The more I think about women the less I want to get married...

The more I think about women the less I want to get married. I'm a straight white 21 year old male whose had 4 different sexual partners in the past. When I think about getting married to a potentially psychopathic and judgmental woman, which I think all women naturally are, it makes me just wanna get a dog instead. Is there anything about the institution of marriage that can bring me more happiness in my future?

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>I think about getting married to a potentially psychopathic and judgmental woman, which I think all women naturally are

here's your problem
women are just as psychopathic and judgemental as men, get your head out your arse and stop lurking on Jow Forums and Jow Forums if you think our gender is that mentally superior compared to women

just don't marry if you're not 200% sure about this person. Keep the pace slow and steady and don't do stupid shit before thinking about it 100 times. Most women are fucking retarded and will leave you for even dumber excuses. A dog on the other hand will be your friend for at least 15 years. Way more than a female could or has offered you.

I'm married, I've been married for 9 years, and it's the best.
She's the best friend I've ever had and the only person who never left my side, beside my mother, no matter how bad things were.
Never fails to surprise me with sex or a good homemade dinner after work. She smiles at me every time I walk into a room. Great mom.
Getting married to her was the best choice I ever made. Just pick the person right.

>women are just psychopathic and judgmental as men
No, women take it to a whole different level.

That's what I'm thinking man, but the problem is I might want children down the road too, and I don't know if I want to be that financially invested in a woman to have a child with her.

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I'm with you, user. It seems like a losing proposition. And this isn't a "reeee roasties" thing, just more like marriage is outdated in our society. Men and women never lived this long, and marriage isn't the societal necessity you once had. A family unit was often also your workplace, everyone had to contribute to keep alive. Not the case anymore.

I can't blame people for getting tired of each others' bullshit and getting a divorce. But at the end of the day, that turns into an ugly custody battle or alimony situation where someone loses much of their hard earned money.

People like this are the rarity. And honestly, I don't know if I even trust it, because I only ever meet these people online and think they're masking some of the bad shit to ignore their codependency issues.

>9 years
bro, that's nothing. Jeff Bezos divorced his wife after 25 years. Come back when you're married for 20+ years, that's a way bigger milestone.

desu men are psychopathic and women are psychotic.

>>women are just psychopathic and judgmental as men
>No, women take it to a whole different level.

you're being judgemental towards half of the earths population on an anonymous message board which is infamous for its harboring of psychopathic traits, who are you trying to kid?
you need to grow up and realise you do not understand how peoples minds work in the slightest, you will not get a decent woman with your immature mindset

Bro, that's how much I've been married to her. It's not a special milestone or anything, it's what it is. I wasn't trying to brag, just saying that marriage can be extremely happy.

That's a very unhealthy mindset to have.
>All men are sad because all women are psychos
>Those who aren't sad are just lying about it

How old are you? I've met enough women in my life already to form my opinions of women. Just take a look at how many use Instagram for their constant need for validation and attention. I swear women's whole life revolves around getting attention from other women due to their own vanity and fear of failure.

I said it's not "reeeee roasties," I don't blame women for any of it. I just think marriage is a major financial and personal risk. Watching the amount of people who go out of their way to tell me not to ever get married or ever have kids is ridiculous.

I sit right next to a woman at work who breaks down into tears every day because she's on the cusp of losing her job because she needs to keep going to the lawyer so she can win this trial to keep visitation with her kids. Her ex husband won't let her talk to them on the phone and is living with his new girlfriend while he is jobless so he can claim that he can't provide child support or alimony.

This isn't about women, it's about humans.

And no, you don't have to be "sad" to not be married. Props to you for finding someone you love and truly enjoy, who you feel confident feels the same way about you.

