Can you be content with being and having nothing that you’ve wanted in life and just be happy with what you have?

Can you be content with being and having nothing that you’ve wanted in life and just be happy with what you have?

>burnt out on dream career
>snowball’s chance in hell ever making it in the first place
>not fit for/can’t go through with any other proper respectable career either
>be a burger-flipping absolute fucking nothing for the rest of my life. Death would be preferrable.

But I’ve got plenty of friend, a loving and supporting family and the best relationship I could ever hope for, and they’d be sad if I died, I guess.

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I'm about the sameish and yeah, you just take your own enjoyment out of things.

What else can you do than drink yourself to death?

That image fucking killed me.

Aside from that OP a job a roof a car and a gf is all you need to be 100% fulfilled.

>can’t go through with any other proper respectable career
what why?

>But I’ve got plenty of friend, a loving and supporting family and the best relationship I could ever hope for
That sounds like a pretty good life, to me. That's more than most people can hope for.

In any case, typical entitled westerner. Death is preferable to not getting what you want. What a brat, you are.

Wait, forgot 'and food on the table'

I have a roof and a car and a girlfriend and I’ve failed every single fucking career I’ve set a foot on.

Well, I’m not good with academics, maths or people, and I’ve still got a few too many brain cells to enjoy myself wasting the rest of my life working in a factory.

I’m in eastern europe. You can leave your murica memes at the door.

>need a gf to be fulfilled

You'll go crazy without some measure of intimacy, and as long as you've got a good gf you'll be able to put up with some abject shit.

I am pretty ascetic, so I've always been happy with what I got, but it's a double edged sword. I always was happy with what I had, even when I was homeless, that I have no idea how to achieve anything.
Now I'm 30, working as a nurse. My wife is highly educated and really motivates me to seek higher education. I do want it, but I have no idea how to work for something

>Can you be content with being and having nothing that you’ve wanted in life and just be happy with what you have?
We have entire religions dedicated to that philosophy.

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I know plenty of you think you’re miserable because you don’t have girlfriends. I’m gonna be the one to tell you there is no santa.

If you weren’t unhappy because you weren’t getting laid, getting a gf won’t make you want to live.

I dunno dude, my reasons for being sad that I dont have a relationship are pretty fucking specifically related to not having a relationship. "Finally have all the hotdogs but I still feel empty" and whatnot. Theres nothing else I can really do better in to mitigate it.

I’m white. I fucking hate white buddhists.

Not for any cultural appropriation reason or some bullshit like that, they’re just so fucking smug. I can’t imagine becoming the kind of person who can look someone else in the eye and say ”I’m a better man than you”, not even despite of having done jack fucking shit, but BECAUSE of it.

The worst thing about western buddhists and the like is they seem to ironically have even more of an ego than other people

Like I said, I fucking hate those guys.

We can only tell you "I told you so" on the other side if you don't want to listen.



I feel like the western concept of humility involves a certain level of ego. Like here humility means accepting and struggling with your ego. Whereas a lot of eastern philosophies pretend it's possible to ever truly vanquish it, which is ironically an arrogant thing to believe.

Either way the buddhist world view is literally the complete opposite of my personality, and I could not achieve it even if I were lobotomised. So we’ll cathegorise that with ”options less preferable than suicide”.

Kind of agree, kind of don't. It's like that joke about money and happiness:
>money can't buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Ferrari

Yeah, nobody needs a gf to be happy. I've been single over a year now, and had a seven and a half year dry spell before her. Most women I met and liked at first would've ultimately been horrible matches for me. But on the other hand, user said a "good gf". I 100% agree that a good relationship with a good partner WILL improve your quality of life. But if you just want *a* gf, somebody who you fuck and hang out with then no, it may not necessarily make you even happier. Actually, it could make you even less happy.

Gee, such a mystery. It's almost like humans are social creatures and don't like to be alone. It's almost like every single ancestor you've had for the last five hundred million years has found a partner and procreated, and now the desire to do that is encoded in every cell of your body. Nobody's life is full until he or she finds his or hers other half. Anyone claiming otherwise is a liar.

Hard to say, personally, I'm happy where I am in life currently. I try to live simple and stress free life. I may not have all the money in the world, but I want for nothing. Coming from an IT background, stress was a daily thing, without even adding in the stress if needing to keep up with everything like new tech. I made the choice to work to live and not live to work, so far this has led to the happiest part of my life to date. Now of course I aspire to greatness and have dreams but I've loved to be happy with the simple things. I have a car, food, housing, a girlfriend. I find way to make the money I need, freelancing is a viable way to make money and gig apps that let me pick my own schedule have only further my happiness.