Got retarded drunk again last night

>Got retarded drunk again last night
>Got banned from my local bar for throwing up on the carpet and screaming
>Punched a kebab shop worker for getting my order wrong

What the fuck do I do... is there something wrong with me??

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Stop drinking?

user, is drinking the only way you can have fun?

Go and apologize profusely to everyone you wronged and promise them you will stop getting wasted

Just stop getting drunk, go and apologize to the people.


I can’t remember who it was

I can’t have fun without getting drunk. I act like a retard when I’m drunk, but I’m depressed when I’m not drunk

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1. Stop drinking
2. Get help if you need to

Considering (if that's you, OP), you need help, you're on track for alcoholism

so, why are you depressed?

go to a psycologist or a coach or somthing like that, your liver will thank you.

I've got news for you, OP: you're an alcoholic and, worse, an asshole. The reason you feel like you need alcohol to have fun is because you've destroyed the baseline hormone levels in your poor brain by repeatedly dosing it with poison, so it considers any moment that isn't spent wasted dull, numb, and lifeless--when in fact the opposite is true. You can undo this by quitting drinking, realizing precisely why you feel compelled to run away from your sober self through the escape that altered states offer, and fixing the problems in yourself and your life that made you do so, but it's going to be very hard and take many months, if not years.

I’m not gonna quit drinking. I would have a boring life. Anyway this isn’t even the worst thing I’ve done

It is definitely possible to have fun without drinking, you've just literally damaged your brain's ability to feel enjoyment while sober. You can fix this by quitting. Get professional help if need be user, it's important for your mental and physical health.

Never mind, you deserve your misery you pathetic, weak-willed faggot. And you being an asshole has nothing to do with the alcohol.

>I’m not gonna quit drinking
you need professional help
dont be an asshole
there are people who care(d) about you

How about try phenibut and no drinking

The denial here should be a red flag. You’re not gonna quit drinking because you physically can’t, not because your life would be “boring.” Fucking admit it and get help, dude.

Get your life together before you find yourself knifed in an alley.

Holy kek I saw you. The guy who came with jelly legs into the kebab shop in Bristol and got wrestled by 3 Turks? Get help bro

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Stop shilling this you fucking kike

See it like this; when you go to jail for assault, your life will be even more boring and miserable...

beating up other people in a drunken stupor sure as hell is no valid definition for "fun"

whining about it on here isn't gonna help you


>What the fuck do I do... is there something wrong with me??

yes, you're an alcoholic who will drink despite the fact that it lowers your inhibition to do stupid and destructive shit.

seek help before you kill someone by driving a car next time, or piss off the wrong person who decided to correct your behavior his own way.

Bristol as in Bristol, CT?