I'm 24. I'm rejoining society after years of being a shut-in and everything that implies. I'm back to college, etc etc

I'm 24. I'm rejoining society after years of being a shut-in and everything that implies. I'm back to college, etc etc.
Started getting out of the house a bit with some old friends I hit up. One of my friend's gf keeps starting at me everytime we go out.
I don't look at females, I've made it a point in the last few years to never look towards a female, but every time I turn my head in that direction I catch her staring.
I'm not good looking. Perhaps I would be if I wasn't overweight, but atm I'm not.
My only conclusion is that she's making fun of me internally, like she can 'smell' how much of a loser virgin I am, or something along these lines.

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I made this thread earlier and got very few replies then as well, strange.

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Maybe she just thinks you're weird.

I got ya, OP

Don't be so quick to jump the gun. She might be interested in the fact that you were a shut-in and now you've decided to better yourself? I attracted the same interest when I decided to rejoin society. Regardless, ignore her. Shes your friends gf. Even if she is interested, or just plans on trying to sabotage you, do you're thing. She is of no consequence. Females will come after you work on yourself more.

Only one of my friends in the group knows what I am. The rest don't. So there's no way she knows that I was a shut-in.
And I didn't mean in the sense that I would approach her, I wouldn't dare, both because I'm scared of girls and because she my friend's gf.
It's just annoying and the last thing I expected.
4 times I've gone out with this group, and every time I catch her staring at me, multiple times.

You should get fit and rub it in her face

I'm planning to. There's no gym close to where I am though and i live in a big city. Also, don't want to overwhelm myself, keeping up with college is already a bit much for a former shut-in like me.

If you're ignoring her and it's a small group she might be curious why, especially if you're engaging with the others

Isn't it normal to not talk to other people's gfs?
I understand that she might find strange that I never look towards her direction, especially when she's always dressed in ways that reveal her tits, but I don't think she'd stare because of that.

"Who's the hell is this guy, what's he even doing here?"
She just doesn't want you to be there, but she lacks the courage to confront you in fear of causing drama with her boyfriend or the group

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My years of shut-iness and Jow Forums are screaming to me that something like that is going on, but my experience so far with the outside world is that normies don't generally think like that and usually aren't bad and are more friendly and welcoming than I ever thought.

No, it's not. It's very weird.

Nah, that comes across as kinda rude desu. She's likely curious why you're ignoring her - if you're actively avoiding looking at her, she probably thinks there's something wrong with her or you (probably thinks you really dislike her for some unknown reason which makes her curious and possibly a bit needy to know why)

Its a relationship thing that women do when theyre boyfriends/husbands come around. All these crazy ideas pop into their heads like maybe you will get in between them or challenge their relationship in one way or another. Like maybe go out and meet some new girls. This is particularly normal thing women do in younf adult life when theyre trying to get their lifes together.

They really think like that?
I trained myself ever since my hs years to never look at females, for obvious reasons, especially if they're dressed revealingly.
So, her staring might be a result of her bf talking all the time with me about vidya and anime and other stuff she doesn't care about?

It doesnt matter what you guys were talking about in my case im proposing. That wouldnt alter a womans idea like thst in her head. However upon reading their thread further it would seem she thinks you dont like her because u ignore her. Nice job faggot.

I couldn't care less what she thinks. She doesn't even talk or interact with the others all that much, but she keeps fucking starting.
I can't even look at females, much less interact with them, so I don't really care.
But this seems like a logical explanation at least. I guess a girl like her would expect more attention and starting at her tits, even if she's someone's gf.

Your probably right desu man. So she was trying to figure u out cuz u werent interested. In any case dont let it bother u 2 much because if sonething minimalistic like that is an obstacle for you "re-joining society" then how will u handle whats to come. Maybe youll get more comfortable around women the more u guys hang out

It's not an obstacle per se, but something that bothered me.
I assume I'll get more comfortable with females as time goes on, but that ship's kinda sailed for me already.

take her to the side the next time you meet and confront her about that directly, guarantee she will stop doing it

>They really think like that?
I am female, and I would assume if you were actively avoiding looking at me and interacting with me (compared with the rest of the group) that it would be because you didn't like me or I had done something to offend you. If you were purely uninterested in being friends (fair enough, you're there to spend time with your own friends) I would still expect the usual societal norms of greetings and vague acknowledgement of existence. Like I say, she's probably confused as to what she's done to offend you, or simply finds it unusual you aren't following the usual "rules".

It isn't about receiving sexual attention. People have shockingly fragile egos and can get upset by very little. Maybe she is just pissed you won't pay her any attention or maybe she's just curious what's up with you - can only really speculate, but this is at least one reasonable explanation.

I do say 'hi' and aknowledge her existence, but not much beyond that. It's not like there's much to say anyway, she never initiated interaction with me either, she just stares.
She likes to dress in a way that reveal has huge tits, so I'm thinking maybe she wonders if I'm a fag for not looking or some shit. I'm half convinced her bf is making her dress like that to make the others jelly, but I don't really care in the first place.

Oh, well, if you address her in your general hello and she makes no effort to talk to you either then who knows. Maybe she finds you attractive, maybe she finds you mysterious, or maybe she really just does want you to look at her more for validation. Sounds like you're doing fine to me, and that she the oddity here. People for you I guess