How do I stop hating women?

How do I stop hating women?

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Why do you hate them?

Increase your exposure to higher quality women rather than trash women. Don't spend too much time reading redpill and incel shit either, that stuff can really get into your head
Or maybe you never will stop, who knows.

You can either love women or understand them. You unfortunately can't do both. Seeing how they function pretty much ends up breeding hate since they don't function on the basis of logic and what not.

Get a hobby and stop thinking about retarded things.

>Don't spend too much time reading redpill and incel shit either, that stuff can really get into your head
This. I guess i would just say "stay away from Jow Forums and Jow Forums" but it spreads everywhere here so it would probably be better advice to just say stay away from Jow Forums as whole

The opposite of love isn't hate it's indifference

I actually don't care about what women say or do. I really don't

Dang thats some real shit right there

idk I always have disliked them even as a little kid but to a much less extent than I do now.. even when I have to talk to them I just want to sometimes be mean to them and roll my eyes at what they say.. I ''act like woman'' myself sometimes yet still dislike most of them which is a real problem I would want to fix

Stop hating yourself first

Maybe it has to do something with your parents? The way they were?

maybe.. I remember when I was a little kid I told my mother that I didn't love her which really broke her heart at the time and I just couldn't even explain why .. I don't remember why exactly I felt that way or what I thought at the time (btw I think I didn't really care to much about my father either so idk why I even told her that specifically) and also I don't know what changed because she is the only person that I can say that I ''love'' and care about these days. I really dislike my father tho

I just think something is wrong with me personally and I doubt its anyones fault but maybe I wasn't told that I was loved as a kid enough even though that I knew my parents do care about me.

Laughed so hard my eye twitched and then felt sad.

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It's easy to say that but tell me how the fuck can I actually do it then......

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Admit that you are a homosexual and accept it. If you aren't attracted to men and don't consider yourself a fag then you need to acknowledge that you do not actually "hate" women and aren't being honest with yourself by using incorrect, overdramatic statements.

But that is all preposterous because OP is, and always will be for every single thread ever (no exceptions), a faggot.

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Where to find those "high quality women" you speak of?

The only way you can love women is if you're attractive in which case all of them are on their best behavior when around you. If you look average or below, you'll see them in auto-pilot mode where all their bad traits come out because it's not worth it for them to expend mental effort to regulate themselves.

It's inverse with men, where if you're successful and confident, they will try to fuck with you because they see you as competition and inevitably will compare themselves to you. I also hate men.

I don't have any sexual attraction to men but I still cant stand most women even though I find them sexually appealing, I don't know how else do you want me to explain it Its not like want to think in this autistic way about women but I do I need help and its obvious that you are too retarded to give any real advice to me

>How do I stop hating women?
You don’t really hate women, you just can’t trust them, and I don’t as well.
>in a long 6 year relationship
>get told by doctors I might die and need an expensive surgery
>gf dumps me and ask for half my money because watching me die will be too stressful for her
>body too weak to do anything
>she takes my money anyway
>sell everything I own (had a huge video game collection and old arcades worth thousands)
>finally get surgery and live
>still trying to sue my ex for robbing me
>her new younger bf has a really good lawyer that’s making things he’ll gor me
>working two jobs to support my medical bills and paying for my lawyer
>ex tells me I should have died. I didn’t need money where I was going

Real hell would have been easier then this living hell. The only thing keeping me alive is my anger, it pushes me to keeping going until I get justice.

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Jaded and womanpilled

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>Laughed so hard my eye twitched and then felt sad.
did you feel sad that your eye twitched? ;(

You don't hate women, you hate yourself. You hate the concept that another person has control over how you perceive your own self-worth. You hate the fact that you are vulnerable. You hate the fact that you want and need someone to love you and value you. Women make you feel weak and you hate that weakness. Women are merely a mirror that reflect back at you the things that you most despise about yourself. People like you separate women into "high" and "low" quality values because, in the world of self-validation, possessing a "high quality" woman would be a reflection of your own value. You'd be able to walk around with her on your arm and revel in the fact that she's a physical, tangible manifestation of how good of a person you are. Not being able to obtain that "high quality" woman is a soul twisting predicament. You can't possibly feel good about yourself into your life is a reflection of your worth; money, cars, houses, women. All of these things just act as vessels for your self-esteem. So, yeah, like I said, you don't hate women, you hate the dynamic that their existence represents. You hate that you fear being unworthy of love and you hate that, in your mind, women hold the only key to destroying that fear.

>I'm sexually attracted to women
The retard here is you, buddy.

