Gf of three years is insisting on getting a pixie cut again

>gf of three years is insisting on getting a pixie cut again
>Met her with long hair
>She got a pixie cut about 6 months into relationship
>I cannot stand short hair on girls, forced myself to stay because her heart is fucking golden, wasn't attracted
>attraction came back as it grew out
>Literally say yes to just about everything she says. Any favor, she's got it. Anything she wants to do, sure.
>She wants to do it again
I ask nothing of her. This is the only thing I've asked her to sacrifice.

Am I the asshole?

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>caring about hair
>caring about hair enough that it kills your boner
>fucking hair

Lol the fuck. Does she have a man face or something and you need the hair to hide it?

Are you a child?
Also, I love my hair short. I actually dreamt of shaving it bald.

She had a bald spot she didn't notice when she had the pixie. She wanted it shorter but her hair stylist talked her out of it. I never told her why.

She looked like a pre-pubecent boy, I love her but it's not attractive.

>I love my hair short. I actually dreamt of shaving it bald.

So you would ask nothing of your partner in terms of maintenance upkeep? Do you have any preferences? Ear gauges, tattoos, bull rings, neon green hair, nothing?

I wanted to dye my hair blonde and she said no. I said "ok" without another peep.

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Then fucking tell her. Better yet, have the hairdresser tell her about the bald spot, and you tell her you aren't attracted to her with a haircut that makes her look like a pre-teen boy.


don't know why you'd think being a bald female is hot
>pic related

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I did.

Don't make this about politics please

You're not an asshole, OP. She's being inconsiderate.

OP picked a girl with features he was attracted to and now she wants to change them. What's he supposed to do, live in magical fairytale land where no one has preferences and we all just date whoever regardless of attraction?

Upkeep is different from losing attraction over something like hair

Btw you should have dyed your hair if its what you wanted. It's hair lol shit grows out and can be re-dyed.

>it's fat lol it can be lost
This is how you sound. Is there anything at all you like on a woman's body? Anything at all? Imagine it being taken away. I'm not even OP and this bundles my britches.

you can't help that you're not attracted to short hair so you should just tell her that, she should understand

If there is no changing her mind and you don't want to lose her since she's great otherwise, maybe come to a an agreement?
She cuts her hair, just for herself but she gets to wear long hair wigs every now and then, just for you.

Fat is upkeep and brings far more issues than haircuts

Hair is upkeep. Takes months to years to grow back depending on length. It also needs to be kept healthy. So explain why hair isn't important.

Or maybe OP picked a girl who also had enough of a brain to choose to do whatever the hell she wanted to because it’s 1) literally just hair and 2) it’s her own hair.

OP has a right to not like it. That’s not the issue. But to think too much about something so trivial is borderline retarded.

Lol OP don't listen to these dorks

Your girl should want to look her best for you. If my gf did what yours is doing I'd probably break up

>it's literally just hair
>it's just trivial

How are you not getting the point that it's a KEY point of attraction for some people? Some people don't like tattoos, some people like fat people, some people don't like people with bad teeth. It's literally a big fucking deal if you're attracted to something on someone and they 100% refuse to give you the time of day about it.

It's not even worth making more comparisons until you can explain why you don't think it matters.

>be with gf for 3 years
>contemplate breaking up over completely temporary issue

I get that it’s a key point of attraction but relationships are vastly more than just shallow attraction. It’d be easier to make such brash decisions if it was just a quick fuck but after three years god damn.

My point is, OP’s been with her for a decent amount of time. It’s not just about physical aspects like hair. Of all physical aspects to care about, hair is entirely temporary. To some degree, a girl with an ability to make her own decisions is hot. And at the end of the day it’s her own hair. I say OP get over it but mention it gently if it bothers you.

Three years, about one and a half of which she clearly spent growing back to a point where OP is happier with it, and doesn't want to wait until year six to see if she's going to make more impetuous decisions just cause.

OP gets the wonderful luxury of begrudgingly forcing up his boner for a year to someone he's not attracted to so she can... what exactly? Have her neck cool in the summer? Show off her earrings? Spend less time shampooing?

You ever think that the reverse should be just as important, that she might want to maintain her three year relationship by making a minor compromise?

It takes YEARS to grow your hair back from a pixie cut. If a girl had gauges, those can be fixed in weeks with surgery but I won't like em while they're there. If a guy had If a girl had a swastika tattooed on her tits, they can be removed but I'm not gonna fucking like them.


>3 years relation
>attraction varries wildly with looks of partner
Clearly, just leave her. It's not working out

>many people on the [autism] spectrum prefer stability and consistency in their environment and activities, and can often find changes to previously set routines upsetting

My gf got a really short cut not quite pixie but fucking short, this was before we started dating but after I had started courting her. I was super attracted to her with long hair but dealt with the short hair. I have mentioned multiple times now how I was attracted to her with long hair and she has since mentioned she won't be doing a pixie again.

It doesn't really fit her face, long was good. Just tell your gf, it shouldn't be accusatory, just state your opinion

Ok, so you, as a non autistic person would be fine with any body change your partner does? Neon dress and a face tattoo with fucking rainbow grills, and. You're A-ok with that?

Ew. Is she terminaly ill?

Yeah as long as it’s not permanent or in bad taste. We’re not talking about tattoos or grills anyways, so it’s a moot point.

Yes. She's Marxist.

Its common these days. Sadly most of them cant be cured.

When a taken woman gets a pixie cut she’s signaling that she resents you and wants to deny you her feminine beauty

A helicopter ride cures that.
Best part is that they're free.

Just cheat on her if she cuts it again.


Oh I had a boyfriend that tried to change me once. I said "That's fine. Go find a girl like that then." Bitch still stuck around anyway, because desperate, yet still has the nerve. Dumped him soon after.

It's not that op is wrong about what they like and how they feel. But it is wrong to make someone stop doong what they love and choose for themselves to change to suit you, and you should just be honest and break up.

You sound like a real catch! (sarcasm btw (by the way))

Wow, you sound like a horrible person, but I think I'll take your advice.

Tell her gently that you find the pixie cut unattractive

She doesn't care.

I never understood these tiny, hyper-specific pet peeves that kill boners.

Kinda sounds like you're just making shit up to mask controlling tendencies.

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>I don't understand so in goong to straw man

It's a grade school form of fuckery though. The kid sees another kid who's doing something innocuous like tapping their foot or shifting in their seat, and the first kid acts like it's something that really bothers them.
That's literally what I think of when some guy acts like his woman's orthodox haircut really fucks with him.

It could be that or it could just be something that user’s mind genuinely doesn’t find attractive. It’s hard to understand our turn ons and turn offs sometimes.


Three years is a long time to potentially throw away over hair. It's within your rights, sure, but it's fairly petty.