Like a guy, don't know if he likes me

So I work with this guy and I've come to like him. I don't know what to do about it though. He's 23, I'm 27. I'm a black girl and he's a skinny white guy. The above makes me feel like he wouldn't be into me. He's super sweet to me though and is always saying nice things about me. He also called me cute when he was drunk about a year ago but I don't think that counts for much.

I want to do something since I haven't liked anyone since breaking up with my ex over 6 years ago. We had an after-work get-together with co-workers a week ago and I tried flirting with him there but I don't think it went well or changed anything. I haven't seen him since then and at this point, I'm considering just letting it go to save myself from embarrassment.

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And for ref this is what I look like.

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Ask him to do something one on one, that’s generally a good way to gauge how someone feels about you. And, if you do get the feeling that he’s feeling you back, tell him how you feel. You’re both adults, so it won’t be too bad. Good luck

I would fuck you so hard. I’m also a 23 year old white boy. Can’t give you any insight on your story just letting you know.

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Yeah, don't bother. You have almost no chance. Holy shit.

Trolling? She looks young, has perfect skin and huge titties.

Unless you're morbidly obese and hiding it, you should just be forward with him. Even if he isnt interested, you're attractive enough that he'll probably be really flattered and let you down easy. Just go for it, theres really nothing to lose.

Yeah I was thinking of something like that, I'm just afraid of making things awkward if he doesn't feel the same way. Thank you.
lol thanks. Makes me feel a bit less insecure.
I'm mainly worried about making things awkward between us at work. And being rejected lol

He likes you, doofus. Ask him to do something together, hint at seeing a movie, or just fly with him.

as a skinny 23yo white guy
goddamn he's an idiot if he's not into you dear lord

Not at all.

This thread sounds like OP isn't that girl and is instead trying to get anons to harass her.
If you're looking for real advice, you won't know until you ask

Not sure what you mean by this. I'm OP and I'm not LARPing or anything. Everything I said and posted is the truth.

How do you know he likes me?

lol thank you. I try to present myself well but I know I'm not some hottie or anything.

Are there any other things I could ask him out to besides a movie? It just makes me nervous since that's basically asking him out on a date and we've never interacted outside of work-related stuff.

I'm a skinny white boy and i would pound you for sure.

Ask him for a lunch if he doesn't get the hint at the first time just ask again.

You're hot as fuck god damn

What's his race got to do with it? Are you worried that he might be a racist?

DAYUM mami, please be in Missouri

That's a good suggestion. Everything I could possibly do seems so overt though like I'm basically showing that I like him by asking him out like that. There's really no other way to go about it though.

I don't think he's racist. He's talked about the type of girls he likes and they're all white girls his age with flowing hair. Which is like the opposite of me.

Wow thank you. All the positive feedback makes me feel less foolish about trying to pursue him so thank you.

OP I'm probably beating a dead horse but damn your sexy.

for real girl, you got discord ?

>Super sweet to you
>Saying nice things about you
>Called you cute

He's definitely into you. He probably didn't know you were flirting because he didn't want to make assumptions. Men get in a lot of trouble that way.
Be direct with him. You don't have to ask him out but definitely let him know how you're into him.

Tinder Chad here. If that’s really you I’d wife you up, gahd damn. I love black girls, adv is really missing out. If it doesn’t work out with this dude hit me up, Queen.

>Literally 10/10 black girl
Go for it dude doesn't know what he's missing. If he says no he's fucking retarded

you're not black. you're a very fair shade of brown.

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let me show you a black girl in case you never seen one before

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You are a special breed of stupid.

and you are a special breed of color blind. imagine seeing wood and night sky or charcoal the same color. oofah.

>be skinny white guy
>worked as waiter with tall black girl with perfect ass
>she randomly asks for hugs, walked by just to touch my hair, etc.
>on my last day of work she has me write my number down on a piece of paper because her phone was broke
>never got a text, and she hasnt updated facebook in two years
life is cruel

Guys are hopeless at recognizing flirting. Give it a shot if you think he's somebody whose company you'd appreciate. Honestly, the only folks who wouldn't be into you are likely racist anyway, so you have nothing to lose—worse case you find out he was never worth your time. Just be considerably more forward than you think you need to be. What you think is subtle he isn't noticing and what you think is blatant he's starting to notice

Are pale whites and tan whites the same color, retard? They’re both white. Just as different shades of African American’s are referred to as black. Damn you really are dumb, kek.

why don't you go after a black weeb guy or something? those guys are always looking for dates unless you only like white guys or something

Yeah, haven't been on it in ages though.

Sigh, you're right. I'm just scared to put myself out there like that but you're right.

lmao thank you. Never used tinder though.

Thank you!

Pic related. Both of my parents are black, fuck outta here.

Aw that sucks. Have you tried messaging her?

I have but almost every black weeb I've encountered have been super awkward and I've had no sort of chemistry with. Even then the only anime they like is DBZ or Naruto which I have zero interest in.

My ex was black and I got on with him well because we had good chemistry and I enjoyed spending time with him. The same goes for the guy I like now. I'd honestly prefer a black guy but at this point, if I like someone I'm not going to care about their race.

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>Aw that sucks. Have you tried messaging her?
just sent her a friend request, so we'll see

Go for it. That white boi wants that dark meat.

Literally all you gotta do is ask him to colonize your pussy

Hi OP, please don't try to date your co-worker. I promise that you'll be very upset with yourself for shitting where you eat, even if it's not right away. You're a beautiful young woman, you seem very reasonable, you like anime, and you have a job. You can meet plenty of guys outside of work.

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Don't shit where you eat

you are literally the single most retarded poster i've ever seen.
>there are different shades of white
>there are different shades of black
>i use the prefix african on people who probably never touched africa in their lives
i also bet my life savings you use the imperial system and struggled with medical and college payments at some point in your life.

i hope it doesnt hurt to be pathetic coz god you would be basically in hell

>not understanding my point
Special needs confirmed.

Even the most racist white guy would be into this type of girl. Litterally best of both worlds. Chocolate skin + white futures.

Most white girls can compete with you, keep that in mind.

>He's 23, I'm 27

not a big age gap