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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>I'm an insecure/suicidal/anxious person who doesn't leave home
Watch these and follow these channels:
[YouTube] The Unspoken “Secret” to EVERY Transformation! (embed)

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off
>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.
>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros:

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rip that youtube link.

going through my youtube likes here it is.

we need a pastebin copy of the OP or something.

My girlfriend loves the smell of my PENIS. Do other femanons like the smell of PENIS?

>I really, really, REALLY like this girl
>she's really cute and I find her attractive and we get on amazingly
>I can't picture myself doing anything sexual with her and nor do I have any impulses to
>like I feel as if I'd probably be uncomfortable if she were to kiss me
>I'm not a virgin or particularly anxious
Should I be concerned here? Has my brain convinced itself to settle for just being friends, or is this potentially normal?

I've had a female platonic friend who was really close in the past but I would never say that she was bangable or that I found her particularly attractive.

Sounds like you're into some Madonna/Whore complex hellhole where you don't see her as a potential sexual partner because you see her as a nice person.

How do I get my bf into gentle femdom?

Punch him on the nose, and stamp on his balls with your high heels.

I don't know about that, she's a nice person but a bit of a wreckhead like me and likes going out - she's not a whore or a Madonna though. I just really enjoy spending time with her and want to do stuff with her but something in my head seems to just want her in my life as a friend.

How do I know if that isn't just me not being brave and avoiding it or if it's what I actually want?

Girls, I went officially on a Date with a girl that really liked me, I like her too.
After date was over, I said I like her, she said she has a boyfriend, she said :
>But is it ok if we meet again?

I rejected,

What does she want from me??????????
( I want solid girlfriend, not some cheater)

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is it normal for gf's to get kind of annoyed at me watching female youtubers/twitch clips?

one of them is a makeup tutorial person who she watches but she also does conspiracy/murder mystery vids and I kind of got into that

another one is a car channel with a girl who has the same car as me. started watching to motivate me to wrench on my car because if a chick can do it then so can I right? just got used to her vids and continued to follow them.

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nigga you posted this a few weeks ago and we told you, fuck off.

Has anyone ever asked their ex for NSFW pictures?
How did it go?

My ex fit what I like physically and recently alluded to being into something I've always been interested in. (but is a bit taboo)
I still look at pictures of her from when we were together that make me think of it.
We have broken up, so what's the worst that can happen right?

That's weird. Move on, forget she exists and find someone else to get your kicks.

At what point do you just blow off a girl if she keeps putting off meeting you?
I mean, it's fine if someone has a tight schedule and I can compromise, but if literally everything else is higher priority than me, I don't really feel like dating someone.

Question is: How much flakey behaviour do you usually tolerate before blowing her off if you are at least mildly interested.

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I ask her out two-three times
if she flakes first and second I usually bail

No, unless you watch super slutty twitch streamers and donate. I'd be annoyed if my boyfriend gave free money to hot girls.

2 chances, 3 at a push if you know she's busy (ie. a doctor or some shit)

he does donate

since i got no response last thread, repost. pls i just need someone to talk to this about

i've been seeing this girl about a month now but we're not boyfriend/girlfriend, at least we haven't discussed it. we hang out at my place, the whole gay netflix and chill thing, go out to movies and restaurants, even have sex too with sleepovers. we've known each other for almost a year but only recently after the new year got intimate. recently though, idk if i'm overreacting, but she's been very mysterious. even before we went out we messaged a lot but now there's just hours of silence and when i try to ask what she was up to it is always either just laying in bed or studying. classes got canceled earlier this week and i asked if she wanted to hang out but she said she had to study... the whole day? the other week i didn't think much about but we decided on hanging out (wasn't planned/seemed spontaneous) and she showed up super dressed up with makeup, which is unusual for us bc she mostly dresses down! she then went on to mention that she was glad we could hang out bc she had been around my place, i asked doing what, and she just said it was "a thing." even weirder a guitar pick falls out from her purse (i didn't say anything, she brought it up) she said "how did that get there?" and claimed to not have a clue. again i didn't question anything about it bc it didn't seem suspicious yet but now idk. finally we have steadily hung out on weds night bc she has no class thursdays. weds night came and pass and it was pretty much silence on her part. in fact it still is and it is around noon now.

i know it has only been a month but all these things compounded together within a short time frame seem very odd. i honestly hope i am just being paranoid but idk, i've known her a while and she did used to have fun stringing me along, but it was whatever then, we were less than friends.

what do you guys think?

Then yeah, giving money to girls because you think they're hot is kind of shitty.

I guess so.
I haven't found much content of it so I was thinking she might be into sharing (like fwb?)
I'm trying to move on, a good fap goes a long way atm and I don't generally find random ppl attractive.

