Abusive bf?

My 2 year relationship with my bf recently has just hit rock bottom.

we have been fighting here and there about useless things, but now every time he gets slightly pissed or angry he hurts me or pushes me onto the floor..

Ive always seen these "i was in an abusive relationship but i didnt get out of it until it was too late" or smth like that and ive always thought wtf just leave the guy.

But now im in this mess and i dont know what to do or why im still with him, i cant really go any where since we live together at his place and i hardly got any money since im a student..

Im just trying to figure out whats wrong with me and why i cant just leave.. any advice..

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>I’m relying on this person for food and shelter
>why can’t I leave?

Because you can’t support yourself.

You dipshit i have a job and pay for my shit

Sounds like me 10 years ago.

>why im still with him
You're with him because he's right, at least partially and you sympathize with it.

When I hit my girlfriends, they never reacted negatively. They always shut up, stopped being annoying, and actually acted pleasant and respectful for a few days. Abusive relationships aren't like most people seem to think they are. They're usually the woman being a huge bitch and the man losing his cool.

Anyway OP, besides dropping your ego and stop annoying your man, get him anger therapy. That was the only thing it took to get me to stop. Sometimes you need outside intervention to stop this stuff.

You don't need cops or a breakup. Stuff like this can actually stop, and I'm speaking from experience. He does love you and i know you feel that. He's just lost control of himself and needs help more than anything.

If you break up, then you both lose. The exception is battering (the loser man who drinks and comes home from work and hits his woman for no reason- these men are less common, but there's no help for them). Your boyfriend is not a batterer and therefore can be healed and this completely stopped.

Also after he works on his temper, work on your relationship. Take couples therapy or something. You guys are being too selfish and egotistical, I know it, you know it. So stop that shit and start loving each other again. You have to DO things for each other and provide lovingly for free, not tit-for-tat.

Yet you can’t reply to a comment? Maybe I was wrong and you’re just too retarded to leave.

Are you for real?
You're not just dumb and an hypocrite, you're also disgusting.
Good Lord.

OP, please leave this asshole and ask for help at a women shelter or something. Or you'll end up married to Peanut Butter.

My hunch about her was right, the way she responded to your commend was harsh, angry over-reaction.

imagine how she treats her boyfriend, daily.

OP, your boyfriend will get help and stop, but you can't act innocent here. I think you need anger therapy too. Seriously.

I would ask you to explain yourself, but I know you're just a troll.
>Or you'll end up married to Peanut Butter.
At this point in time, it's not such a bad fate. I'm a really good man.

How the fuck can one fag derail all the thread he partakes in...

You fucking said you used to beat your ex girlfriends and it was their fault because they pissed you off.
You're legitimising being physically violent because you were annoyed.
It's like saying "it's okay to cheat on my boyfriend because he doesn't get me off/he's busy with work". Same logic.
You're a fucking horrible person and I hope you die alone.

>and it was their fault because they pissed you off
No, my actions are my own fault.

That wasn't the point I made.

I said it worked. You can't deny that hitting them actually works. However it's illegal and perhaps immoral.

The rest of your post is emotional hysteria, relax user, nobody is threatening you.

I don't. It's the trolls who reply with nonsense that derail it. My posts are always on-topic, or in reply to trolls. Absolutely never to I personally derail anything. I uphold the rules.

No your posts are always always slightly off to the advice given. I argued with youn2 days ago as well. Accused you of doing it for attention you told me couldnt i think of any reason. Even then your posts are always desycned, baitish and trollish, always.

that's a really fancy way of saying you have different opinions

actualy I can support this post, I never brought violence for being anoyed tho lol, but yeah, women can be awful mentaly abusing bitches, and yeah, you lose your cool and you hit them, and it works, they apologise, say that they are wrong etc etc which doesnt mean any of this is good or healthy or that it should be how things are done

I'm with my gf for a year, and there was some scenes in this realtionship most ppl would run from, but we love eachother, we care about eachother and we are working together on being better as a couple and being better at being a human, and we are happier and happier every day

Sorry but I don't see your need to derail this thread and talk about me.
If you disagree with my ideas, then discuss it. But you can't attack everyone who has a little bit of a different perspective than you. If we all did that, then Jow Forums would turn into an echo chamber.

I'm really happy for you user. You're doing a great job

jk lol I want to end this horror and then my life

Ignore the larping incels derailing your thread.
The only advice is to leave, assuming legality is a concern.

>no reason provided
oh Jow Forums
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>I'm a really good man.

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I've answered this question many times, you guys just don't accept it, then you're all like:


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