I hate being a 19 y.o Hapa...

I hate being a 19 y.o Hapa, boys never leave me the fuck alone because they consider me a fabled "dream girl" just because I'm into HEMA and metal gear....which is flattering but I'd really love some fucking breathing space. I've had to quit so many hobbies because dudes constantly approach and hit on me. Last week, I went to a parkour meetup all anyone seemed to want to do was watch me do a bunch of flips and cartwheels. I've stopped playing at the local tabletop joint because everyone keeps trying have private matches with me which is strange because nerds I usually introverted. This be fine if I were an attention seeker but I'd rather like one of the guys...fuck....

Pic related is me

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What are you even talking about

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Sorry, fucked up my grammar. What I'm asking is how could go about being treated like one of the guys in the groups I frequent?

What have you tried?

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Become reverse trap

Acting more tomboyish and adopting everyone else mannerisms but this doesn't seem to work much

How's that different than being a Tom boy?

Tell them you're a lesbian.

pfffft good luck with that. beauty is a blessing and a curse

Just be upfront and cruel about it.
*Random turbovirgin flirts*
"Dude, I'm not interested in anybody here especially not you. I'm here to (insert activity here). Quit while you're ahead, or I'll make you regret it."

Also, if the OP pic is you, consider wearing shorts that aren't essentially underwear on the outside. The way you're presenting yourself is less "comfortable" and more "brainless floozy".

you can't. men are fucking animals and they're always gonna try and hit on you, no matter what. most guys never learned the effect they have on women when they act this way, and so anytime you try to get involved in majority-male stuff like this, there will be dudes creeping on you.

making them all think you're gay is actually a good idea but causes problems of course. if you have a good guy friend amongst them, get him to stand up for you, but probably that'll just make him more interested in you.

gl but this very reason is why men and women don't understand each other.

Let them know that you won't date anyone who doesn't send you a dick pic first.

Then share any dick pics you get around to shame them for being retards.

>actually getting approached by anyone

yeah no. Making up shit wont get you more attention.

I hate your grammar, are you like from Kazakstan or something, learn english.

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Wtf. That would only sharpen my resolve.

A lesbian into frottage.

As a dude ten yours your senior and who grew up with plenty of close female friends:

Sorry you’re kinda shit out of luck.

The only female who I knew that got treated as “just one of the boys” basically was a lesbian who didn’t really at all know how to be a girl and was more girl crazy and crass, and sloppy than most of the boys.

You’re kinda too attractive and feminine for that apply to you.

That being said, if you hang around less nerdy an inexperienced guys, it’s also way less likely that you’ll get treated like you’re the last woman remaining on earth or the last great hope.

Guys who are used to having girls around and socializing with them tend to give less of a shit and are significantly less likely to obsess over them.

They might still try to fuck you, but they won’t start making shrines for you or spend countless hours trying to contrive events to get your attention.

P.S. one of my best friend was a gay chick, I’ve been to plenty of bars and clubs with her, and I can tell you for a fact that telling guys you’re gay does not really work, and in fact, can even backfire and make some of them try even harder. Half the time I just pretended to be her boyfriend to save us the bother.

>Don't worry sweety, it'll stop
>t. my mom

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Dress modestly and shoot them down one by one.

Also you are all retarded for falling for a bait, here is one more on /soc/, nsfw

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Give everyone in your friend group who tries to move on you one warning.

After that, kick them in the nuts whenever they tried.

Was posted after this. Could be another user looking for lols.

You're dangling meat in front of dogs and you're probably the only piece of meat in the area. What other reaction would you expect in these situations?

Any attempt to dissuade people from hitting on you by changing your behavior in an unnatural way won't work. What will work will is honesty in your interactions with the people approaching you. If you feel someone is trying to pursue you that you don't want pursuing tell them you're not interested. If someone corners you in a one-on-one game that you're not interested in then tell them no. If you're in a group situation like the parkour incident then call them on their obvious ulterior motives instead of putting on the mask of the oblivious wallflower.

Honestly, discouraging their behavior like you would a dog will probably work.

Few motivators are more effective than shame, especially public shame.

Just ask them to spar and then beat the shit out of them.

>don't want attention
>pic related is me


Plenty of guys think you’re a dbag as well, if that’s any consolation. They just don’t bother talking to you, so you don’t notice them.