You've got a whole other wide swath of people who got married because they're afraid of being alone, and aren't particularly fond of their partners anymore. They'll start crumbling into divorces and we have people going "just do it brah it's the most fulfilling thing you'll ever do brah you're a lesser person if you don't brah"

i'm 25
you sound very edgy, like youre projecting your insecurities by trying to attack a select group of women for theirs
i see just as many men on instagram who post fake lives online to validate themselves, just like women do, and they're not doing it just for the same gender, men do it to get positive attention from both men and women just as women do
on the other hand, i see many women who hate social media, they hate the idea of constant validation and they can see through it much clearer than these girls you seem to think every female on earth is like

I don't go around and tell people "get married, it's the best choice I ever made. Sometimes I still stay up at night to look at her because she's so beautiful and when she has my child in her arms I just want to cry" because I'd sound like a faggot. But I do feel that.
People who will tell you anything about getting married or not are those who are unhappy about it.
My advice: get to know a lot of people, find the right one and marry her. It's a HUGE commitment, but it's the only good thing I've never regretted in my life beside my children.

based and blue pilled

I do know a lot of people, and I've dated plenty, but all I've ever met in my life are women who are obsessed with me but have no shot, or women I'm obsessed with but have no shot with. Life;as cruel game.

But this isn't about me anyways. Back to marriage discussion.

I'm just saying the percentage of women who act that way is significantly higher than men.

Marriage is a meme. It was done for financial gains and stability in the modern world to raise more fucking kids. Economy is still based on infinite growth, not because it's natural to tie yourself down to one partner.

and I'm just saying that's complete bullshit, men are just as prone to narcissistic competition and desperate attempts for online validation as women are, they just go about it in different ways because of how society rewards people
stop being so narrow-minded, it will lead you to a lonely life.

why the fuck would people want to get married when its easier to cheat than ever before? its 2019 guys!!

>the economy is based on infinite growth
Spoken like a true person who has no idea about anything related to economics. Marriage is a meme, but financially it still makes sense to pool resources with someone, maybe just not a woman. The risk involved is greater, booth financially and mentally, but now that women are more independent and liberal than ever, finding a girl who is loyal enough to not fuck you over in the end is rare.

>tfw you cannot see beauty anymore, but only imagine how many men she's probably slept with

You're either a woman who doesn't know many men or a girly man who doesn't have any friends.

>men are just as prone to narcissistic competition and desperate attempts for online validation as women are

Are you deluded or just plain retarded? Women base their whole identity on validation from others.

I am a man who has travelled a lot in my life and has witnessed first-hand the similarities both genders have

of course some women do, just as some men do
it should be a comment on how humans think, not how women do. it is narrow-minded and a worrying superiority complex if you think that you and all other men are free from these narcissistic traits whereas all women must think like this

>I'm a man who has travelled a lot in my life
>implying that has any basis on whether you are familiar with a lot of different types of people

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>Women are just as psychopathic and judgemental as men

Gonna need to see some sources there, bucko. Realistically speaking, of all the people I've actually met in person and haven't just seen on a statistics spreadsheet, women by and far show the least empathy and the most capacity for cruelty without remorse.

That's strange
The more I think about my mother and the women I interact with daily the more I desire marriage

>user doesn't understand burden of proof
If you claim women are more insane than men, prove it

Yeah, like the other guys said, you are full of shit.

Narcissistic competition and desperate attempts for attention are definitely things some men do, but those men are usually considered outliers and are called out for such blatantly self-aggrandizing behavior.

All women, minus a few rare outliers, behave this way. None of them are called out for being shallow or shit people, because its pretty much what everyone expects from women. People expect you to be a twitch thot or a camwhore. Its what women DO. Compete with each other for attention.

user wtf

>Women base their whole identity on validation from others.
What do you think hookups are? They're 90% just validation for the guy.

>Person asks for sources
>B-But you prove it! I don't have to prove anything!

Look buddy, I just asked for sources in the post that you just replied to. You were asked first, the burden of proof, or lack thereof, is on you.

Women trade sexual attention for non sexual attention. But the scale is wildly skewed in women's favor due to the advent of social media

Are you JOKING? 90% validation for the GUY?

So it must be the woman that's expected to hold open doors, pay for meals, plan the itinerary for every date, show all initiative, shower her date with attention, ply them with compliments and generally run the entire experience so that the other person can enjoy it?

Oh wait, its men doing all of those things. Because relationships are actually just 90% validation for the woman, and the men do all the hard work.

Your point? Guys entire existence is driven by getting girls. It's literally what makes successful men successful, the desire to attract women by acquiring wealth and status.

Yeah, I guess that's a result of my parents having a functional relationship
My life goal is a wife and kids, really. at least 4, maybe 6

Christ, a whole lot of incel behaviour itt

>Jeff Bezos divorced his wife after 25 years
Yeah, and Jeff was the one who cheated.

His wife wasn’t giving him the attention he needed