Besides sex and other acts of physical intimacy...

Besides sex and other acts of physical intimacy, what does one even do with gf/bf that one doesn't do with a best friend? Surely sex isn't the only difference between friendship and relationship? Right?

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You plan a future together and commit to them for life (hopefully). This future includes kids, living together, etc.
You live together, you normally don't live with your best friend.
You have a level of emotional intimacy with them you just don't have with a best friend, I know things about my boyfriend and he knows things about me that no one else in the world knows.
You feel romantic feelings for each other. I light up the second he walks in a room, I feel electric whenever he touches me, I wake up in the middle of the night to check if he's breathing.

They become above everyone else and anything else. You become just one thing.

There's only a limited amount of things you can do. But the way you experience them is completely different when you're with someone you truly love. My gf told me a while back that I make the banalities of live pleasurable. It's just that, love sublimizes everything, friendship does too but not to the same extend or in the same way

Thanks for the input. Reading post like these make me super depressed. I fucking hate happy people

I love my best friend (no homo), but I don't just randomly look at him and say "I love you"
That would be fucking gay.

>That would be fucking gay.

Women think the same when you say I love you them.

t. woman

God I wish I could be this bluepilled. Sounds soooo good. I miss believing and feeling that way.

Love you, no homo. Done.

Only if he's pathetic or if it's a habbit
If he says the words with his eyes it's beautiful

K thanks for sharing.

Im closer with my boyfriend than I have been with any other human
There’s just a level of intamacy I am not comfortable having with anyone else. It’s like having a super best friend. I’ll tell him things I wouldn’t even tell my best girl friend.
We share a home together, share meals and watch tv series together
I cook for him and wash his clothes (I would never do that for just a friend)

Being this close to each other, I feel drawn to looking after him and him me.
Our plans are always made with each other in mind and we always work together as a team. His goals are my goals.

not much. most relationships fizzle out into friendship/roommate scenarios with very little sex involved. relationships are used to make insecure people feel whole and sometimes babies get made. There's really nothing mystical about it, incels romanticize things way too much. the single life is the best life at least till age 35-45 where you should find an 18-21 year old virgin to impregnate and marry.
>he doesn't tell his bros he loves them after intense moments of violence, loss, tragedy, success, glory, comradery etc.
>he's actually so insecure of his peers thinking he wants to suck their dicks that he's afraid to show any kind of positive emotion towards them
gee what a faggot

Max cringe. You think you're so woke but you're so far from the truth I pity you

fake and gay. my gf just spends my money and lets me fuck her a lot. She doesn't really share emotions with me

My boyfriend and I literally share everything emotionally. We do fuck a lot tho.

what was your longest relationship?

8 years, still together, still having passionate sex regularly. We met the last year of hs, survived throughout uni and now we both have jobs and it's still looking beautiful

my highschool sweetheart relationship lasted from senior year to five years later.
it's a nice thing but very delicate. also when we started dating she was taking hormonal birth control. Four years later she stopped taking it, one year later we broke up because the hormonal change made her realize she wasn't really attracted to me. She liked Chads deep down and I'm pale lanky art boy.
Hormonal birth control tricks the female body into thinking it's pregnant, so they seek out more feminine men. When the hormones stop, they realize they're not pregnant and want a strong man again.
if your gf takes hormones, be careful. if she ever stops taking them she may fall out of love

Dunno how to break this to you user but what you have there is a long term escort / sugar daddy type deal, not a gf.

You should be worried.

Yeah I've heard about this too. Still I don't think you should reduce it simply to that. Did she actually say she wasn't physically attracted to you anymore?

She only tried the pill for a short time but it made her feel suicidal so now she has a non-hormonal coil

Picture this. Being so unbelievably comfortable around somebody that you are willing to ask the if your butthole is red because you wiped too hard and there was a small amount of blood on the toilet paper. They look and tell you without even blinking.