Where to find women

My entire life is a sausage fest. I work in tech so my job is entirely male, all my hobbies are entirely male, and at the store all the women there are too old. Online dating doesn't work for me, and my friends' gfs tried setting me up with their friends but it didn't work out. I've been going to music events at bars but women are still rare and almost always have a guy with them. I really dont get where they're all hiding, how do I encounter more women?

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Maybe your metal shows and avantgarde minimal breakcore parties aren't the best place to find women? Try going places where more women go. A regular bar is a popular spot, as well as nightclubs. Go to a popular area in your city where you know young people congregate and hit the bars there. For example, I live in Woodland Hills Los Angeles. A lot of older people with families, retirees, the scene here sucks. Well known to be a boring area. If I hop the subway to Hollywood, the place is popping with people who want to party, tourists, slutty women wanting to get noticed, et al.

Where do I find the shy history nerd? I know she wont be at bars or shows.

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What the fuck do people who don't line in a city do.

Around a library or a book/art/craft shop, in public transport, a park, try going to a cafe rather than a bar

>Try going places where more women go
That's literally what I'm asking. There's a lot of bars here and I've been to a good number of them, but its always the same older male demographic.
My experience with cafes is the women there are with boyfriends or have earbuds in and dont want to be bothered. It does seem to be the best place by % of women but theres still not a lot of them. Parks aren't very busy this time of year since it's been -20F.

Hmmm what about Starbucks or Sephora or something like that. I'm sure there will be many young women there but you can seem a bit wierd if you'll stand there awkwardly staring every girl you see down ... So make up an excuse to go there like : your mom / sister / aunt whatever asked to buy a lipstick for her or something

I'm going to try a new cafe after work today, but I am going to just awkwardly sit there by myself and drink tea. No idea how to talk to a girl if there are any there though, but I figure actually being around them is the first step.

That's the spirit! I'm sure most of them feel just as awkward as you do that's why they're on thier phones or whatever. You can try to establish eye contact first of all, just smile friendly and if she smiles back you can approach her and start some casual small talk, maybe give her a compliment, ask her questions about herself, be nice, polite, funny. Even if it won't work the first, second, third time you're gathering valuable experience. Good luck!

>tfw no shy history nerd gf

Even the cashier at the store today didn't look at me once, it was groceries cash then phone. Now I've been putting effort into looking people in the eye I notice girls never do it. I think they just don't care for a random average at best looking guy.

Well when you have 40 million male beaners moping around yeah there's an imbalance.

I dont look men in the eyes because they always take it as sexual interest. Its ridiculous, so i just ignore them and only eye contact other females or yes, men i find sexy.

Don't be discouraged! Appearance is NOT everything… She might have been tired or somehing

>places I have no legitimate excuse to be

Are you going to school/university/college? Try studying in a cafe, in some places its actually quite common.

I am 27.


So what? I'm not going to drop everything and chance a loan for a degree I dont want just to chase women that are too young for me.

You can always go there without any excuse or pretend you have one or join like a history enthusiast club or something. Go to a book shop/ library take whatever looks interesting to you ( who knows maybe you'll find a new hobby along the way); ride the bus to work once in a while (just don't expect too much, everybody will be propably tired/talking to friends), go for a walk somewhere, generally go out more if you have the time, that will surely increase your chances. There's no foolproof way to meet somebody you just have to take your chance and hope for the best.

>Just leave the house and walk around, maybe somebody will bother you in a bookshop maybe
Why does this feel so hopeless
There has to be a way to force things like with every other part of life

Best way is joining clubs / doing organized activities where there are people your age.
Like try pickung up a language course, but make sure its not just old people.
Just keep doing stuff like that, you will always meet a few new people

>There's a lot of bars here and I've been to a good number of them, but its always the same older male demographic.
So, look up your city and see where the nightlife is. The real nightlife, where young people go to be crazy. If you have a tourist-y area of your city, that's probably a good place to start.

The local watering hole, honky tonks, county fairs, tractor pulls, and simply knowing where the party is. Where my mom grew up and I spent several summers, the middle of buttfuck nowhere, the (cool) young people from like two counties would get together for parties in houses, barns, and fields. A lot like the party they had in the movie Dazed and Confused. You just had to be in the network of cool kids.

>into history
The classic, "where can i find a girl into boy stuff?" Try learning to talk about more than your own interests. Also, please note that having a shared interest in no way indicates relationship potential.

Winter is a bad time to try and meet women in any outside setting

Same problem.
I used to hang out at the library but,
Nothing there but old ladies.
I went to cafes and see a few purple haired hamplanets.
All I really meet is other guys gf's and soon to be wives.
Its hopeless man.

Is Instagram a good start I don't have one but im kind of a failed normie with friends. Where I work no girls my age and I don't see to many out and about when walking my dog either. Lots of just older people except a few areas. Not sure where to start but I'm doubting Instagram don't want to come off as desperate by dming girls.

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Huh I've never thought of that before. I've got a Facebook but I rarely use it, maybe its hurting my chances by not being on social media.

Same, I have Facebook but nothing else other than Snapchat which I don't use either. Facebook is mainly used by the older crowd though seems like more parents are into it than kids/ younger adults.


> If you really want girlfriend go to Asia and find woman there.
>Show white women their worthlessness

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