Is this really what most men want in a gf?


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>dont wanna cook

This shit is awful. You're awful.

Yes, except the shota thing.


No no no no. Maybe some pathetic neckbeards but definetly not most guys

You misspelled bitter lonely social inepts there buddy. A minor class of man, but not all testicle-hanging population.

For a "soulmate " picture, those are an awful lot of specific traits.

>I'm feeling dom today
Fuck no. Most men myself included hate getting dominated on. Only whimps with low self esteem and mommy issues like being sub.

Normiescum go and stay go

Pretty much this. I hate having to be dominant, but I hate being submissive as much or more.

>what most men want in a gf
>most men
She was asking about normies you mongoloid.

This is top normie stuff right here

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>tfw have that
Well, minus the pegging bit, but mostly yeah.

But I'm into thicc, and into older, when it comes to my women and that's playing with cheats when it comes to that kind of GF

haha what the fuck no.

Take out all the specific things and look at the forest instead of the trees. What I get from it is that whoever made it wants someone who is interested in them, eager to be with them and please them, and likes sharing activities with them that are fun and exciting for both. Yeah, I know, it's like saying "I'd like a car that moves when I press the gas pedal", it's like anything a partner would do, right? Except it's not. Some people are shitty partners. Finding people you really like and connect with, who feel the same for you, and also wanna sleep with you, like you do with them, is pretty rare. I've experienced it a few times, maybe, in 26 and a half years of living and having met what's probably thousands of women.

I can't say it's what most men want. I'd say it's what men are looking for real love and not just sex would want.

The vast majority of those get a no from me.

> I'm board let's fuck
> You should fuck me while i sleep sometimes
Wanting disgusting impure GF

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I would say that most of those things are really nice, but most of them aren't really deal breakers

>has a g/f who's into shota

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>you should fuck me while I sleep

This is 100% true, a girl I was dating unironically asked me that verbatim. I broke up with her like a week later.

It's more than that.

One thing that I know turns me off with women is when they rake me over the coals. Every decision needs to be dissected and explained, no matter how forgiving you are of their own tiny bullshit. They go at it with an attitude that you owe them something, that you should be GRATEFUL for their time and attention.

I think what it comes down to what men want in a gf, it's her being the one person in his life who kinda supports him instead of treating him the same way everyone else treats him. I already have a boss to answer to, coworkers that I have to grapple with, and bills that stress me out. Why the fuck would I want a woman that just keeps putting papers on each of those three piles?

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lol no
I personally want some overweight slut with a terrible personality

The fuck is this? 1/10 she gets a pity point.
I wouldn't even want to have her as a friend and this is rare.

What most men actually want

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I mean, this was clearly written by some anime sperg, but some of those do sound pretty nice.

That's what I would call a "whore", and the only thing I'd want is a world where not one of them existed.
And given the pedoshit, I would say most normies are going to be disgusted by that, too.

Can't speak for other men, but this is how I would edit that image to be closer to what I might want

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>Ghood morning user~
YESSSSSSssssss this.

Well, my ideal girl would be a skinny natural blonde with blue eyes who's a virgin.

Honestly besides the obvious stuff this is one of the more reasonable ideal gf templates.
She is supportive and caring, which is basic for a relationship regardless of bf or gf.
But she is clearly not perfect, a bit too needy and lazy, which in small doses are acceptable flaws in a healthy relationship and it’s good to expect you spouse to be flawed he is human (of course some flaws are worse than other, a hot tempered spouse might be manageable but an aggressive spouse is bad)
She also has weird fetishes which is also healthy to expect from your partner, you don’t have to accept everything he/she asks but having honest conversation about your sexual preferences ir very important.
So I wouldn’t say all men want this, but this is one of the least unreasonable ideal gf I have seen

most ideal gf posts are jokes though

pic related is my personal favorite, for example

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>taking that much sexual initiative

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You seriously think sub and dom roles necessitate who is the initiator? Because that is NOT my experience with kinky grills

>calling snail gf a joke
You dishonor your tribe.
Memes aside that’s the meme part of it, but I’ve also seen “soul-mate” templates where the gf is basically a maid with no flaws who only achieve happines by spring and serving the bf. It kinda reflects an innate desire to have someone as idealized as that, and seeking it can only lead to harm
By the way pic related I best gf hands down

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see, shark gf might be better as an actual gf, but snail gf is the funniest by meme potential

Big question posed, what is the ideal gf?

That's literally me what the fuck

>normal guys want sluts that dont care about them

Yeah. If you’re actually in love with someone, it doesn’t matter if they’re boring or even gross at times, just being around them is great.

For absolute perfect soulmate?
Well, that's simple enough
Cut out:
>Bully people online
>You should fuck me while I sleep sometime (????????? I mean okay?)
>Well if you want me to clean, you better be ready to make me! (sounds like a convoluted kink thing or something which doesn't seem like something I'd necessarily want mixed with chores)
>*Begs for attention* (I guess this depends. Maybe it could be cute if she's already your gf but then again, I'm a foreveralone)
>dream talk (maybe but sounds like it could get annoying after a while)
>Is nice, kind, stable, able to be motherly towards me.
>not thinking she's good at anything (I'd probably get frustrated or feel cringy about this. Or she could have dangerously low self-esteem that will take me down with her)
>Wakes you up with blowjob (I'd probably freak out if I found something around my junk suddenly in the morning like that)
>Obsessing over going to the store together (wouldn't last that long. May get annoying)

Replace some with like
>Let's play dnd/watch anime
>Something about her comforting me in her lap on a bad day...
>Is not (very) fat when I first meet her. Takes care of herself. Then again, I don't know. Thinking about my parents, maybe it could work, but that require some luck, persistence, and patience on her part.
>confident and put together
>Doesn't care that I'm a foreveralone dateless freak even though she's also 30... maybe 25.
>Prefers domming over subbing
>Knows about Jow Forums and shit like that

Or alternatively
>Is a girl
>Asks me out or something
>I inevitably take the opportunity because I'm desperate, sad, and vulnerable.

There is none
Dudes go with what they can get.
and girls settle for us after the age of 25

>broke up with her like a week later.
Why tho?


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Where do you live?

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Is the #1 rule, user - - always get the fuck away from crazy