Are beards still popular or are they going out of style?

are beards still popular or are they going out of style?

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they're starting to go out of style a bit where I am

unless you want to look like a pretentious faggot you should be shaving every other day

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People who can grow one out like pic no, it's just everyone is equal in facial hair genetics. Just like not everyone can pull off same haircut.

shit, they’re still hot to me as long as it’s well-groomed and looks nicr

Grow a beard op, you can use it to hide your chin and weak jaw

are beards still popular or are they going out of style?

That depends. Are you male or female?

western beards and the hair cuts are Taliban inspired

as a weak chin fag I can confirm.


There are few types of unsightly assholes more annoying than a white man in his 20s with a fucking beard

Fuck beards and absolutely yeah. They reek of late Millennial who are pushing 40 now.

30 year old boomer Chad here. Just become part of the goatee master race OP. My lady likes to rub mine and it tickles her.

Unless you're a Muslim or a Sikh who needs to wear one for religious and cultural reasons, there is no fucking reason you should have a beard.

If you have a manly facial structure, it looks good, otherwise no

Get some selfawareness you "boomer Chad", nobody takes people with a goatie seriously, and Idgaf if your morbidly obese gf tells you it's attractive. Shave that paintbrushhead off you pubeface

I've got a light goatee and have gotten loads of compliments from women on it over the years.
t. goateelet.

It's all about fisherman beanies and faggy mustaches these days.

I have a good chin, so I don't need one.
I do like a 5 o'clock shadow though.

> Unless you're a member of the kkk there's no reason you should wear white.

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itt: beardlets and low test males

Fuckin Yankees most likely.