>women are small
>women are soft, both physically and spiritually
>women are curvy
>women smell nice
>women care about and put effort in how they look
>women don't have nearly as much testosterone as men so they are not nearly as violent or angry
>women have nice voices
>women are mothers and have motherly traits
>women are great artists
>women can work too
>women are companions
>men and women are quite literally made for each other

These are all traits that women have, and by saying you hate women you are saying you hate all the good things about them, not just the bad. Nobody is faulting you for not liking the faults in women, just like women are not wrong in not liking the faults in men, but it's ridiculous to think that your attraction to women is based on nothing.

>also I don't know what changed because she is the only person that I can say that I ''love'' and care about these days.
If you even care about having a relationship or having kids someday, then hold onto that feeling. Be a better person than your father and date/marry a woman who would be good to you and to her children like your mother or even better than your mother.

Kill her, but you didn't hear this from me

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k cool, how do I go about fixing myself tho?

You'll have to see an actual therapist for that

you can obviously hate/dislike women and still be attracted to them m8 .. do you think all the gay people who are attracted to men and not women hate women?

this. hating women is like hating a tiger for mauling someone and eating them, we just accept that as the nature of the animal yet we can still appreciate their beauty and make efforts to keep them around. Same goes for women, they can't control their primitive lizard brain, yes NAWALT but generalizations exist for a reason. You either accept women the way they are, or you don't.

Just love them dude

That’s what they’re here for, to be loved

It’s like an owner-pet relationship or parent-child

Doesn’t matter if the inferior loves you back, that’s not what they’re here on earth for

>Are women stupid?
>Are women obnoxious?
>Are women manipulative?
>Are women solipsistic?
>Are women cowardly?
>Are women liars?
>Are women indirect?
>Are women neurotic?
>Are women subversive?
>Are women childlike?
>Are women vindictive?
>Are women hubristic?

But that’s not the point. They make babies and they can be sweet for as long as they currently respect you.

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I learned three new words from this post, thanks user!

My dad said that a man can love women, hate women, or be indifferent about women. But no man can ever LIKE women.

but none of thsi ever actually happened

women have problems just like men do. believe it or not, most of women's problems are men's fault, just like how many of men's problems are women's fault.

just stop being a retarded incel redpill faggot and focus on things that aren't hating what you don't understand.

I think mother nature made men love, and so attracted to women just to blind us to all their god-awful behavior. If it wasn't for that, we'd have a holocaust of all women and never breed.

I guess evolution at its finest huh?

Well the psychological phenomena known as the “Women are wonderful effect” is well documented

Humans instinctively censor any negative thoughts about women compared to men, and judge statements about women as more harsh/cruel than equivalent statements leveled at men

Damn user, wasn't expecting a good post in this thread.

That wasn't a good post. It was awful, another cliche of:
>Women can do nothing wrong.

When yes, they very well can.

Women are more evil than men, they do evil things ,and they do evil things ON PURPOSE. Men who hate women, hate them because they're evil. Insecurity has nothing to do with it.

Like the other user said, you can either love women or understand them. Clearly you choose to love them.

While I do hate women, I don't think she did anything wrong. You need to man up.

Like can you blame her? I would've done the same if I was in her position. That's vulnerable.

I don't care what a moron that believes women are evil has to say. It's as absurd as claiming all gym teachers are evil, or all janitors, or all Panera employees.

>Women can do nothing wrong.

I swear 90% of men have no consciousness. They're essentially walking talking robots.

>all women are evil != women are capable of wrong

One is universal, the other is situational. You are advocating for the former, not the latter. If you hate people, any kind of people, because you believe they have some kind of inherent, explicit, irreversible malicious quality that separates them from you, that is not a reflection of reality, but of yourself.

Women aren’t anymore evil than Lions

pic related it's you lmao

that's reasonable, unless you're an egalitarian and treat them as equals.

So are they equal to men or lesser?

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*slow clap*
good post

Probably worst troll ever witnessed.

Recognize that they're people I guess? The insecurities and struggles that you experience - women experience same or similar ones all the time. Recognizing that you are more similar to women than different definitely helps. :)

Getting to know more women helps too. There's something good about every person and it's impossible to hate someone you really understand.

I'm telling the truth. I'm putting myself in her shoes, it's not that hard.

Quiet, faggot.

What are your worst experiences with women? It's likely you're associating with the wrong kind of women that reflect poorly on the gender as a whole.

You were supposed to help OP not fucking bury him

They're called fag hags for a reason user

this, op

By stopping yourself from talking and dealing with utter cunts.

Most people in general are garbage. You, for instance, are a women beating degenerate masquerading as a mentally stable individual worthy of giving advice. You're a pretty big piece of shit yourself.

in this situation, why wouldnt you just hire a hitman? that has to be cheaper (and substantially more satisfying) than a legal battle

never beat a woman

You chose to hate. Thats on you.