I gave her plenty chances over the last two weeks or so.
Thanks. If she doesn't meet up tomorrow, I will politely tell her that it's not working out.

what is it

Talk to him about trying something mild
Like very mild.
Ask after how he liked it.
Escalate slowly if yes

I don't want to get into it here.
I've only ever found 1 video of where she had a very similar body. I deleted it when we got together though. rip

so you're a pedo got it

>self inserting as i finger a girl so i'm effectively just fingering myself
how am i supposed to tell her that i'm not even attracted to her and that i'm just using her body as a vessel for my own arousal?

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There's plenty of that on Jow Forums, never gotten into it.

tell us what it is then, don't need the details just a quick run down

Just tell us what it is dude.
Don't be a stranger.

What kind are we talking about?
>an entire gfd relationship, where you work and he stays home
>tying him up and shit
>literally just cowgirl and occasionally pinning him down
Because how easy it is is highly dependent on what you want.

sorry lad, I'll just keep trying keywords on pornhub for that vid.
I think I'll try to wait until I'm over her to ask.
She doesn't live nearby so pics/vids is all I'll get anyway unless we got back together.

I can't get girls.
I am trying, but I just can't.
At best they see me as a "plan b" to keep in their back pocket.
What should I do?

tell us you faggot

Riding him, being the big spoon, maybe pegging him if he wants to try it, sitting on his face, things like that.


some of that sounds pretty good, just be straight with him. you don't want to regret not sharing these things like in my case.

Pretty much everything on that list other than pegging is pretty nonobjectionable. Have you tried just asking him yet? How did he respond?

How can I stop disliking non virgin women? I try not to think about it but I just find it gross and I dont know what to do about it

Visit prostitutes. They will solve everything.

there's some grit on the bottom of my shoe. Now just feel what you felt when reading that sentence.

You are now breathing manually

I haven't talked to him yet and I'm apprehensive about being on top of him since I'm kind of heavy.

Well, why do you dislike them?

I wonder how difficult it is to get those shy, quiet girls, who only go to work and go back home, to date you. Would she be happy to get asked out? Would she be mad? Would she be a tsundere?

Unless you're 300 lbs and he's underweight, it's fine.
I used to ride my boyfriend when I was 220 lbs (>inb4 fattie, I'm 120 lbs now), he didn't die.

I'm sure he can take it, but if you're worried just ask him how he's doing every so often.

Depends on the girl and on you.
If a random dude hits on me, I'm honestly pretty uncomfortable and annoyed. If I like a guy, I appreciate it and go out with him.

Where do you usually meet guys?


Online. Always. Or in school, when I was in school.

I'm 230 and he's about 140.

It is extremely hard. And I say this as someone who dropped almost half of her body weight. It's a fucking pain in the ass to eat at a 800 kcal deficit, work out and not stress eat when it's all you know.

Are you a shy girl who only goes to work?

On dating sites? Social media?

I was 220ish and he was around 170 back then. He survived. Just don't push on his hips when you go down, or LITERALLY sit on his face.

Once in a VR chat room on oculus I touched the virtual representation of a femal avatars face and told her “she was pretty” would this be considered cheating?

>220 lbs (>inb4 fattie, I'm 120 lbs now)
Good job user!

>Are you a shy girl who only goes to work?
Sort of. I'm not extremely shy, I feel like when you're an adult and have a job it is a little pathetic to be so shy you can't function. But I'm very reserved and quiet.
I am just heavily introverted, I suppose.

>On dating sites? Social media?
I don't have social media beside instagram, and have no photos of me on there. I used dating sites in the past.

That doesn't narrow it down a heck of a lot lol, online would be easier for me too though.

Online seems very difficult to not just be an orbiter, especially when you aren't the kind to just flash your dick and ask for nudes.

The only place I know to meet girls is /soc/. Which isn't great.
Dating sites are terrible.

The avatar was a robot and the resolution was shit. Basically block figures. Did not carry on any other interaction or flirt and never saw the person again.

RIP bf.

It's not hard when you eat healthy. Actually, when you go to a completely healthy nutrition and lifestyle, it is HARD to gain weight.

Thanks for the answer! The shy ones are hard to come across on dating sites and when I do find them, they don't reply to me. :c
Do you like traveling? Do you travel all the time?

>It's not hard when you eat healthy.
It is. Eat healthy doesn't mean shit. I never ate fast food and very rarely had candies or chocolate, I still gained weight because I used to eat when I was stressed and sad. I went from being 130 lbs when I was 15 to being 220 lbs when I was 23.

Don't make it seem like it's super easy, or deny how much effort it takes to lose weight if you're fat, to change your whole way of coping with stress and everything.

Your eyes are dry, you should blink.
Swallow saliva.

/soc/ is a terrible way to meet girls. Also if you think that it's ever fine to flash a dick or ask for nudes when trying to talk to a girl for something more than sexting, please reconsider your whole dating strategy.
Just meet them on regular dating sites.

>Do you like traveling? Do you travel all the time?
I like travelling, I usually travel once or twice a year, with my boyfriend or with close friends. I wish I could do it more but work sucks.

