Manlet Thread

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Where's your peepee?

I was taller than yall when I was 12

Don't be sad. When life gives you shit, you just fling it at others.

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5 Fuß 8 Männlein hier

Same, 173 cm

That makes three of us. 173cm.

5 foot 7.5 here, got rejected again last night due to my height, and then had to walk two or three miles back to my campus in -20 weather.
feels bad man.

5'6 here, but I wear designer shoes a size too big with a heel insert.

The shoe itself has like a 1.5 inch heel and the insert gives another inch. Makes me nearly 5'9
Feels good.

I'd recommend designer shoes to everyone. Prada puts huge heels on a bunch of men's shoes because they KNOW it makes you more attractive.

I'm 5'4" and I have been turned down by every girl I've ever asked out or been on a date with, because of my height.
There's nothing I can do to fix it, I can't magically make myself taller. So I try not to think about it and just get on with my life but it's so damn hard.
Every time they say "you're a nice guy, if you were just a little bit taller.." or "if you were taller you'd be perfect" I just want to fucking stab myself in the goddamn neck.
I've tried my hardest and I think maybe it's time to just give up. I didn't even want to pass on my shitty manlet genes anyway.


You’re not a manlet you’re just an insecure faggot.

You need to bulk up, get a personality and learn humor.

I’m 5 3 and believe it or not when the discussion of height comes up people always guess I’m like 5 6. Far from a giant, but that shows how powerful the illusion of muscles and a good jawline are. I get attention from ladies all the time too, probably because of my demeanor. I never show my insecurity around anyone, and obviously it’s ahrder than it sounds.

There’s no room in this world for short lanks. It sucks but hey bro we gotta work with it.

I'm 6'4, and if I ever find one of you manlets, I'm going to pick you up by your hair and stretch you by your feet, then hang you from your small penis off a bridge while you get to watch me fuck Stacy and that hot co-worker of your's you fantasize of fucking on a daily basis.

You m8's should just kill yourselves, natural selection will rid of you anyway, you might as well speed up the process

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Missed it by 2 inches bros.

I'm 6 foot nothing.
Am I a manlet?

5'6. No matter how good I am at something, what I do or whatever, I always feel disadvantaged and behind. Height is really one of the only things that hold you back and cannot be change no matter what (surgery doesnt count because its terrible)
Im just going to bulk forever and wear work boots for the rest of my life.

Cope. The average height for young males at my uni is 180-185cm (Northern Europe). I feel like a kid and I never got any female attention since I left high school. I was already rather short there but I could still compete with my intelligence and 6/10 face. Even my 2 gfs of 7 months and 2,5 years complained about my height. They did it rarely and in a non-offensive manner, it speaks for itself. Imagine if I critizied their weight or facial features, it would be unacceptable. An old women (mom of a friend of my dad) also commented on my height a few weeks ago, we were takling alone about me and my brother (5'11): "Oh, you're the older one. Well, you probably wont grow anymore. Not that nice for a man of your height, but it is how it is. Some are taller and some are shorter." I was quite shocked but didn't show it ofc. Why does she comment on my height out of nowhere? There is something to this, I could tell two more of these stories.
I'm not even mad about this at women as the typical incel, sometimes it just drags me down and I get frustrated about it. My father is 6'0 btw, which doesn't make it better.


I feel for you, my manlet bros.

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>this is a manlet
Even in Scandinavia, you're average.

Why is this shitty larp thread here and not Jow Forums?

Manlets who get laid
Hugh Jackman
Tom Cruise
Bruce Lee
This one built like a tank kid at the gym Gino.
Yeah so I think you just gotta be rich or built good

>Hugh Jackman
m8 he's I've 6 feet

Fuck off. If you’re 5 8 you can’t complain about height. God m you’re the reason the rest of us get a bad wrap.

Whoa mandela effect right. Elijah wood and daniel radcliffe tho...okay more so Daniel radcliff. I'm sure he gets it and he only 5.4

Reminder that everyone who says "I got rejected for my height" is lying. This thread is lanklet virgins trolling and nothing else.

Kys plz