Girlfriend doesn't allow me to play video games

Girlfriend doesn't allow me to play video games.

What should I do?

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Play video games. See how things pan out. You never know....

What's her reason OP?

Do you play too much? Show her you can play and give her attention equally.

Does she think they're too violent? Show her a more story driven game with pretty visuals.

Does she think they're immature? Break up with her, that shit doesn't work.

She told me to promise her to give up video games. I promised her I would. I'm not a NEET. Have a job in a brokerage firm and work out regularly (visit Jow Forums often). The only time I have time to myself I wanna enjoy some Crusader Kings 2 or Stellaris which are the only games I ever play and they're stimulating to my mind. I love strategy games but she's telling me to give it up.

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>Girlfriend doesn't allow me
Lol cuck

Dump her? Immediately? She'll come CLAWING back in fear the instant you tell her that shit ain't gonna last.

Never give up shit for a little clunge.

Grow a spine. Put your foot down and tell her No.
If she loved you, she'd listen to you and let you have your game time. It's no different than wasting your time watching TV or using the internet

>What's her reason OP?
It clashes with me give her attention.

>Do you play too much?
No. Only when days I have time to myself. I work 9-5 and after that I'll be gyming most days.

Does she think they're too violent?
Fuck no. I only play Crusader Kings 2 or Stellaris.

Does she think they're immature?
Maybe. I explain to her that some schools use Crusader kings 2 to teach students about history. I had a friend who knew nothing about geography and after showing him this game he finally knows where to find europe on a map.

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ngl OP, are you giving us the whole story? I stopped playing some of those games because they took an insane amount of time from me. I still play Dwarf Fortress on occasion, but its my only vice. I'm single now, but looking back when I was with my ex, playing video games was practically an addiction of mine and I kinda neglected her. It wasn't the reason why we broke up, but in hindsight, I can see why she was frustrated.

This isn't the worst advice, even though I said to dump her. Is it a strategy game session you can't abandon for even a minute? Stop and pick back up later? It sounds more like she's just immature, but I'd be mad if my girlfriend had a hobby that was a 3+ hour commitment every time she started it.

I don't know man, if someone is telling you to promise something, and you don't really want to but it's not harming anyone, it's nice to do it because you love your girlfriend, but also you shouldn't have to give it up completely.
Have you spent all day on viddy or something? I hope you can compromise with her, does she want you to stop because she wants to spend more time with you? Or because she's trying to control you?

Say "Fuck you, you can't change me." She will fuss.

Later, you'll be banging.

It's pretty much the whole story

>Having hobbies and activities isn't allowed because I'm a cuck who has to devote all my energy into pleasing girlfriend

>If I were a girl, and my bf wasn't someone who spents super long periods on video games, I would be totally happy he is playing games since I know where they are, what they are doing and that they enjoy doing it. Instead of guys that go out and party with their friends, or go to bars and may potentially cheat on me.
Bad luck dude, try getting to agree a set of hours that you can play freely. It's your hobby after all. You cannot deny her activities she do because you just feel you don't want her to do it.

>Does she think they're immature?
You don't even need to explain her why you like it. You like it and that's it. If you really like it, do it. But don't spend hours and hours.

Oh and btw, don't take this guy seriously, but it's a warning sign she is being dominant over you. Be careful.

tell her she can't put on makeup/go shopping because it takes too much time and she doesnt give you enough attention

holy shit LMAO

Stop playing video games because it's a horrible use of your spare time.

Then get another girlfriend because "forbidding" your partner from engaging in a past time is childish, disrespectful, and decidedly unpartnerlike behaviour.

She doesn't respect you, your relationship is going nowhere.

Unless you're getting ultra high-quality tendies as recompense, you're being scammed

>he thinks video games are a hobby
I watch TV and masturbate as a hobby too, user.

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apply yourself, user

I already said to dump her, user. But having to ignore your SO for an entire night any time you want to explore your hobby might mean you want to scale it back and come to a compromise.

I don't play a ton of games anymore, but is his girlfriend really asking him to "quit videogames forever," or just stop playing games that are a six hour session OP needs to keep practicing at every other day?

More power to him to dump her if he prefers the game to her. I prefer being single and able to do whatever I want to watching boring Netflix shows with a girlfriend, but I own that, so I'm single.

>making ultimatums
You already know you have to get out, why are you asking us?

Niggers look so good in white

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oh, advice, right...
buy her WoW?


If not bait, grow a fucking backbone, you clearly showed weakness early on in the relationship in some way or another like apologizing for something you were in the right for or engaging her when she's being a child and trying to argue with her and now she thinks she can walk all over you, women subconsciously keep track of this shit man. Start a clean slate and tell her to fuck off if she tries to tell you what to do, you're a grown man being bossed around by a woman who isn't even your mother. Maybe you can salvage your relationship

Do you spend time playing video games and ignore her because you're busy playing video games she wants your attention 24/7 and wants to know where you are 24/7 watch out for that that was something that happened to me a while back and it was because that she wanted to control me

user, abandon ship it all escalates from here

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