I got traumatized because I was a chubby teenager at 143 lbs and got bullied. Then I got healthy and started hating fatties.
If we could transition, why can our friend here not?

put down the pizza fattie you've already had three

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If a girl only paints her toenails, not her fingernails, what does it mean?

Hating fatties is shitty, you should stop it. It's not good for you or them.

I decided to change because I had a supportive and loving boyfriend and I wanted to look better to make him happier. Love does a better job than bullying.

I'm literally 120 lbs and 5'7. Fuck off.

I just meant that seems to be all girls receive. Otherwise you are considered an orbiter or will get lost in the tide anyway.
I don't get into anything lewd until I'm sure they are interested. I've only gotten that far with 3 girls online.
Perhaps I'm reading too much Jow Forums on the topic.

I don't know how to get their attention, I'm too shy so just text chat would do me until I was comfortable.

Nail polish stays on my toes for 3 weeks, on my hands for 3 days.

Broke up with my guy a month ago. After a week he deleted all of his profile pictures off of every social/messagging device he had.
Today he uploaded a new pic. In the new picture he is standing in the park that we used to go to when we started dating, and he is wearing the same exact clothes.
Is he trying to comunicate something?

maybe if everyone wasn't getting coddled the whole time and if their shit eating habbits weren't getting ignored right from the start because its "not nice" to point out, there wouldn't be so many fatties around.

>I don't know how to get their attention
Be fun to talk to. That's literally it.
I met my boyfriend on Jow Forums (without looking for a boyfriend, just exchanged contact in a random thread because we were bantering so well) and we talked for 6 months without going on voice, exchanging photos or anything. Then we started voice chatting and talking on cam.

I personally do it because one of my toenails is fucked after an injury and I feel embarrassed by it

But she probably just likes painting them

Do we have OCD or does everyone get this way sometimes?

Could something like this be seen as flirting?

So, this girl and I are working on some stuff together. And we had a conference call for stuff. She decided to fill them in on our project. While she did that, and really during the whole call, I didnt say a word. That is until she felt the need to call me out, and say that I was there too. After she said something like "I just had to put you on the spot" with a slight laugh kinda

It doesn't make people stop feeling bad.
People who get bullied out of unhealthy habits just develop other unhealthy habits (eating disorders is a common one for girls).
A healthy, sustainable change is one that comes from your own choice, that you do because you want to. I'm not even for body positivity or shit like that, just basic psychology.

Girl keeps calling me cute when looking at childhood photos of me but never calls the present version of me cute.
Is she into me or is it just a standard no brain response to seeing someone when they were a kid?

Smoking shaming and taxation seems to be working

Alright, thats similar to how I met my ex.
It just took so long to meet her in the first place I guess I'm wanting to find a faster way.

Pigovian taxes work. Shaming doesn't.

No one actively makes fun of smokers or bullies them. You just teach healthy habits like not smoking, or eating correctly. I'm not against that.
I'm against personal attacks on people.

>No one actively makes fun of smokers or bullies them
yea they fucking do

Then online dating, really.

Smokers aren't allowed in bar, resteraunt etc
Seems segregated and shaming
Ads call them butt kissers

>I met my boyfriend on Jow Forums
this is unironically what "tits or gtfo" is trying to prevent. Otherwise we can't have an honest discussion because everyone's pretending to be normal for the females and getting catfished.

It's not personal shaming. No one goes to a smoker and tells them shit for smoking.
People do it with fat people. It's different. It's shitty.
Obviously fat people are "segregated" and "shamed" for their choices too - life is hard as a fat person, from basic shit to buying clothes to being uncomfortable on planes or shit like that.
But, on top of that, you also get people making fun of you personally. Which sucks.

I dont know. That's the problem. As soon as I hear about any previous bf or sexual experience I just lose all interest

>It's not personal shaming
I've seen people be called "fucking disgusting" to their face for smoking,
>Obviously fat people are "segregated"
fatties can't fit into some places that's not the same as being prohibited by law from being fat in public places.

He didn't even know I was a girl when we exchanged contacts.

When I was fat, the last thing that would get me to change my ways would be ridicule or hate.
Just made me more stubborn.
Also, when someone says the do it "to help them" they are full of shit.
You just see an easily justifiable way to be a piece of shit to another person.
What made me lose weight was my own motivation.

No. Don't think about it. If he wanted to communicate something he would do so.

would you ever be motivated if none else cared if you were fat or not

Should I ask the girl I'm talking to if she has a boyfriend or not? I heard that is something awkward to do but I don't want to waste our time if she has one.

No brain.

A fat person being fat around you doesn't make you second hand fat.
Also stop smoking you piece of filth.

Nice insight. I had no clue about that. Thanks!

Awww... :c Is it that noticeable when you don't paint them?

Yes, because I did it to start competitive sports that I became passionate about, sure as fuck not because of some wimpy sperg like yourself.
How about you btw?
Tell me about your dietary habits.
Do you eat healthy food and monitor your calories?
Do you drink alcohol?
Do you do cardio and strength training?

Gf wants me to fuck another girl in front of her, is this a trap?