Can a woman commit rape?

Basically, I am in a situation where I have been living with a good friend for years. As in, the mother sees me as her son now since I moved in with them after my mother kicked me out for a man. I sleep in the living room, so I run into this situation a lot from what I am about to explain. To add more insight to it.

I have a secret that I keep from them. Very often in the middle of midnight, his sister will be drunk and proceed to try and come onto me aggressively to have sex. What is worse, is that we are all in our 20's and in college. Mix in the fact that she is a possible alcoholic for drinking all the time, I have to deal with this situation more than once.

I am respectful, and act on pure instinct. So I never really do anything to continue on with her advances to have sex. In fact, makes me feel terrible even being in that situation too since she already cheats on her other boyfriends. And I am scared that I would be accused of rape even though she comes onto me strong. She sucked my fingers while I was asleep(I am a heavy sleeper due to working a physical labor job full time), has come under the covers and rubbed her body on me, keeps trying to kiss me, and more to list. Could she get in trouble for this, even though she is drunk? Or would I be somehow at fault, even though I keep ignoring her and try to fall back to sleep.

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Try to catch her while sober and have a talk? Might be hard because she always drinks, and might not be effective because you cant really control yourself when really drunk but you can try.
Also you can just generally try to help her with her drinking problem. You two live under the same roof right? Treat her like family. You can put your penis inside her every now and then though.

If you don't say anything to her she'll probably take it as tacit acceptance on your part.

Yes they can.
You need to talk to the friend and his mother about this, and ask about putting a good lock on the door to your room.

Yes, women can rape men. What she's doing to you is sexual assault and it's not your fault. I would talk to your friend about this, because you don't deserve to suffer.

Just tell her no and that you dont want it.

Would it be easier to have sex with her once? Maybe if she has it once, she won't want it again. She usually craves what she doesn't have.

Only because it would tear her mother apart. And she already deals with enough bs from her kids that don't even treat her as mother. No respect for her. Tell her would hurt her, and she doesn't deserve that. She is a single mother too.

uh no, women can't rape because they don't have penises
But they can sexual assault

No you can not get in trouble for rape when you don't rape? What kind of reality do you live in? You have to actually do the crime to get charged with it.

and if you have THAT little faith in the justice system, then get off their sofa and live somewhere that corresponds to your level of faith in the government. But from what I've heard, police actually take false reports very seriously. They don't like being lied to. They're human too and listen and understand.

But just on sake of principle, tell her to stop. If she's really that drunk , then she won't remember you slapping her. Oh wait I can't say that, lest I unless a hellstorm of trolls.

Also, if she's an alcoholic, then everyone else understands and already knows she's a mess. They'll have sympathy for you if you ever want to complain or something.

>You have to actually do the crime to get charged with it.

I can tell you haven’t experienced the real world because you think that someone actually has to rape someone to be accused and convicted of rapeing someone.

One of my closest friends is a cop and it's where I get most of my personal experience regarding law enforcement.

The cops really don't like being lied to and having their time wasted. I would think this is obvious.

Women are capable of rape. That is one of the most bullshit excuse ever, and something females who commit rape use as a scapegoat to avoid punishment. Rape is more lenient to women then it is to men. OP def is getting rapped by this girl with her kissing him and shit, or at least will end up getting there if he continues to do nothing.

As for having sex with her, that is up in the air. The saying goes, drunken mind speaks a sober soul. Seems that way since she seems like your typical college girl that loves a good fuck lol

>Can a woman commit rape?
Yes. Even vaginally, yes.
Go to police if you have proof, then whether you can prove or not, go talk to a therapist or counselor.

>Actually reads OP
Okay I'm retarded.
You chose to have sex with her. Yes, men can get raped, no you were not raped. Manipulated, maybe. Raped, no. Don't destroy your life like that.

Cuz even if you're believed, even if you feel no repercussions, this will eat your soul away OP and have impact, however subtle, on the population as a whole both male and female in this particular day and age where people are struggling so hard to understand egalitarianism better.
Don't go any further.

Seduction != rape
Its shitty, but its not rape.

I'm actually wondering about the odds of OP being a troll from some shithole feminazi tumblr group or something.

OP here,

I didn't have sex with her, yet. She does this at midnight, when I am knocked out from work and class. She will kiss me, touch and grope my crotch, and anything suggestive to me. I wake up feeling violated, and scared stiff that I don't know what to do. Sometimes she get verbal too, saying I am not cute, and other bs that I don't want to get into that make me feel bad. One thing that gets me really depressed and shit is when she says to take control of the situation, but proceeds to try and get her way, saying she wants me to fuck her and all while I keep trying to fall back to sleep in hopes she goes away. I don't even want to touch her since she has a high ground as a woman, which means she can say I raped her when she does all those things to me. I sometimes feel like giving her what she wants since she wants to fuck, and purposefully be horrible with the sex with her where she won't want to do it again. Sometimes she won't even be drunk. One bottle of light wine, and she acts drunk when the alcohol stuff ain't even high enough to make her drunk. So half of her attempts she isn't drunk all the time either. She just wants to assert herself or something, I dunno. Makes me more nervous. No, I ain't trolling either, and not a retarded feminist elitist either. If I am being honest, yes I do feel like she rapes me, only when she does stuff to me when I am burnt out from working and class. I think it is just unfair that her being a woman, it is easier for her to get away from this situation where I have to suffer.

She will kiss me, touch and grope my crotch, and anything suggestive to me. I wake up feeling violated, and scared stiff that I don't know what to do.
Oh wait so, she groped you without permission.
...I thought you said you reacted by "instinct"
Fuck now I'm confused. Alright this is outside my uh realm of expertise, but it sounds like you were abused somehow at least.

I mean... if you liked it but feel violated than I... I'm just thoroughly confused and don't know what to say about that kind of event at all.

But then maybe that's how rape- oh wait no nevermind I'm retarded again.
Yeah, so she raped you.

I think if you can prove she's raping you, sane people will listen. I wish I knew where you would go.
Maybe a therapist could help a little? Or, just a thought, you could check some MRA resources or something maybe? (they're not as bad as some make them out to be, even if they might be a little fervent)

Record her doing it, bring it to her mother, ask what the fuck you're supposed to do in this situation because you can't hit her, you can't have sex with her and you can't dissuade her from doing it.

>Bring it to the mother
...Isn't that risky?
I think his first step should be to bring it to someone else he could trust, like a psychologist... or whatever kind of specialist handles...
Like maybe consult someone at MRA or something, since abuse by males from females is kinda a specialty of theirs.

But yeah, finding a way to tape her doing it sounds like a good step.
Need evidence.

There might be some other forms of evidence, too but I dunno.
I heard someone say once if you get raped, you should go to a doctor immediately, but I don't really know how that works or if its helpful in this case if it all.

I'm really curious about this, because everythingI hear about rape is that they want power and itsnot sexual, but it sounds like this woman is rapping you because she's oversexed or something.
...Is that a thing? I mean, I take your word for it and I absolutely most definitely do not like her at all based on what you say, but it sounds so weird.

>Why is this making me hard? This is awful and I don't think I would like it at all if I was in the same situation...

I think you're just over thinking somethings, OP. OP could have worded things better, seems like he needed it off his chest. If you have been relying on instinct and haven't done anything to her, you're safe. Just find a new place, confront her about it, or tell the mother.

I’d say just do it to be honest, wrap it and give her what she wants to supress her desire for you that’s what I would do desu, worst case scenario would be that she keeps coming back for more and more so if you want to take that risk go ahead user

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It's your chance brofam