I really just don’t even know why I’m like this. Why can’t I stop loving someone, even after all they’ve put me through? Like dragging my name through the mud in order to validate their reason for breaking up with me? Or bribing me with a chance at repairing things in order to get what they wanted? Why would I still feel love for a person who believes they’re broken, yet tells me I’m a psycho and abusive bitch? How is it that I’m not like other people and cannot for the life of me, walk away and never look back? This shit has completely ruined my view of relationships, starting to feel like if I want closeness, I should just ask for sex. Nothing else. I’m tired of being hurt, and having been truly and deeply in love with this person, I feel trapped in a steel box-deep underground. No windows, no exit possible. Honestly can’t see a recovery from this one, they were my “person,” the one I looked forward to spending the rest of my life with... and before I’m thrown stones at for whining, I’m almost 26... with a child who’s almost 5... I’m aging, my trusting of others is nonexistent, and I have a kid...

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>racemixing propaganda in OP pic
>single mother

You did this to yourself. Deserved every single thing.

nobody gives a shit
not op

pathetic. Defending racemixing whore. What a day to be alive.

again, your take on “racemixing” is worth nothing

Demography is key to everything as we know it. Country is as good as its people. Her kid will grow up into mentally ill faglord. So many cases!

Uhhhh definitely an app called “Florence.” Which I thought was beautiful for its art style and overall story... and racemixing?? Is Jow Forums just a bunch of fucking racists retards? Been here a while, guess you guys came out the woodwork lol. “Go on now, GET.”

“Racemixing whore” too bad my child is FUCKING SUPER PALE AND WHITE, you dumb fuck. Crawl back in the hole you came from you uneducated and poorly socialized swine.

>Is Jow Forums just a bunch of fucking racists retards?

Jow Forums is board of peace. No racism allowed. It's in rules!

sure sure. He aryan warrior. Lmao

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26 isn’t that old you’re just a whore who had a kid too young
Your over dramatic whiny bullshit makes me sick

Build yer wallllll, chew on yer tobaccy, fuck yer cousin yeehawwww. And I’m being just as bad by reacting that way, BUT HOLY SHIT I cannot stand people with this mentality. Go fuck your self with something hard and sandpapery. You’re wasting everyone else’s air by breathing right now.

ITT: bots


Oh, and who art thou? Hop off and jump off a cliff user. I could care less if you find me whiny, 1 in a billion baby >;)

What’s this?

Describing the inherited traits of my toddler doesn’t make him aryan, did I mention eye color? Or hair color? No. And I’m against this whole, don’t mix colors, disgusting and nasty bullshit we have going in this country. People are people, no matter what skin color we wear. Love is love, just like music is a universal language. God, I’m so sick of fucked up people.

>And I’m against this whole, don’t mix colors, disgusting and nasty bullshit we have going in this country. People are people, no matter what skin color we wear. Love is love, just like music is a universal language. God, I’m so sick of fucked up people.

Kek. Western women ladies and gentlemens. Cherish this moment while you can.

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Uhhhh... wtf?

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Nothing ignore the trolls. Is your son biracial? I have biracial son too i can help you. Just tell me what mix is he.

Lol I see now that the same person keeps commenting on this. Go stick a finger in your butt and call it a day user. Life’s too short to be obsessing over “race-mixing,” and “westernized women.”

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My son isn’t biracial. My sons father is an excuse for a human being, but Irish in descent. I am fucking appalled by the “racemixing” comments on this thread. It’s disgusting and just UGH. People are ignorant as fuck.

>Life’s too short to be obsessing over “race-mixing,” and “westernized women.”

Life is indeed too short but for you. If you know what im implying.

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I posted this shit because I am still 100% in love with my ex. No matter what I do. Not to discuss race or ignorance... fuck, I just don’t even know what to do anymore, seems like everyone has a separate agenda, when all I want is the love of my person. If I can’t have that, well, I’ll just be alone. I’m completely fine with that too, I can love myself just as good as the next.

>Not to discuss race or ignorance... fuck

Many men are predominantly rightwing. Have you ever considered he left you because you are deluded left leaning? Maybe but maybe he doesnt like you because he sees you as whore who is brainwashed into beliving this kind of bullshit. Just my opinion.

Okayyyy you’re right. You’re just so right. Lemme just tell you how right you are?!

Too bad were both more into the socialist alternative scene >:)

He grew up you didnt.

I really don’t even need to defend myself against you, since you’re 110% wrong about gender, political stance, and current “brainwashing.”

Yeah. Okay. Nope. Next. Little bit older, and I dont

Of course you dont need it. You are 100% right. Even if i would present you statistics and data you still would not belive in them. Being brainwashed is state of mind where if i would tell you that white is white and black is black you still wouldnt belive it.

Oh tell me more?

what would you like to know?

How does thee become brainwashed?

Yup. Oh alright. I see. You’re totally right. I’m a mindless, child-bearing, colorblind, fuck-machine. I forgot who I was for a little bit?? >.>

Im willing to accept you OP if you will stop beliving in bullshit. Deal?

The fact that you took everything said and then used the image on this thread as context? Well you must be new here, or just ill informed. A little doodle doesn’t always represent what the OP is talking about. And in this case, you’re acting like complete purist scum because of an image. People like you aren’t meant to reproduce, and unless you live on an abandoned island far far away from any civilization, your children will grow to hate you for your racist ways. If you can even have any.

Oh please, accept me user :3