Got both arms fractured,what to do?

Got both arms fractured,what to do?

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Well how long did it take to post this?

Enjoy your white arms while you can

come to terms with the fact that you will lose 6-12 months of lifting progress

Wrong board senpai, but i approve

You're gonna have to ask mom to whack it for you.

Did somebody post this for you

Yeah, I did

He cannot respond. He kids wants to fick with him to make him feel better.

You couldn't just break one arm. You had to overdo shit to the point that it wasn't funny anymore.


Happy fapping!

Get lube and a pocket pussy you'll be able to wank like that if you use both hands

Congrats, you now have two blunt weapons to hit people with

Use your thighs to masturbate

use my thighs to masturbate

Go to a professional whore or a nurse who likes you. She will probably laugh her ass off.

How do people fucking do this, I've never broken a bone, except for my nose because my two faggot friends thought it would be funny to make me a sandwich, didn't go to the doctor for that shit tho.

You can use your thighs to fap

good luck wiping your ass

take advantage of your disability and learn the benefits of nofap, not like you have a choice atm

Go buy stuff, since you're no longer a shoplifting risk and should be left alone by management.

You probably just gave him all kinds of criminal ideas.