Neuropsychologist’s tests came back. No learning disability, no ADHD/ADD, no dyslexia...

Neuropsychologist’s tests came back. No learning disability, no ADHD/ADD, no dyslexia, no memory issues and nothing cognitively wrong with me.

No explanation on why the fuck I struggle in my studies, despite of being motivated, despite of education and career being the be-all and end-all of my life and future.

The fuck do I do now?

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Shit genetics. Just accept it.

I’m from a highly educated and successful family, my parents met at the most prestiguous university in the country.

Looks like mom cheated. Happens all the time.

You are just lazy fuck OP and proves that

Would be funny and cute if I wasn’t my father’s carbon copy right down to genetic quirks.

”Lazy” would imply I’m not trying, funny and clever meme there.

You bet your fucking ass I have never tried anything harder in my life. My entire future depends on doing well in the graduation exams.

Did you have an IQ test done as well?

What do you mean by struggle in my studies?

do you even need to succeed then? surely your family has enough money, unless going to that university doesn't mean anything.

IQ tests are mostly BS and you’d know that if you had a brain.

Never being able to fluently memorise the subject at hand. Studying for hours every day shouldn’t end up with subpar results.

College or HS studies? You're supposed to struggle in college.

Make your own achievements, if school doesn't work out, that's fine. Just get a job somewhere and pursue your passions.

Try to understand the concepts, not memorize them. I've never memorized a thing in my life for longer than a week. It's why my math is so incredibly strong, because I painstakingly learned the basics and now it's like English to me. Learn, don't memorize. Make connections in your head, not lists.

If your study technique is just shit, no amount of hours will help you. And if it's a serious college degree you'll struggle anyway.

Genetics don't work like that

Social pressure and anxiety is a very common cause. Go to therapy, CBT will help you overcome your issues

It’s not about money, it’s about dignity.

High school level. I couldn’t get into university because my previous graduation exam results were not good enough.

I need to know 5 books’ worth of biology by heart in two weeks. What do I do?

>Genetics don't work like that
And how do they work?

>5 books
coming from an engineering background, that's not how we study. I'd say you're fucked, if you're not already far among.

Intelligence isn’t just 2+2 on IQ points or becoming the genetic average of one’s parents. Besides genetics, also prenatal- and childhood nutrition and enrichment in infancy and early childhood play a role, and even having the mother live in a stressful environment during pregnancy can result in the child turning out more short-tempered, short-sighed, anxious and less intelligent than the same individual would have been without the in-utero stress.

>It’s not about money, it’s about dignity.
the absolute state
spoken like a true brainlet.

Unless you have something to actually say, calling people names proves nothing.

In that case to hell with school, it won't get any better. I mean that in the best way possible, it's not worth your time. Find your way into a career, learn practical skills, use your connections to their end. You'll be alright, school is a sham unless you want to be a doctor or lawyer anyway, and that'll just make you kys, which we wouldn't want, user.

I asked how genetics work.

Fuck that. I want to kill myself regardless. Might as well do it without losing face.

I won’t settle to being nothing.

you already have no dignity.
your parents are rich and you still feel the need to waste your time on what other people think.

My parents weren’t RICH, high education doesn’t always translate to tons of wealth. There are other ways to be successful than having money, and if you had any common education you’d know that.

Besides, fuck rich kids who want to do nothing with their lives than to play with their parents’ money.

Hmm, if it's as important as you say it is, don't let it go, suicide has even less dignity. I assume you're not in America?

Yeah, not in America. Here getting in to a good university is not about being rich, it’s about being smart.


Op you just have black or hispanic predispositions for studying.

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Sounds like you have depression. Usually they check for that before they check for ADHD and shit. IDK.

Actually reading through this thread, have you considered a change of careers?
It honestly just sounds like you are a bit more average than your parents and you are trying super hard to meet their expectations but I don't think it is likely to happen.
Just like two athletes often have a very mediocre child, well so do smart people. In fact most geniuses end up having average children. It's called regression to the mean.
You are not stupid, but maybe you are also not as smart as your parents.

Read a book by Matt ridley: genome or nature via nurture

This shitty stigma of parents needing to have their kids as successful as them. It is so hurtful and actually bullshit. Thank god my parents aren't like that

I have a feeling OP is just uneducated on how to study or measure his success, not actually incapable.

Shit like
>I need to know 5 books of biology by heart
is not how being intelligent works. It's about applied knowledge. OP is probably the tryhard that spends hours and hours and hours trying to memorize the book instead of critically thinking about the concepts its trying to teach, and therefore is freaking out when assigned a problem or question in an exam that wasn't spoonfed to him in a previous chapter.

OP, rethink the way you do everything. You're doing damage to yourself trying to memorize. Not to mention, your degree is nowhere near as important as you think it is in the real world. You're in for a world of hurt if you think you're going to progress in your field because of that piece of paper.

The only problem you have is that you don't have a good memory. And the current educational system is memory based for the most part.
If you had an awesome memory you'd ace most of your subjects, even if you didn't understand much. You could be dumb as a brick and have great hs grades if you had a good memory, everyone knows that.
You must improve your memory skills. If you don't have add you can just search for the best techniques in order improve memory. It can be done. You know, Jim Kwik, memory experts and all that.

None of you retards know how genetics work. Have your genes tested if you're so confident. Go to and have them send you a DNA kit, and then download the raw data once you receive it. Then you can see exactly which SNPs you have and learn about how they affect your brain.

Or keep asking retards on Jow Forums instead of actually trying to solve your problems by looking in places like ncbi and pubmed, etc.

>despite of being motivated
You aren't

>hours and hours trying to memorize the book instead of critically thinking about the concepts its trying to teach,

How do you understand concepts and the like? I'm learning programming at the moment and I think I would benefit from knowing how to do this.