Be me

>be me
>have OCD
>makes me act strangely
>almost impossible to hide
>makes me look like a fucking weirdo in public
>people think I'm weird because of it

how do I successfully hide my OCD and just act like a normal fucking human, is it possible

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OCD meds exist.

I'm unmedicated, completely untreated

femanons do not have problems, next


Smile and laugh when you end up doing weird shit.

It will come off as charming and catefree.

Only professionals and old women will see you for the mentally illl person that you are.

I was just a little OCD. I fixed it by willfully doing some things against my nature. Little things at first. Like dumb shit like if I saw a kid spin a chair, I'd count rotation and spin it back in opposite way. So. I started to try stuff like if I fix Somthing, put screws in different place on purpose. Whatever I could handle. It got easier and now I don't give a shit about shit.

Embrace your OCD.

ask people who know you well for help

Meds and just go with the flow dude, we all have a screw or two missing. Stay weird girl.

What type of OCD?

This. I don't even know how you can be "weird" if you live in a city in the U.S. is like everyone has OCD

No they don't

Bet. Go to a big city and just walk outside for a while.

You clearly don't understand what OCD is

Obsessive compulsive disorder, not being able to stay still or quiet, is like being on mild cocaine, am I wrong?


It always baffles me how ignorant people can be so confident in their knowledge when they're so wrong.

Have awareness of every thought passing through your mind. Instead of acting on it, just let the thought come and go. I have OCD as well and this works wonders, although it won't happen instantly, just keep at it until you're in control of your mind. It's okay if you mess up from time to time.

I'm not wrong tho

This is helpful thank you
I have OCD and I was in a bad place in my teens. I had a porn addiction and I masturbated to some disgusting shit, like the worst of the worst.
I have moved on from then but every once in a while I remember what I did and I feel horrible, I feel disgusted with myself and worthless. This also happens with a lot of other stuff.
How do I negate these thoughts?

You are not. A compulsion or mannerism is not OCD.

This, I'm femanon with OCD and tourettes and I laugh it off/embrace it and everybody just thinks I'm cute and quirky

Easier said than done though when the intrusive thoughts get really bad

Don't actively try and get rid of them. That only makes them come back stronger. Let the thoughts come, let yourself feel bad, but don't attach any meaning or sense of guilt to it. Just think of it as a thought that will come to pass, like a bad thunderstorm outside. Your mind will resolve itself if you let the thoughts run their course.

Try living with autism OP. You have no idea how easy you have it. I'm glad my boyfriend understands at least

Exposure therapy.

"my problems r worse den urs, be gr8ful"
well, not gonna go on a rant but try living with crippling anorexia nervosa and obsessive compulsive disorder without any treatment, faggot. Do you enjoy having the ability to enjoy food? The ability ro eat without thinking? Try my life for one day, you'll fucking hate it k thx