I may be jaded, but I'm just saying what I think. Take it for what it's worth.
Now for you guys, here's the thing, give it a good big think. Why do women hate each other so much? Ever seen that even daughters and mothers seem to argue a lot? That they cant seem to just get along without some strange animosity building up? Because they understand as said above, they know how they work. Women are weird, the best way to describe them is a deep understanding of them breeds hate.
You love them as long as you don't dig too deep. Simply that.

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cope, kill yourself plebbiteers
you are especially a sophist faggot, nice projection btw

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Is there a reason that you're not even denying the screen cap in the other thread then?

sry didnt mean to quote you OP, but to answer your question, all the guys who say you ought to try learning indifference to them are right. if you want kids get with a girl you don't particularly care for so that you won't fall for the "love" meme and become a total wimp after being grinded down over years, ultimately leading to your emasculation and divorce rape.

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I'm always confused by this response. Do you think the statement "never beat a woman" is false? Do you think everyone will just forget you beat women before? On the one hand, I don't want to give you attention, but on the other, I want to know what the fuck you mean by this.

Redditors brought their virginal rage with them. Yes I know, you're an oldfag. You've been here since 2014.

>y-you're a virgin!
if it has a roast, ignore the post.

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The problem is they are usually more egoist and dont like to use rational thoughts . sadly they stop doing that until they are really old ,
once i met a girl of 10 years in a military school , she was a rational human that likes girly stuf but was really mature and just wanted to help every one , prob the problem are the moters raising the childs.

You don't

>just stop

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why? its more fun to fuck them that way


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Just not interested. It's the same old trolls using the same old character-assassination tricks.

I slapped a few girls, a few times, 10 years ago.

No,never beat them. Never closed fist or left any marks or anything. Never battered them nor did it randomly, it was always during a big fight. Anyone who claims that is a troll. I'm very honest about my past (not proud, just honest).

oh look a tripfag derailing a thread to make it about himself, how quaint

Hate is like drinking poison for another person to die. Women certainly don't care that you hate her, it's just you that spends your time and emotional energy hating women. This is true for any kind of hate, for politicians or etc.

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Learn to recognize that everyone is an individual with individual traits. Being a woman just means having a vagina and nothing more. The other events in their life may be connected but aren't instrinsiclly linked to them having a vagina. There are trends but they aren't defacto rules. Everyone has their own life and their own situation. Honestly it fucking baffles me people dont understand this shit. woman are just people with vaginas. Do you hate people who have different hair colors than you? Then why hate people that have different sex parts than you?

retarded and sexist.

As expected roasties don't like the truth getting out.

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Are you implying I should hunt them and stuff them or make a rug out of their pelt/skin?

Sounds good to me.

Not caring about what people say or do in general is indifference. Specifically not caring about the gender you are attracted to is a defense mechanism.

>says the most unlogical, emotional kneejerk response
>thinks he is logical

Shut up white knight or roastie. Or both since you are a mentally ill tranny.

Spend less time on the internet in general. Porn will also alter your perception of women. Most quality women don’t spend time on shitty anime message boards or places that perpetuate the ideas you have about them.

Basic thots are even worse.

>much smart
>so logic
>woof woof


Ok. Stop. I get it. You are very special but we still love you. Now get into this showerroom. Dont worry. The fog will make you relax. Just take deep breaths.

You don't. You realize that this crop of women are fucking shit and all the good ones are rare, in high demand, or already taken.

You're afraid of women and as a coping mechanism you over generalize toxic female behaviour. This makes them 'inferior' to you and thus less scary. Also this justifies why you lack female attention in life because 'I don't want it anyway'. Anyone who ever had a genuine connection with a woman knows that all that insecure incel shit like 'women can't into logic' are just ways to cope with your eternal virginness lmao you fucking losers why am I even typing this

>he thinks humans fuction on the basic of logic
>he thinks men are logical
lmaoooooooooooo read a history book you twat

>Anyone who ever had a genuine connection with a woman knows that all that insecure incel shit like 'women can't into logic' are just ways to cope with your eternal virginness lmao you fucking losers why am I even typing this
You never had to deal with a woman have you?

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Because history is based on facts.

Do you know the phrase: The victors write the history.

Leave him be. He will make the experience like we all do. Then he will see reality.

Hope she sees this bro

White knighting so hard you started glowing. The pope is on his way. They think Jesus has returned.


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what are you some kind of holocaust denier? umm try again sweetie ;^)


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Can't deny something that never happened and is pretty exaggerated

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Ok forget these other autists, why do you hate women?

I already said that I'm not sure why exactly, I just do


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