I play magic and there are 2 girls there who come by from time to time. Both of them are girlfriends to someone in the store. People know they are in a relationship and they respect that.
Last friday, a new girl came in. She was invited to play a match and quickly everyone was standing to watch the two playing. 1. Because she was a girl and that rarely happens, but also because she was new and it is fun to see someone play a deck "we" all knew but she clearly didn't. (She knew how to play the game but haven't played dredge before) it was very entertaining.
I can see how that would be too much attention for one person, but here is how she could have done the same thing without the added attention:
Go to the entire event, don't just show up and be there for 20 minutes.
Talk to people about the thing you are doing instead of making it all about you.
Say no to people instead of flirting with them. To some people, just being nice to them is such a boost from what they are used to, so be aware of what you are doing to them.

Pic related is not that attractive. What kind of loser guys would drool over her?

You're not even that hot, I mean I assume it's the most desperate bottom of the barrel trash hitting on you and I guess I can understand getting tired of that hitting on you. But in all reality I'm sure there are women who have it a lot worse than you.
My advice is to stop being such an attention whore, suck it up and deal with it, tell them you're lesbian, straight up tell them you're not interested. Just do shit you like and ignore the annoying people, learn to death glare at people, carry around mace if they don't take it too well and overreact.
Or surround yourself with guys who aren't desperate enough to go for a 6/10 (being generous).

or shave your fucking head, that will keep them away, tell them you have cancer.

Fucking stupid.
Its impossible. I'm one of these guys and the only women I'm attracted to are other nerd women who actually have something in common with me.
Its torture.
Maybe if you got off your high horse you'd realize that but thats impossible for women because they're biologically made not to give a shit about any men except Chads and otherwise just treat them like shit.
Then society pretends it matters if I'm physically attractive when women only really care about things like experience, maturity, "confidence", being tall...
Like that's any less superficial.
Fucking slut cunts.

Don't get me wrong. I hate men too and I hate myself for being a man.

Its really better to just stay away from other genders at all. Just get a lesbian haircut and start acting like you only like women or make yourself cosmetically fat or otherwise gross.

Attention whoring with that image despite what you say, too. Actually, come to think of it, why did you post a pic of yourself to Jow Forums if not to attention whore?

Just wait until you are 35 or older.

Talk the talk and walk the walk. Start discussing strategies and stories about whatever hobbies you're meeting up for in the first place. Hopefully it'll get them to actually do the activity which is what you came here to do.
As an alternative, bring a hotter girl or a guy to come.

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I know this is bait but i will answer regardless.

I was the nerdy guy who respected boundaries, i didnt creep on girls and acted towards them like a fellow hobbyist or nerd. Do you know what happened?

All of those girls were eventually scooped up by somebody within the community that didnt respect the boundaries and just flirted with them. So yeah, the issue wasnt those girls wanted to hobby in peace, it was they couldnt find somebody that fit the criteria of nerd chad yet, and these guys werent chads they were like me.

I am not saying this as an Incel with rage or anything, but i heard this story and saw it many times personally. It gets annoying after a while. Girls are really untrustworthy for advice regarding dating or flirting them. Not like guys are either but since they are the active pursuers they usually at least try to follow their own advice.

Now i am flirting with the girls in my hobby community and guess what happens? All the girls that said oh i dont want any attention? They reciprocate or at least i get a resolution one way or the other.

The "oh i want to do my hobby in peace is bs" , the internet is full of stories of female heavy hobby people jumping on chads like tracking or theatre. Even the nerdy girls are rarely stuck without a bf unless they are actually repulsive, compared to the other way around. The general trend is females being just as shallow as the males, they are just more picky, but with bad standarts...

This is not a rant btw, i respect OP and understand if it is not bait. But general trend speaks otherwise.

Ok cuck

dude you are a complete fucking retard and nerds hitting on you has nothing to do with you being hapa and everything with you being a girl in male hobbies

want to stop being hit on? hang out with other girls and their hobbies
can't hang out with other girls? guess what you're a stuck up attention whore

I want to be one of the guys!
translates to
I want all the beta orbiter attention without ugly nerds trying to sex me


Hapas are a big thing on Jow Forums I just figured I'd get more attention to my thread by showing a pic

I wish most guys shared your opinion :(

Nigga fuck your condescending bullshit,
I'm not even interested in Chad's or sex for that matter, I'm too young for that bullshit. I'm just to chill and hang out

I didn't post that shit lol