting to kill myself and woke up with the worst mood ever too, but started feeling better when I arrived at work.

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>Well, nothing is ever going to compare to your childhood. Even if you had the shittiest childhood, the world was still a magical place where good and evil were cartoony values made up in your head.

what hell no man my childhood sucked my brother was a coke addict when he was only like 15 or some shit and my father was autistic and would slap the shit out me and my sister and my mom but absolutely not his favorite son the cokehead. I don't care if I got to watch cartoons and read comic books sometimes

Also I'm old as shit and the internet didn't even exist back then like everything had to be done through The Phone that was stuck to the wall in the kitchen and looking through magazines and newspapers and talking to people and shit. Shit was so boring and gay. I love living in the future.

Almost shed a tear

>Even if you had the shittiest childhood, the world was still a magical place

t. very bad childhood

I feel the same way OP. That is why I sit here and do nothing

Damn this is good writing.

The world is sad and ugly but every now and then you encounter a single moment that is perfect. It's undeniably beautiful. It's this that gives people hope when everything else tells you living is pointless. This is the only reason anyone chooses to live.

Hentai is one of those things for me, and having money to buy shit I like

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I see what you mean man, For me it was seeing pic related for the first time in 9 years and it inspired me to take the pilot route seriously

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The core problem with that is that every adult that expresses this will be put down as "childish". Children also have little to no legal responsibilities to worry about compared to adults.

Righteous defiance against the world.
To stand in the snow, alone and beaten, and scream at the sky that you are here and happy to be alive. That's our privilege.