Would it be weird for a 25 year old to go to an anime club at his community college

would it be weird for a 25 year old to go to an anime club at his community college

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Not at all. The anime club memes are real though so approach with caution.


i want something easy to start out with so i can adjust to being around people again. i figured an anime and vidya club would be that but i'm afraid everyone is gonna be 18-20 and they'll think i'm too old to be there even though i totally don't feel too old. people say i look between 22-25.

but why

>but why
Because anime and videogames are trash. You will be better off in music club or any other club to find girls to suck your pee pee. But feel free to join anyway you will see some cringy shit you have never seen before.

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like what kind of things? last time i went to an anime club was 8 years ago and other than the ppl in there watching trash anime and being kinda awkward, it wasnt very bad

It would be weird for a 25 year old to go to a community college, but hey it's not as if things can get anymore embarassing. Go enjoy yourself at the anime club.

Mostly weeaboo mangling moonspeak, shit-tier anime choices and substantiated reasonings like "it just is."
I joined one hoping to talk about anime and all anyone did was talk about OCs they drew or mangle moonspeak
Granted, that was in high school

>Hi guys, is this where anime club is at?

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Not if dress as a fury. Trust me.

>That neck
>That chin
>Those eyebrows

But where's Edd and Eddy?

Why is it weird? Not everyone immediately goes to college after high school. Some people join the military, start working full time, etc.

here are the trolls

you will just be a freak among slightly less freakish people

user i have a question you might be able to answer
i took the accuplacer before i graduated high school but that was 4 years ago
are the results still valid?

explain yourself

Feel free to, but the people that are so open as to join an anime club are usually complete fucking weirdos. Every self-proclaimed weeaboo in anime club was some kind of psychotic asshole, and I can only imagine how much worse they would be in college.


Thats literally me, hahahs

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Don’t do it user, as others said the anime club memes are absolutely true (I also have personal experience to back up my claim). I recommend doing some volunteer gigs. You get exposure to human contact (alot or a little depending on the project), get to feel better about yourself for helping your community, and it looks good on a resume if you don’t already have a job. Plus when you tell people what you did they’ll gain a bit of respect for you.

Why the fuck aren't you banging college chicks?

there is some truth to this, but I'm an oldfag fan, so the truth to this i see is any fan under about 27.

OP that would only be the weird part, if that particular club was overrun with people who only peripherally liked anime and were more interested in typical social/political tripe counter culture shit. Run away from that shit.

Otherwise, its just dorks, and dorks are everywhere and at every age.